Use Bang in a sentence



bang (noun) · bangs (plural noun)

  • a sudden loud noise.
  • a sharp blow causing a sudden, loud noise.
Synonyms: crack . boom . clang . peal . clap . pop . snap . knock . tap . slam . bump . thud . thump . clunk . clonk . clash . crash . smash . smack . stamp . stomp . clump . clomp . report . explosion . detonation . shot . wham . whump .

bang (verb) · bangs (third person present) · banged (past tense) · banged (past participle) · banging (present participle)

  • strike or put down (something) forcefully and noisily.
  • come into contact with (something) suddenly and sharply, typically by accident.
Synonyms: hit . strike . beat . thump . hammer . knock . rap . pound . thud . punch . bump . thwack . smack . crack . slap . slam . welt . cuff . pummel . buffet . bash . whack . clobber . clout . clip . wallop . belt . tan . biff . bop . sock . lam . whomp . slosh . boff . bust . slug . whale . dong .
  • have sex with (someone).
  • cut (hair) in a fringe.




  • variant spelling of bhang.
Synonyms: bhang .


  • the leaves and flower heads of cannabis, used as a narcotic.

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22. Bang verb (NOISE) B2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) make a sudden very loud noise or noises: She Banged her fist angrily on the table.

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