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1. Ballotins synonyms, Ballotins pronunciation, Ballotins translation, English dictionary definition of Ballotins


2. Ballotins - the traditionally French or Belgian style of "candy box" (boxes for chocolates, pralines or truffles) - are now used for fudge, nougat, sweets, biscuits - or as macaron boxes, soap packaging and many other uses

Ballotins, Belgian, Box, Boxes, Biscuits

3. Ballotins are a classic-style folding box

Ballotins, Box

4. Our gloss finish Ballotins make beautiful packaging for your candy, fine chocolates, and fudge

Ballotins, Beautiful


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 · Godiva Gold Ballotins Delivered

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6. Presented in a luxuriously-crafted golden gift box featuring our most treasured chocolates, gold Ballotins from GODIVA come ready to gift, serve, savor and share

Box, Ballotins

7. Ballotins are a classic-style folding confectionery box

Ballotins, Box

8. Our gloss finish Ballotins make beautiful packaging for your candy, fine chocolates, and fudge

Ballotins, Beautiful

9. What does Ballotins mean? Plural form of ballotin

Ballotins, Ballotin

10. 6 Ballotins 2 chocolate piece - red $27.00 Quick View


11. Ballotins (Classical Belgian Chocolate Boxes) Ballotin 935 g assortment

Ballotins, Belgian, Boxes, Ballotin

12. Ballotin (plural Ballotins) A small, elegant box (usually containing chocolates)

Ballotin, Ballotins, Box

13. Ballotins Valentine Ballotins filled with a selection of iconic Neuhaus Belgian chocolates with fresh cream, as well as a selection of praliné, ganache and gianduja filled pralines

Ballotins, Belgian

14. Our Ballotins, in pure Belgian tradition, are filled with an assortment of delicious handmade chocolates, using ancient recipes and our very own magic! Let us create a delicious collection for you, with more than 50 kinds to chose from, including pralines, caramels, café, vanilla and more! To order yours, contact us on (450)-464-6937.

Ballotins, Belgian

15. The chances are you will have handled one of our Ballotins or confectionery boxes in the past - either from our elegant and expansive range of stock lines or one of the millions of custom ballotin cartons we produce each year in a variety of chocolate box design styles from

Ballotins, Boxes, Ballotin, Box

16. Ballotins The ballotin box was created by Jean Neuhaus and his wife Louise Agostini in 1915

Ballotins, Ballotin, Box, By

17. Leonidas Ballotins are always ideal for all gift-giving occasions! All Ballotins are gift wrapped with traditional Leonidas paper and satin ribbon.


18. Gold Ballotins Godiva's iconic gold Ballotins are a signature assortment Godiva Belgian chocolates

Ballotins, Belgian

19. Products in: Home » Packaging & Monoportion Cake Bases » Boxes » Ballotins Ballotins

Bases, Boxes, Ballotins

20. There are 65 Ballotins de dragees for sale on Etsy, and they cost $10.42 on average


21. The most common Ballotins de dragees material is fabric


22. We have a variety of gift boxes and Ballotins we fill with our hand made bonbons to offer you the most delectable fine chocolate indulgence

Boxes, Ballotins, Bonbons

23. There are 30 Ballotins noeud satin for sale on Etsy, and they cost $3.91 on average


24. The most common Ballotins noeud satin material is satin


25. Chocolat-Chocolat offers the largest selection of Flat Ballotins #1 and chocolate making supplies



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 · Personalized ribbons can be added to Gold Ballotins, Signature Truffles, All-of-a-Kind Assortments, Gift Baskets and Towers

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27. Chocolatá Gift Boxes and Ballotins > 6 Piece Signature Gift Box 6 Piece Signature Gift Box SKU: $19.00

Boxes, Ballotins, Box

28. Les Ballotins sont garantis 100 % pur beurre de cacao, 100% saveur, 100% qualité, 100% fraîcheur, le tout fabriqué dans le respect des traditions Belges

Ballotins, Beurre, Belges

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BALLOTINS [ˈbälətən]

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What does ballotable mean?

ballotable. adjecticePhysical exam Referring to an intraabdominal mass which is palpable and which can be “bounced” back and forth. McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

What does ballottement mean?

2. A diagnostic measure in pregnancy. A physical sign of a solid organ, a fetus or a suspected mass, lying within fluid. The area is given a sharp push with the tips of the fingers and the mass swings quickly away and then back again to strike the fingertips and confirm its presence. Ballottement may thus show either fluid or an internal mass.

What is the meaning of Balot?

(bal-ot-mon[h]'), 1. Maneuver used in physical examination to estimate the size of an organ not near the surface, particularly when there is ascites, by a flicking motion of the hand or fingers similar to that involved in dribbling a basketball.

What does voted Mean?

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (often foll by: for) to vote or decide (on an issue, etc) n. 1. a sheet of paper or the like on which a voter marks his or her vote. 2. the method of secret voting by printed or written ballot or by voting machine. 3. a round of voting. 4. the list of candidates to be voted on. 5. the right to vote.

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