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1. The beauty of traditional Baseboards is their simple, versatile style

Beauty, Baseboards

2. Similarly, you can create a clean look by giving your Baseboards a fresh coat of white paint and updating walls with a subtle, neutral shade of beige or grey.

By, Baseboards, Beige

3. Great Baseboards complement a casing and creates a smooth transition from the wall to the floor, guiding you seamlessly from room to room


4. Baseboards create harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together


5. Dec 20, 2020 - Explore Susan McGhee's board "Baseboards", followed by 282 people on Pinterest

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6. See more ideas about Baseboards, moldings and trim, home remodeling.


7. Looking for Molding, Trim & Baseboards for your next project? Check out a wide variety of styles at LL Flooring


8. Wholesale Pricing on Baseboards, Doors, Windows, Moulding, Flooring, Trim, Hardware and Much More! Serving the Valley with Three Locations: Surprise, Phoenix & Arcadia


9. Baseboards come in a large number of profiles and shapes


10. Floor & Decor has the floor moldings, Baseboards, and more that are either completely unfinished or primed for painting or staining


11. Baseboards Baird Brothers premium hardwood baseboard mouldings are stocked in Poplar, Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and F/J Primed Poplar

Baseboards, Baird, Brothers, Baseboard

12. Baseboards are installed partly for aesthetic reasons: Just as crown molding hides the area where walls meet the ceiling, Baseboards hide the joint where walls meet the floor, which might otherwise be unsightly

Baseboards, Be

13. But Baseboards also serve a very necessary function in protecting plaster walls from getting kicked or scuffed by shoes, boots, and

But, Baseboards, By, Boots

14. Wood Baseboards are also referred to as base or skirting

Baseboards, Base

15. The main purpose of wood Baseboards is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor, as well as for decoration

Baseboards, Between

16. Snap-On Baseboards are an innovative multi-purpose product that not only aid in termite detection, wire concealment, and water damage prevention but are also particularly popular in the modular industry as well as commercial buildings, hotels, and homes

Baseboards, But, Buildings

17. Baseboards; Chair Rails; Panel Mouldings; Home; Baseboard Moulding xx; Baseboard Moulding xx

Baseboards, Baseboard

18. Cutting out our original Baseboards was a disaster


19. Find and save ideas about Baseboards on Pinterest.


20. Snap-on Baseboards™ is easy to install and convenient anywhere modular access is common or necessary; termite inspection, office cubicles, mobile homes, new wiring or security installations, to name a …


21. Baseboards are one of the most overlooked areas of the home


22. Left without cleaning, Baseboards can get pretty grimy, so you definitely want …


23. Home / Products / Accessories / Baseboards


24. Baseboards are used to cover the joint between the wall and floor and provide protection from mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners and other hazards that may contact you walls.

Baseboards, Between, Brooms

25. If you’re working on painted Baseboards, add dish soap


26. If you have stained wood Baseboards, add distilled white vinegar


27. Dip your eraser into the bucket, wring it out, and wipe down the Baseboards

Bucket, Baseboards

28. Sweeping dust and dirt from your Baseboards with a broom is easy, and it keeps you from having to bend down or squat.

Baseboards, Broom, Bend

29. How much Baseboards should cost


30. Baseboards vary from a simple 1-inch-high round shoe molding to 6 inches high, with finishes ranging from plain to a sloped, grooved or rounded design


31. Wide Baseboards (at least 5 inches tall) are my jam


32. In this case size does matter! But depending on the size of the room, my love affair for tall Baseboards may or may not work

But, Baseboards

33. If the two Baseboards fit snugly together, run a bead of wood glue on the angled joint and push them together

Baseboards, Bead

34. Mudroom Baseboards pick up a lot of grime, too, because your family tracks dirt in from the outdoors

Baseboards, Because

35. Baseboards generally have typical variations depending on the country


36. For example, in China the Baseboards are usually very low in height, are made of plastic or redwood, and have a very simple or unprofiled design


37. Baseboards are one such significant design element that can completely transform and change the look of any room


38. You may have subconsciously noticed and appreciated Baseboards but it’s now time to get selecting! Adding a baseboard to any room gives it a well defined look and makes for a beautiful frame that accentuates the interiors and

Baseboards, But, Baseboard, Beautiful

39. We carry a huge selection of Baseboards in a variety of styles


40. Perhaps you don’t have any Baseboards at all? No worries, ‘DIY Advice‘ shows us how to install Baseboards, and it is easy


41. For attaching Baseboards, 15 or 16-gauge nails work the best

Baseboards, Best

42. They have enough size to firmly attach the Baseboards in place without being too big to split the material

Baseboards, Being, Big

43. When using the right nailer, you might go up to 18-gauge if the Baseboards are thicker and stronger than normal.


44. Designing Baseboards – Rather than taking the time to install a bit, and run the profile, you can get a quick look at how the profile will turn out by sketching the profile on the end-grain of the scrap workpiece

Baseboards, Bit, By

45. A 2 to 2½-inch angled brush is a good option for painting Baseboards

Brush, Baseboards

46. Depending on the condition of your Baseboards, you may also want to have spackling materials and sandpaper on hand


47. 1-16 of 878 results for "tool to clean Baseboards" Price and other details may vary based on size and color

Baseboards, Based

48. Installing Baseboards when walls are uneven


49. Run a bead of caulk at the top to seal the Baseboards

Bead, Baseboards

50. Why pay full price for Baseboards? Primed and ready to paint 8ft sections of baseboard 3" $0.99 ft or 5" tall for only $1.29 ft

Baseboards, Baseboard

51. Baseboards are also available pre-painted, stained or bare

Baseboards, Bare

52. You should also factor in the cost of removing old Baseboards.


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BASEBOARDS [ˈbāsbôrd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of baseboard?

Definition of baseboard : a board situated at or forming the base of something specifically : a molding covering the joint of a wall and the adjoining floor US : a narrow board along the bottom of a wall that covers the area where the wall meets the floor : a line of thin boards running along the bottom of the walls of a room

What is the purpose of baseboards?

Baseboards serve both a cosmetic as well as functional purpose. They cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor in addition to giving your room an attractive architectural element. This guide will show you the different types of baseboards for your walls.

What is a baseboard flooring?

In architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding) is usually wooden or vinyl board covering the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It covers the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall;

Can You stain baseboards?

Another option, especially for hardwood baseboards that match the floor: staining or finishing them in the same color as the floor. Above: Simple, short baseboards in A Sexy, Minimalist Remodel in Berlin. How can you make baseboards fit walls that aren’t true? The walls and floors in older buildings are often uneven due to settling over the years.

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