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1. Banditry definition, the activities or practices of bandits

Banditry, Bandits

2. Banditry synonyms, Banditry pronunciation, Banditry translation, English dictionary definition of Banditry


3. Banditry, powered by rogue arms and ammo in rogue hands is, therefore, an existential danger that must be faced down and defeated

Banditry, By, Be

4. Tinubu said: “Nigeria is currently facing crises, crisis of insurgency, of Banditry and all aspects of insecurity


5. In the spirit of Sam and Chloe, the family is reopening the shop as birch + Banditry, offering an eclectic mix of items, accessories and gifts at the lowest prices around

Birch, Banditry

6. The Banditry-terrorism nexus in northwest Nigeria


7. Tactical Banditry is a multi-regional esports organization currently hosting an American Rocket League team, having previously hosted rosters in the Oceanic region.


8. Game Instructions: Banditry in the Upper River has risen too high!Unlocked with Seeing Banditry in the Upper River 8Card drawn in Upper RiverOccurs with Infrequent Frequency (80% as …


9. Examples of how to use “Banditry” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs


10. Social Banditry or social crime is a popular form of lower class social resistance involving behavior characterized by law as illegal but is supported by wider (usually peasant) society as being moral and acceptable

Banditry, Behavior, By, But, Being

11. The term social bandit was invented by the Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm in his 1959 book Primitive Rebels and 1969 book Bandits.Hobsbawm characterized social Banditry as a

Bandit, By, Book, Bandits, Banditry

12. The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra has said that Banditry is a new means the political leaders from the North are using to steal public funds and amass wealth for themselves.

Biafra, Banditry

13. Banditry is a long-running blog, proving that the blogs which the gods love die young.

Banditry, Blog, Blogs

14. Find 4 ways to say Banditry, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


15. Banditry, now oil-well for bad eggs in power — IPOB/ ” Banditry and kidnapping will remain a lucrative business in Nigeria for as long as Government and …

Banditry, Bad, Business

16. Nigeria’s Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, on Tuesday, said some people are benefitting from the recurring cases of kidnapping and Banditry across the country.

Benefitting, Banditry

17. Banditry violence has affected populations living in Nigeria’s Zamfara, Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Kebbi and Katsina states in the northwest


18. Armed Banditry, do so as a desperate means of economic accumulation and socio -economic empowerment


19. The adoption of the theory for the purpose of this study is informed by its analytical utility in providing insights in to the sociological foundations of organized crime, prominent among which is armed Banditry in Zamfara State.

By, Banditry

20. Banditry is a new economic growth pole where returns far exceed investments


21. Banditry consists in the organization of armed bands for the purpose of attacking state or social institutions or enterprises or individual persons; participation in such bands and in the attacks committed by them is equally regarded as Banditry.

Banditry, Bands, By

22. Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari, has kicked against Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s intervention on the Banditry activities in the northwest


23. Banditry has been a scourge for residents of Zamfara, Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, Kebbi and Katsina states

Banditry, Been

24. Banditry, according to some journals, is a type of organised crime committed by outlaws typically involving the threat or use of violence

Banditry, By

25. A person who engages in Banditry is known as a …


26. Banditry definition: Banditry is used to refer to acts of robbery and violence in areas where the rule of law Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


27. Banditry is on the increase in northern Nigeria


28. 2 days ago · The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has vowed not to surrender to what it called ‘electoral Banditry’ aimed at discrediting the electoral process and retuning pre-determined


29. Banditry - Forsworn Gear - Deutsch - German Translation: Forsworn Briarheart Armor: Optional to keep the forsworn look in late game: Permissions and credits Author's instructions

Banditry, Briarheart

30. Zamfara State Governor, Dr Bello Mohammed Matawalle, on Sunday publicly took an oath that if he knows anything about the Banditry activities in the state, Allah should take his life immediately

Bello, Banditry

31. Banditry Won't End In Nigeria ― Wike Wike said by politicising insecurity, the APC government plunged the security troubled states into an unimaginable Banditry scale …

Banditry, By

32. 1 day ago · Banditry: Questions as govt confirms miners fund criminals terrorising Nigerians News COVID-19: Total active cases now 11,808 as NCDC confirms 86 fresh infections


33. ‘Continued Banditry and firefights plague many of the provinces.’ ‘Stability, more than anything, is what people long for: the long years of constant fighting and Banditry have had an enormous influence on how they see the latest intervention.’ ‘The only money available is through smuggling and Banditry.’


34. By Tony Akowe, Abuja Minority caucus in the House of Representatives on Monday said the disposition of certain state actors through their actions; utterances body language was fueling Banditry and

By, Body, Banditry

35. A disciplinary panel ruled it cost Banditry, who was beaten a head, a quarter of a length at a crucial part of the race, as well as momentum and balance, and ordered the placings to be reversed

Banditry, Beaten, Balance, Be

36. Pasha 100: Tackling Banditry, terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria March 17, 2021 11.07am EDT Usifo Omozokpea , Wale Fatade , The Conversation , Sheriff Folarin


37. Sardinian Banditry is a phenomenon associated with the island of Sardinia located in the Mediterranean


38. Definition of Banditry noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


39. Rural Banditry by all accounts is undermining security, peace, and development in Nigeria’s northwest

Banditry, By

40. Banditry is a type of organized crime committed by outlaws typically involving the threat or use of violence

Banditry, By

41. A person who engages in Banditry is known as a bandit and primarily commits crimes such as extortion, robbery and murder, either as an individual or in groups

Banditry, Bandit

42. Banditry is a vague concept of criminality and in modern usage can be

Banditry, Be

43. A former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, says popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, is facilitating Banditry and …


44. Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, on Monday pledged that the Armed Forces of Nigeria will bring peace back to all parts ravaged by terrorism, Banditry, kidnapping and other forms of security challenges

Bring, Back, By, Banditry

45. Bello Mohammed Matawalle has declared that he has no hand in Banditry activities in the State

Bello, Banditry

46. Zamfara state governor, Dr Bello Mohammed Matawalle on Sunday publicly took an oath that if he knows anything about the Banditry

Bello, Banditry

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BANDITRY [ˈbanditrē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name banditry mean?

Banditry definition, the activities or practices of bandits. See more.

What is an example of banditry?

The career of banditry often led leaders to assemble more bandits and army deserters and organize predatory gangs into active rebel groups. One example was Gao Yingxiang, who started as a mounted bandit in Shaanxi and later became an important rebel leader in late Ming.

What is social banditry?

Social bandit. Hobsbawm characterized social banditry as a primitive form of class struggle and class resistance in usually pre-industrial and frontier societies. He further expanded the field in the 1969 study Bandits. Social banditry is a widespread phenomenon that has occurred in many societies throughout recorded history,...

What does Hobsbawm mean by social banditry?

Hobsbawm characterized social banditry as a primitive form of class struggle and class resistance in usually pre-industrial and frontier societies. He further expanded the field in the 1969 study Bandits.

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