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BANTER [ˈban(t)ər]

banter (noun)

  • the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
Synonyms: repartee . raillery . ripostes . sallies . swordplay . quips . wisecracks . crosstalk . wordplay . badinage . joking . jesting . jocularity . drollery . bons mots . kidding . ribbing . joshing . bants . persiflage .

banter (verb) · banters (third person present) · bantered (past tense) · bantered (past participle) · bantering (present participle)

  • talk or exchange remarks in a good-humored teasing way.
Synonyms: joke . jest . pun . sally . quip . josh . wisecrack .

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1. Banter refers to a form of jesting or to the act of exchanging joking repartee

2. Although the word once meant “ridicule,” and though it has a regional sense "a challenge or dare" (as in, "he performed a Banter [or banner], jumping from the roof onto the snowbank"), in modern …

3. Banter definition, an exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks; good-natured raillery

4. The Banter is sharp as a knife, Stars Hollow exudes warmth, and everything is gently touched with just the right amount of melancholy

5. EVERY EPISODE OF GILMORE GIRLS, RANKED CONSTANCE GRADY OCTOBER 6, 2020 VOX This unreasoning, feminine obstinacy so wrought upon him that he permitted himself a smile and a lapse into irony and Banter.

6. Banter The magnificent art of using word play, opinions, exaggeration, irony, sarcasm, and other comedic themes to (playfully) humiliate, make fun of, and laugh at your friends

7. This word is most commonly used in Britain, but 'Banter' is used around the world

8. What is Banter? Banter is a form of playful conversation or teasing

9. It’s important to be clear on what Banter is not.

10. Banter brings a unique food and beverage experience featuring the region's finest curated selection of craft beer and fine wine from around the world (and around the corner)

11. Crypto Banter is the world's first 24/7 interactive social-cast for the crypto community

12. This is where YOU call in, YOU make the show and YOU bring the Banter.

13. Weathered Ground Jolly Banter ESB may not be available near you

14. NW Beer and Banter - Splash - The Northwest Beer and Banter presented by Qumulo kicks off on November 20th, and you're invited to take part in the festivities

15. Qumulo, Inc is our meeting spot for an evening of food, beer, cocktails or mocktails, and Banter over next generation scale-out storage technology

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18. To talk to someone in a friendly and humorous way: He stood around Bantering with his colleagues.

19. Joking, kidding (informal), ribbing (informal), teasing, jeering, quipping, mockery, derision, jesting, chaff, pleasantry, repartee, wordplay, joshing, badinage, chaffing, raillery, persiflage She heard them exchanging good-natured Banter.

20. 23 synonyms of Banter from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 51 related words, definitions, and antonyms

21. Banter: good-natured teasing or exchanging of clever remarks.

22. Banter - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

23. Just because ‘Banter’ doesn’t constitute all the elements of bullying doesn’t mean it’s acceptable

24. Banter is the leading business VoIP solution for small and medium scale businesses in the industry

25. Banter - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

26. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Banter n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

27. Banter was inspired by our love for light-hearted conversation and really, really good ice cream

28. Banter Is Located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach

29. Expect meaningfully crafted dining experiences and of course some friendly Banter amongst friends & family.

30. Synonyms for Banter in Free Thesaurus

31. 50 synonyms for Banter: joking, kidding, ribbing, teasing, jeering, quipping, mockery, derision, jesting

32. I love being on a PSU, the Banter is the best bit and getting petrol bombed once a year is sooo much fun

33. A New Pair Of Brown Trousers Please « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG The scene was typical of any New York or Los Angeles opening: wine, cheese, and a crowd of fashionable art enthusiasts engaged in Banter about the recent fairs and exhibitions

34. The Crossword Solver found 64 answers to the Banter crossword clue

35. Banter: 1 n light teasing repartee Synonyms: backchat , give-and-take , raillery Types: badinage frivolous Banter persiflage light teasing Type of: repartee adroitness and cleverness in reply v be silly or tease one another Synonyms: chaff , jolly , josh , kid Type of: bait , cod , …

36. Uncountable noun Banter is teasing or joking talk that is amusing and friendly

37. She heard Tom exchanging good-natured Banter with Jane

38. Synonyms: joking, kidding [informal], ribbing [informal], teasing More Synonyms of Banter

39. Delivery & Pickup Options - 512 reviews of Hootch and Banter "This is definitely an awesome addition to Frederick's restaurant scene! There is a great variety on the menu as well as creative fresh cocktails

40. ‘At first, their Banter is friendly, until Heston realizes Moore is not on his side.’ ‘With McEwan in full flow, Watson sticks his head round the door and instigates some friendly Banter.’ ‘I watched him play Federer and it was a light-hearted affair with plenty of friendly Banter.’

41. Find 46 ways to say Banter, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

42. ‘At first, their Banter is friendly, until Heston realizes Moore is not on his side.’ ‘With McEwan in full flow, Watson sticks his head round the door and instigates some friendly Banter.’ ‘I watched him play Federer and it was a light-hearted affair with plenty of friendly Banter.’

43. Quotes tagged as "Banter" Showing 1-30 of 218 “Why can't you place a blessing like that on us?" I asked

44. The Banter bus is a metaphorical term used to describe the activity of going to a place of interest with Banterous intent usually some sort of clunge fest

45. Banter (v.) "attack with good-humored jokes and jests," 1670s, origin uncertain; said by Swift to be a word from London street slang

46. Related: Bantered; Bantering.The noun, "good-humored ridicule," is …

47. French Translation of “Banter” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online

48. ‎Show Bird Banter, Ep The Bird Banter Podcast Episode #53 with Ryan Merrill - Mar 22, 2020 ‎Ryan Merrill and I talk about his birding story, birding in Washington State, and about his local patch birding.

49. Banter is short witty sentences that bounce back and forth between individuals

50. Often Banter uses clever put-downs and witty insults, misunderstandings (often intentional), zippy wisecracks, zingers, flirtation, and puns

51. The idea is that each line of Banter should "top" the one before it …

52. MAJOR UPDATE: The Daily Banter Is Closing Down And Moving Exclusively To Email

53. Banter is known for combining Cleveland classics with Canadian comfort cuisine

54. Banter is a specialist brand experience agency connecting brands with their audiences through a broad range of imaginative and impactful real life and digital ideas.

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57. Described as "the uk's smallest big band" Banter take classic english folk music and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

58.Banter is AEI’s weekly podcast series, where hosts Matt Winesett, Max Frost, and Max Towey interview leading thinkers and political commentators on a wide range of policy topics

59. True to its name, Banter keeps the conversation fun, entertaining, and interesting for anyone with an interest politics a…

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