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BALLOT [ˈbalət]

ballot (noun) · ballots (plural noun) · the ballot (noun)

  • a process of voting, in writing and typically in secret.
  • the total number of votes cast in a ballot.
Synonyms: plebiscite . popular vote . poll . vote . poll . election . referendum . plebiscite . general election . popular vote . straw poll . voting . polling .

ballot (verb) · ballots (third person present) · balloted (past tense) · balloted (past participle) · balloting (present participle)

  • (of an organization) elicit a secret vote from (members) on a particular issue.
  • cast one's vote on a particular issue.
Synonyms: canvass . survey . ask . question . interview . sample .

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1. Italian word for “little ball” is Ballotta, from balla, meaning “ball,” and the diminutive suffix –otta

2. Now any kind of secret voting, by ball, piece of paper, or voting machine, is called a Ballot

3. Ballotpedia includes comprehensive election information for the largest 100 cities by population, as well as all state legislative, statewide, and congressional races across the nation

4. You can contact your state or local election administrator for an official sample Ballot.

5. If you voted using a mail-in or absentee Ballot, you can make …

6. County to Deploy Ballot-boxes at Polling Places

7. Track the status of your vote-by-mail application and mail Ballot here

8. Election day sample Ballots cannot be populated until candidates have qualified and our office builds and programs the Ballot. The sample Ballot is available approximately three weeks prior to each election

9. The method of secret voting by means of printed or written Ballots or by means of voting machines

10. To vote by Ballot: to Ballot

11. See your Ballot, research candidates and referendums, and vote informed

12. Sample Ballot This is a sample Ballot provided as a convenience to voters two weeks prior to an election to mark and print in preparation for voting in person and may not contain disqualified candidates

13. It is not an official Ballot, and the Secretary of State’s Office does not store or track selections made on the Ballot details screen.

14. Ballot collection allows a designated person to deliver a voter’s mail Ballot for them, and Californians have been doing it for several years

15. Despite the increased convenience for voters, not every voter is able or willing to get their absentee Ballot to an official polling station or postal facility

16. Your Ballot and local election information are based on where you live

17. Enter your street address and city to: See what will be on your next Ballot; Find your next local election; Learn more about voting in person

18. An occasion when people vote on something, usually in secret, or the system for voting: The officials are elected by Ballot

19. About 45 percent of the state's 2.8 million registered voters cast a Ballot in the …

20. Ballot n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

21. Ballot n as adj noun as adjective: Describes another noun--for example, "boat race

22. Proposed Regulation For Comment: Part 6220 — Cyber Security Requirements for Boards of Elections (170KB)Part 6210.21 - Relative to Cures for Absentee Ballots (259KB)Comments can be sent to [email protected]

23. Georgians registered to vote can also do so by absentee Ballot

24. Absentee Ballots are an option for registered voters who may be traveling, outside the country, serving in the military, or otherwise can’t make it to the polls on Election Day

25. Ballot was a French manufacturer, initially of engines, that also made automobiles between 1919 and 1932

26. Édouard Ballot became well known as a designer of reliable engines

27. The Ballot brothers, Édouard and Maurice, founded their company at the Boulevard Brune in south-central

28. Find 13 ways to say Ballot, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

29. Mail Ballot View/Update My Voter Record Register to Vote Find a Polling Place View Sample Ballot Find Your Elected Officials Track your Mail Ballot Learn more about elections and voting! Be a Voter

30. Why be a voter? Register to Vote; Update Your Voter Record; Vote from Home with a Mail Ballot

31. The Ballot shall be counted only if the Ballot is received by the general registrar prior to the close of polls; 2

32. Enter your address to view your sample Ballot

33. ‘The turnout for the Ballot was 68 per cent, and of those, the vote was 2,947 in favour of action and 2,246 against.’ ‘There was a low turnout in the Ballot with just 30 percent of teachers voting.’

34. Military and overseas voters can request a Vote by Mail (absentee) Ballot by using the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

35. Registered voters get sample Ballots by mail before an election

36. Sample Ballots in Georgia typically include a mock-up of the actual Ballot, a list of candidates and Ballot measures, the date of the election, and instructions for voting

37. If you did not receive a sample Ballot by mail, you may want

38. Are You Ballot Ready? The Town of Cave Creek is holding an all-mail special election on May 18

39. Cave Creek eligible voters will receive a Ballot in the mail for this election even if they are not on the Permanent Early Voting List

40. The Elections Department will mail Ballots on

41. Tracking your vote-by-mail Ballot—when it is mailed, received, and counted—has never been easier

42. The California Secretary of State is now offering Where’s My Ballot?—a new way for voters to track and receive notifications on the status of their vote-by-mail Ballot.Powered by BallotTrax, Where’s My Ballot?lets voters know where their Ballot is, and its status, every step of the way.

43. Hospitalized electors may request an absentee Ballot between March 30, 2021 and April 6, 2021 at 5:00 p.m

44. April 6, 2021 @ 8:00 p.m.- Deadline to Return Absentee Ballot- If you have already received an absentee Ballot, you must return your absentee Ballot by mail or delivery to your municipal clerk

45. Your Ballot must be received by your

46. 1 day ago · Linda Bock, working with the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office, informs early voters of a mail Ballot drop-off location outside of The Centre of Palm Harbor during early voting on

47. After former President Donald Trump’s repeated assertions that “Ballot harvesting” is a sinister scheme contributing to election fraud, the practice has turned into Republican boogeyman.

48. Ballot翻譯:(不記名)投票, 選票, 進行無記名投票。了解更多。

49. 2 days ago · The ASUC Elections Council convened Friday to determine the order of candidates on the Ballot and the various propositions that will be voted on in …

50. The Ballot audit system shall have a mechanism to perform a verification check of content, including precinct, Ballot style and Ballot type on the Ballot card against content being submitted through the Ballot on demand and/or election management system to validate that the correct Ballot card was printed as submitted by the Ballot on demand

51. Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier in Erie, alleged in November that he overheard the local postmaster discussing plans to backdate Ballots received after the Nov

52. Former President Donald Trump requested a mail-in Ballot ahead of a local municipal election in Florida, according to Palm Beach County records, despite his frequent attacks on voting by …

53. The secret Ballot, also known as the Australian Ballot or Massachusetts Ballot, is a voting method in which a voter's choices in an election or a referendum are anonymous

54.Ballot harvesting” is a pejorative term for the third-party collection of mail-in Ballots

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