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1. Ban definition, to prohibit, forbid, or bar; interdict: to Ban nuclear weapons;The dictator Banned all newspapers and books that criticized his regime

Ban, Bar, Banned, Books

2. To prohibit (an action) or forbid the use of (something), especially by official decree: Banned smoking in theaters; Banned pesticides in parks

By, Banned

3. To refuse to allow (someone) to do something, go somewhere, or be a participant; exclude: a coach who was Banned from the sidelines

Be, Banned

4. 30 synonyms of Ban from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 109 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Ban: to order not to do or use or to be done or used.

Ban, Be

6. Ensure you’ll stay protected from underarm odor and wetness for 24 hours by starting your morning with Ban Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant Sticks

By, Ban

7. Bank of the West offers a variety of financial services; including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, auto, home and personal loans


8. Informējam, ka apdrošināšanas atlīdzības pieteikumus OCTA, KASKO un Veselības apdrošināšanas veidos Jūs varat iesniegt elektroniski interneta mājas lapā, sadaļā "Ban portāls", vai sazinoties ar mums, izmantojot аtlīdzību nodaļas tālruni +371 67080440

Bas, Ban, Bu

9. Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, otherwise known as the Muslim Ban or a travel Ban, was a controversial executive order by former US President Donald Trump.Except for the extent to which it was blocked by various courts, it was in effect from January 27, 2017, until March 6, 2017, when it was superseded by Executive Order

Ban, By, Blocked

10. Find 54 ways to say Ban, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. The Ban and the ArrierBan are met armed in the field to choose a king


12. France was at such a Pinch..that they call'd their Ban and Arriere Ban, the assembling whereof had been long discussed, and in a manner antiquated

Ban, Been

13. The Ban was sometimes convoked, that is, the possessors of the fiefs were called upon for military services.


14. After a 28-Year Ban, Alabama Could Allow Yoga in Public Schools “It’s just exercise,” said Jeremy Gray, a state lawmaker whose bill is making its way through the Legislature.

Ban, Bill

15. -The Ban on utility shutoffs (electricity, telephone landlines, and natural gas) is in place until March 31, 2021


16. Huawei Ban timeline: Chinese company will charge royalties for its 5G tech


17. You don't have to be a rebel to wear Ray-Ban sunglasses

Be, Ban

18. Since 1937, Ray-Ban has personified cool, and whether you prefer the sleekly modern look of Ray-Ban Aviators, the polished ease of Clubmasters or the timeless appeal of the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, this impeccably made eyewear will transform how you look and feel.


19. What does Ban stand for? List of 145 Ban definitions


20. Top Ban abbreviation meanings updated March 2021


21. Reynolds, whose Newport brand is the biggest menthol seller in the United States, said a menthol Ban would infringe on …

Brand, Biggest, Ban

22. Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan



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 · Ray-Ban is a universally recognized brand, so the consensus seems to be that Ray-Ban eyeglasses are good

Back, Ban, Brand, Be

24. Ray-Ban uses high-quality materials and innovative designs to create excellent eyewear.


25. What does Ban stand for? List of 145 Ban definitions


26. Top Ban abbreviation meanings updated March 2021


27. Known for their iconic shapes and comfortable fit, Ray-Ban Sunglasses are recognized worldwide


28. The distinct shape is highlighted with the signature Ray-Ban logo and sculpted


29. Biden's order does not issue a total Ban on all existing and future fracking operations

Biden, Ban

30. Imported 100% UV protection: Ray-Ban sunglass lenses are coated with 100% uv protection to protect your eyes from all harmful UV rays RB4151 rectangular Polarized sunglasses: These unisex Ray-Ban sunglasses feature modern rectangular frame crafted from lightweight acetate, a saddle bridge, flexible arms and polarized green lenses

Ban, Bridge

31. California's Ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products is suspended after a referendum by the tobacco industry qualified for the 2022 ballot.

Ban, By, Ballot

32. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced legislation in the FY 2021 Executive Budget to make New York's fracking Ban permanent

Budget, Ban

33. Understanding Bond Anticipation Note (Ban) A note is a debt instrument issued by a borrowing entity to raise funds in the short-term

Bond, Ban, By, Borrowing

34. Washington's Plastic Bag Ban will reduce pollution by prohibiting single-use plastic carryout bags and charging a fee for acceptable bags in business establishments beginning in January 2021.

Bag, Ban, By, Bags, Business, Beginning


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 · From Ray-Ban’s 90s archive, Frank sunglasses belong to the i-shape family – a collection reserved for the brand’s most archetypal designs

Back, Ban, Belong, Brand

36. The Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban does prohibit the sale of certain semi-automatic pistols, including the INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22; and the Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil


37. Only these weapons and copies or duplicates of these specific pistols are prohibited under the Ban, and none appear on the approved list.


38. The Ban on evictions has helped millions of Americans struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic


39. New York lawmaker wants to Ban police use of armed robots Use of Boston Robotics' Digidog intensifies concerns about police militarization

Ban, Boston

40. Ban eager to enter the tournament


41. The next day, Ban is shown to still be drunk at the Boar Hat

Ban, Be, Boar

42. Later, Ban accompanies Meliodas, Hawk, and King into Vaizel, while wearing an apron due to his shirt having been destroyed in the

Ban, Been

43. Ray Ban Sunglasses RB3478 004/58 Black Grey G15 Polarized Authentic Wrap 3478

Ban, Black

44. Ray-Ban RB3044 52 L0207 Metal Sunglasses Green Frame Green Lens


45. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Men's Blue Grey Gradient Sunglasses RB2132 601S78 55-18

Ban, Blue

46. Ban Chao, Chinese general and colonial administrator of the Han dynasty (206 bce–220 ce) who reestablished Chinese control over Central Asia

Ban, Bce

47. The brother of the historian Ban Gu (32?–92), Ban Chao early tired of literary pursuits and turned to military affairs

Brother, Ban

48. Claim: Says Joe Biden is “following through with a fracking Ban.”

Biden, Ban

49. A Japanese court ruled on Wednesday that the government's Ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, a landmark decision that supporters hope will pave the way for marriage equality in …


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