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1. The Barbers is an affordable, convenient and good quality place to get my hair cut


2. Said "Great and dependable haircuts by Paula! I was glad to find this Barbershop near my work, it's got a great vibe with lots of historical barber equipment on display." read more

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3. National Association of Barbers offers how-to education, creative inspiration and premiere liability insurance for the dedicated barber professionals who want to elevate their careers.

Barbers, Barber

4. Barbers of Green Gate is located at 76 West Tabernacle Street, St


5. Full Service Barbershop Life is complicated, but not in a Barbershop!

Barbershop, But

6. Barbers Hill ISD is committed to meeting the needs of our students, staff, and community as we move forward with the essential task of educating our students in …


7. Barbers Point Elementary 3001 Boxer Road Kapolei, HI 96707 P: (808) 305-8400 F: (808) 673-7403 Department of Education - State of Hawai

Barbers, Boxer

8. The Columbian – The Barbers celebrates 20 years


9. [email protected] (360)834-7979

10. $ Barbers “ Serj is a true professional, delivering high quality cuts with the precision of a fine artist.” See all Elegant Barber Shop reviews

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11. Barbers of the Lowcountry is a vintage vibe Barbershop — bringing back old-fashioned grooming services, including straight razor shaves, beard trims and, of course, great cuts

Barbers, Barbershop, Bringing, Back, Beard

12. Lagers and Barbers - The new home of men's grooming!


13. EightNine Barbers, 4112 N Viking Way, Long Beach, CA, 90808, United States (562) 452-7171

Barbers, Beach

14. View the online menu of Barbers Drive In and other restaurants in Moultrie, Georgia


15. Berlin Barbers a dedication to men

Berlin, Barbers

16. Many Barbers were drafted or volunteered for service after Pearl Harbor and new Barbers had to be trained

Barbers, Be

17. Redefining the neighborhood Barbershop


18. Bellagios Barbers 5751 E La Palma Ave Anaheim, California 92807, US +1 714-779-1298

Bellagios, Barbers, Bellagiosbarbers

19. Doorbell Barbers is fully licensed, insured/bonded along with being HIPAA compliant for in-home services

Barbers, Bonded, Being

20. If there is anything else we can do from an operational standpoint to protect you and your loved ones, please email us feedback to [email protected]


21. Barbers Restaurant has delicious food, with wonderful, efficient friendly servers


22. We have Barbers stylists and an esthetician available for all you needs! We offer everything from facials to fades


23. Barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists work mostly in a Barbershop or salon, although some work in a spa, hotel, or resort

Barbers, Barbershop

24. Barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists usually work in pleasant surroundings with good lighting.


25. Barbers Inc Headed up by one of Canberra's longest running Barbers, Danny Ram, the Barbers inc team deliver crisp and striking cuts that has lead to a loyal following

Barbers, By

26. All our Barbers, through industry leading qualifications and skillset are on hand to give you …


27. Preserve Barbers is Eden Prairie's first barber shop

Barbers, Barber

28. 39-5011 Barbers Provide barbering services, such as cutting, trimming, shampooing, and styling hair; trimming beards; or giving shaves

Barbers, Barbering, Beards

29. Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists PO Box 200513 Helena, MT 59620-0513

Board, Barbers, Box

30. Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists 301 S

Board, Barbers

31. If you are already licensed, have applied for a license, are about to apply for a license, or are renewing your license from the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists:

Board, Barbers

32. About Barbers, a Short Story by Mark Twain

Barbers, By

33. The Board of Barber Examiners registers those individuals who are qualified by education and experience to perform hair braiding and licenses all Barbers, barber assistants, barber colleges and barber instructors

Board, Barber, By, Braiding, Barbers

34. Barbers & the Salon is a full service barber shop and hair salon with two convenient Athens locations at Alps shopping center and Epps Bridge Parkway.

Barbers, Barber, Bridge

35. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper for Barbers and Stylists, Red, 6.25 Inch 4.7 out of 5 stars 10,907 $123.53 $ 123


36. The Barbers su beogradski berberi

Barbers, Beogradski, Berberi

37. Barbershop The Barbers je teleport u neko drugo vreme izgledom i pravilima berbernica od pre jednog veka

Barbershop, Barbers, Berbernica

38. The Board for Barbers and Cosmetology licenses individuals and businesses that perform barbering, cosmetology, nail care, waxing, tattooing, body piercing, and esthetics

Board, Barbers, Businesses, Barbering, Body

39. Barbers Article 11 of Public Act 299 of 1980, as amended, to regulate the services of Barbers, barber students, barber colleges, barber instructors, student instructors, and Barbershops in Michigan

Barbers, Barber, Barbershops

40. ** We are no longer accepting paper applications for Barbers Licenses.


41. "Cutting Along the Color Line is a rich and illuminating study of the role of Barbers and Barbershops in African American life

Barbers, Barbershops

42. Mills vividly depicts how Barbers navigated Jim Crow segregation in ways that were sophisticated as well as politically and culturally powerful.


43. While you wait for Barbers to re-open, this is the safest (and considerably stylish) haircut that's been rocked by David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Riz …

Barbers, Been, By, Beckham

44. The Maryland Board of Barbers qualifies and licenses individuals seeking licensure and issues permits to business entities through which the trade of barbering is practiced

Board, Barbers, Business, Barbering

45. The Board also establishes health and safety standards for the operation of Barbershops and trade schools

Board, Barbershops

46. Additional steps be taken by Barbers and cosmetologists: • Maintain physical distancing, to the extent possible

Be, By, Barbers

47. Barbers Unlimited ,Southington Barbershop, 610 Main Street , Southington CT, 06489 860-426-0100

Barbers, Barbershop

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BARBERS [ˈbärbər]



  • cut or trim (a man's hair).
Synonyms: cut . clip . trim . snip . shear . shave . pare . prune . fleece . lop . dock . remove . detach . cut off . hack off . take off . shorten . tonsure .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?

Barber is an older term than that of a hairdresser. If we have looked upon on the work of both, barbers and hairdressers perform the same task and that is to cut hairs, but the only significant difference between them is that the barber cuts only men’s hair.

What is the meaning of the name Barber?

Barber as a boys' name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Barber is "beard". Originally an occupational name; the French word for "beard" is "barbe", and in the past, men who wished to have their facial hair cut or trimmed would have it done professionally, as not everyone possessed a razor.

What do I tell the Barber?

So, it's good to know what to tell you barber what you want in the right order. The process here is pretty simple: Tell the barber the general style you want. Tell them exactly how much you want taken off. Tell them if you want a taper or not. Tell them the type of neckline you want. Tell them if you want texture.

Is the word barber in the Bible?

'Barber' in the Bible Isa 7:20

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