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1. The Barbarous treatment of the native peoples of the New World by those bent on conquest at any cost an aunt who abhors Barbarous behavior such as eating with your fingers Recent Examples on the …

Barbarous, By, Bent, Behavior

2. Barbarous definition, uncivilized; wild; savage; crude


3. Uncivilized, wild, rough, gross, savage, primitive, rude, coarse, vulgar, barbarian, philistine, uneducated, brutish, unsophisticated, uncouth, uncultivated, unpolished, uncultured, unmannered He thought the poetry of Whitman Barbarous.

Barbarian, Brutish, Barbarous

4. Synonyms & Antonyms of Barbarous 1 having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others a monarch resorting to whatever Barbarous means he deemed necessary to protect his throne


5. Extremely cruel or unpleasant, or failing to reach acceptable social standards: His murder was an outrageous and Barbarous act


6. How can they forgive such Barbarous behaviour?

Barbarous, Behaviour

7. The definition of Barbarous is something that is uncivilized or crude


8. Killing people for no reason is an example of a Barbarous act.


9. At the present day, almost every people that exist, whether Barbarous or civilized, has its own form of dancing


10. THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS FLORENCE HARTLEY But the spirit of allegory, which has never been lost, may be traced throughout these Barbarous

Book, But, Been, Be, Barbarous

11. Wiedle, author of Helvetica! We are also going to be at Boston Comic Con on August 12-14! More info about that in the coming weeks! See you next time! Tags: Barbarous, ananth hirsh, yuko ota

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12. Barbarous – Tavern of Emyr is a GameHouse Premiere exclusive Time Management game


13. KJV: And the Barbarous people shewed us INT: and [the] natives showed not [just] Acts 28:4 Adj-NMP GRK: εἶδον οἱ βάρβαροι κρεμάμενον τὸ NAS: When the natives saw the creature KJV: when the barbarians saw INT: saw the natives hanging the

Barbarous, Barbarians

14. Barbarous: Tavern of Emyr for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Take on the role of Emyr, probably the realm’s most famous hero


15. Late Middle English (in Barbarous (sense 2)): via Latin from Greek barbaros ‘foreign’ + -ous.

Barbarous, Barbaros

16. Barbaric was used with the meaning “foreign, strange, outlandish,” Barbarous first meant what the Romans meant by it, “not Greek or Latin,” but it soon came to mean “uncultured, savage,” and by the 1580s had taken on the sense of “savagely cruel.” The noun barbarian entered English earlier than …

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17. Adjective If you describe something as Barbarous, you strongly disapprove of it because you think that it is rough and uncivilized.

Barbarous, Because

18. Barbaric or Barbarous behavior or other characteristics are those that suggest a cultural attainment between savagery and civilization

Barbaric, Barbarous, Behavior, Between

19. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Barbarous bar‧bar‧ous / ˈbɑːb ə rəs $ ˈbɑːr-/ adjective 1 CRUEL extremely cruel in a way that is shocking SYN barbaric The trade in exotic birds is Barbarous

Barbarous, Bar, Barbaric, Birds

20. 2 NATURAL wild and not civilized a savage Barbarous people — Barbarously adverb Examples from the Corpus Barbarous • In

Barbarous, Barbarously

21. 1880, Charles Wells, “Introduction to the second edition”, in James Redhouse, Redhouse's Turkish Dictionary, page vii: The original Turkish tongue was somewhat Barbarous, but extremely forcible and concise when spoken.· uncivilized, uncultured 1801, Isaac Watts, The improvement of the mind, or A supplement

Barbarous, But

22. Barbarism definition, a Barbarous or uncivilized state or condition

Barbarism, Barbarous

23. Barbarous: 1 adj (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering “a Barbarous crime” Synonyms: brutal , cruel , fell , roughshod , savage , vicious inhumane lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion adj primitive in customs and culture Synonyms: noncivilised , noncivilized not having a high state of culture

Barbarous, Brutal

24. Acts of Barbarous inhumanity are a grim reminder that, in the scheme of things, we are not much above wild animals


25. Lithuanian was considered to be a Barbarous language, unworthy of religious use, so Polish was used for all official religious business.

Be, Barbarous, Business

26. “The Barbarous Years, the long-awaited companion to Voyagers to the West, is an even greater achievement


27. Both in the span of time he examines (the years 1600 to 1675) and in his effort to capture the full range of ‘the conflict of civilizations’ in the early European colonization of North America, The Barbarous Years is Bailyn’s

Both, Barbarous, Bailyn

28. See authoritative translations of Barbarous in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


29. BARBARIAN, Barbarous bär bâr’ ĭən, bär’-bə rəs (βάρβαρος, G975, a foreigner, alien; speaking a foreign, unintelligible language; a person who is not a Greek).When the psalmist described the Exodus as the house of Jacob coming forth “from a people of strange language” (), one has the kind of setting which defines the use of the word “barbarian.”

Barbarian, Barbarous

30. Definition of Barbarous in the dictionary


31. What does Barbarous mean? Information and translations of Barbarous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


32. Definition of Barbarous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


33. Synonyms for Barbarous in Free Thesaurus


34. 59 synonyms for Barbarous: uncivilized, wild, rough, gross, savage, primitive, rude, coarse, vulgar


35. Lacking refinement or culture; coarse: inappropriate, Barbarous behavior

Barbarous, Behavior

36. Characterized by savagery; very cruel: a Barbarous punishment; a Barbarous tyrant

By, Barbarous

37. It was Barbarous to treat prisoners in that manner


38. His murder was an outrageous and Barbarous act


39. It is Barbarous to call at 5 a.m.


40. The killer’s Barbarous acts disgusted the jury and landed him a lengthy prison sentence


41. 🔊 Although most people supported the soldiers, they couldn’t fathom the cruel and Barbarous events that took place during the war


42. 🔊 After taking over a village, the army had a Barbarous system in which they would raid and capture innocent women


43. • Coarse, crude, rough, vulgar, crass, impolite: 'The complaining letter was written in Barbarous English • Cruel, brutal, mean, inhuman, vicious, harsh: 'It is Barbarous to keep a large dog cooped up like that • Brutal 1 cruel 1 fell (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering

Barbarous, Brutal

44. Barbarous by Minerva Spencer is the follow up to her first release Dangerous - and readers, it is just as good! The dashing pirate Hugh has more than met his match when he meets his widowed aunt (by marriage) Daphne.

Barbarous, By

45. BarbarousKing’s latest Mario Maker level is quite graphic, and will almost certainly result in a ban if Nintendo ever gets wind of it.

Barbarousking, Ban

46. Most of BarbarousKing’s streams are filled with Streets of Rage 4 playthroughs these days, but he’s still building Mario Maker levels

Barbarousking, But, Building

47. The map provided with the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars Nightfall names this area as the "Barbarous Coast"


48. Another way to say Barbarous? Synonyms for Barbarous (other words and phrases for Barbarous).


49.Barbarous - Tavern of Emyr” is a brand-new time management game unlike any other! Emyr was once the realm’s most famous hero

Barbarous, Brand

50. A Barbarous name is a meaningless or seemingly meaningless word used in magic rituals.The term Barbarous comes from the Greek barbaroi (Greek: βάρβαροι) meaning those who do not speak the Greek Language ().Often these names were derived from foreign sources and acquired their "Barbarous" nature from the magician's lack of understanding of that language.

Barbarous, Barbaroi

51. Acts of Barbarous inhumanity are a grim reminder that, in the scheme of things, we are not much above wild animals


52. Lithuanian was considered to be a Barbarous language, unworthy of religious use, so Polish was used for all official religious business

Be, Barbarous, Business

53. A Bloody and Barbarous God investigates the relationship between gnosticism, a system of thought that argues that the cosmos is evil and that the human spirit must strive for liberation from manifest existence, and the perennial philosophy, a study of the highest common factor in all esoteric religions, and how these traditions have influenced the later novels of Cormac McCarthy, namely, Blood

Bloody, Barbarous, Between, Blood

54. Barbarous: Primitive or undeveloped in culture and customs; uncivilized


55. In the times which we call Barbarous, great benefices and abbeys were taxed in France to the third of their revenue.

Barbarous, Benefices

56. The specific atrocity of such spectacles -- unknown to the earlier ages which they called Barbarous-- was due to the cold-blooded selfishness, the hideous realism of a refined

Barbarous, Blooded

57. Synonyms for Barbarous include brutal, cruel, savage, barbaric, vicious, ferocious, inhuman, monstrous, ruthless and brutish

Barbarous, Brutal, Barbaric, Brutish

58. The allies fought to destroy a Barbarous regime and avert the still more terrible outcome that would have followed its victory


59. Times, Sunday Times ( 2015 ) What it is is an appalling, Barbarous regime.


60. Barbarous definition: (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering synonyms: vicious, brutal, cruel, savage, roughshod, fell

Barbarous, Brutal

61. Niamey, Niger: Fifty-eight people have been killed in "Barbarous" attacks on a bus and nearby villages in Niger close to the country's border with Mali, the government said on Tuesday.

Been, Barbarous, Bus, Border

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