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1. Large Barnacle colonies cause ships to drag and burn more fuel, leading to significant economic and environmental costs

Barnacle, Burn

2. Navy estimates that heavy Barnacle growth on ships increases weight and drag by as much as 60 percent, resulting in as much as …

Barnacle, By

3. Barnacle synonyms, Barnacle pronunciation, Barnacle translation, English dictionary definition of Barnacle


4. Barnacle definition is - Barnacle goose


5. Barnacle, any of more than 1,000 predominantly marine crustaceans of the subclass Cirripedia highly modified for sedentary life


6. Barnacle defined and explained with descriptions


7. Barnacle is a small crustacean that attaches itself to marine objects such as rocks, and boats.

Barnacle, Boats

8. This stops blood flow to the Barnacle and it is then cut and discarded from the skin

Blood, Barnacle

9. Electrosurgery is very effective in removing large skin Barnacles


10. The Barnacle immobilization device is a safe and convenient solution for managing motorist violations and revenue collection.


11. The Barnacle, built in 1891, offers a glimpse of Old Florida during The Era of the Bay

Barnacle, Built, Bay

12. The Barnacle is a hardy animal that is found in or very closely to sea water


13. The life cycle of a Barnacle is relatively simple; they reproduce sexually and a larval nauplius is released and drift with the zooplankton


14. Barnacle definition, any marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia, usually having a calcareous shell, being either stalked (goose Barnacle ) and attaching itself to ship bottoms and floating timber, or stalkless (rock Barnacle, or acorn Barnacle ) and attaching itself …

Barnacle, Being, Bottoms

15. The larval Barnacle will settle on its head and cement itself to the substrate


16. The result of this transformation is the adult Barnacle


17. Barnacles are obligate cross-fertilizing hermaphrodites


18. They can mate with any nearby Barnacle


19. Inside the Barnacle shell is a relatively long tubular penis 4” to 8” long


20. When ready to mate the Barnacle protrudes this tube outside the shell and begins to search the nearby vicinity for a receptive fellow Barnacle.

Barnacle, Begins

21. The Barnacle’s glue-making process is far more complex than previously thought


22. Rosette Barnacle, Tetraclitella purpurascens


23. The Rosette Barnacle may also be found at quite high levels, usually under shelter behind boulders or in gutters away from the full force of the waves

Barnacle, Be, Behind, Boulders

24. It is a shade preferring Barnacle


25. Rose-coloured Barnacle, Tesseropora rosea.


26. The Barnacle is a great place to enjoy simple pleasures: an outdoor concert; a picnic on the lawn; walking with the family dog down a tree-lined path; or rocking in a chair on the spacious front porch and watching the sailboats go by.

Barnacle, By

27. The Barnacle is simple, compact, and durable by design

Barnacle, By

28. The Abyssal Barnacle is one of the resources found in Valheim


29. Any type of pickaxe can be used to mine the Barnacles, but higher grade ones are

Be, Barnacles, But

30. SUPPORT WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND DONATE TO THE WORLD WILDLIFE FUND: you encounter a turtle with Barnacles please get help f


31. The Barnacle is simple, compact, and durable by design

Barnacle, By

32. At Barnacle, we go to great lengths — and depths — to capture the essence of the Alaskan coastline


33. The Barnacle's flexible immobilization solutions are an improvement over towing and booting for both operators and motorists

Barnacle, Booting, Both

34. Barnacle, common name of the sedentary crustacean [1] animals constituting the infraclass Cirripedia


35. Barnacles are exclusively marine and are quite unlike any other crustacean because of the permanently attached, or sessile, mode of existence for which they are highly modified.

Barnacles, Because

36. At the Barnacle's apex is a cluster of white calcareous plates


37. Gooseneck Barnacles are now being farmed in the state of Washington

Barnacles, Being

38. Barnacles feed on plankton they sweep from the water with their fan-like feet


39. Their main predators are whelks--snails that envelop the Barnacle's cone and force the valves open.The blue mussel is a competitor for space, possibly outgrowing and smothering Barnacles

Barnacle, Blue, Barnacles

40. Excessive growth of the algae rockweed can also overpower a colony of Barnacles.


41. Barnacle is a small but a hardy saltwater animal belonging to Arthropoda phylum along with being put in the class Crustacea and the order Cirripedia

Barnacle, But, Belonging, Being

42. Barnacles are usually found attached to ships, rocks, wharves, marine animals and to other hard surfaces.


43. Barnacle definition: Barnacles are small shellfish that fix themselves tightly to rocks and the bottoms of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Barnacle, Barnacles, Bottoms

44. Barnacle is a type of sea invertebrate that belongs to the phylum Arthropoda

Barnacle, Belongs

45. There are around 1220 species of Barnacle that can be found in the oceans around the world

Barnacle, Be

46. Barnacles have appeared on the planet 510 million years ago and they haven't changed much since that time.


47. The so-called Barnacle is a type of car clamp that sticks to the windscreen using suction cups, and releases its grip after the parking fine is paid.


48. Barnacle is a Negroni dream come true - an unabashed love affair with amaro


49. Made with hand-harvested Alaskan ingredients, Barnacle brings the unique flavors from the wilds of Alaska's coast to your kitchen.

Barnacle, Brings

50. Barnacle is a small hamlet in the county of Warwickshire, England, in the civil parish of Shilton and Barnacle


51. Barnacle was recorded in the Domesday Book as Bernhangre

Barnacle, Book, Bernhangre

52. The Knights Hospitallers held an estate in Barnacle in the 13th century


53. The hamlet contains Barnacle Hall which dates from 1745, it was built on the

Barnacle, Built

54. What does Barnacle mean? The definition of a Barnacle is a small crustacean that affixes itself to surfaces such as a rock, a large sea animal, o


55. Find 6 ways to say Barnacle, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


56. Barnacle Silicone Flex Mold - Cast your own Barnacle cluster for Candy, Fondant, Chocolate, Polymer Clay, Resin, Precious Metal Clay etc Beadcomber

Barnacle, Beadcomber

57. Favorite Add to 15 Fossilized Barnacle Cluster from Calvert Cliffs, Maryland


58. Barnacle Rock is a story that appeared in Series 1-3


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BARNACLE [ˈbärnək(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name barnacle mean?

The word barnacle is a slang term used in electrical engineering to indicate a change made to a product on the manufacturing floor that was not part of the original product design. A barnacle is typically used to correct a defect in the product or as a way of enhancing the product with new functionality.

What does the name barnacles mean?

Barnacle definition , any marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia, usually having a calcareous shell, being either stalked (goose barnacle ) and attaching itself to ship bottoms and floating timber, or stalkless (rock barnacle , or acorn barnacle ) and attaching itself to rocks, especially in the intertidal zone. See more.

What does barnacle mean?

Barnacles on the hull of a ship. The definition of a barnacle is a small crustacean that affixes itself to surfaces such as a rock, a large sea animal, or the part of a boat that is in the water.

What is another word for barnacle?

barnacle, cirriped, cirripede(noun) marine crustaceans with feathery food-catching appendages; free-swimming as larvae; as adults form a hard shell and live attached to submerged surfaces. Synonyms: cirripede, cirriped, barnacle goose.

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