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1. Balking synonyms, Balking pronunciation, Balking translation, English dictionary definition of Balking


2. 'Balking', in the bar, nightclub, or restaurant business, is when a potential customer avoids entry into a queue line, and a sale is missed

Balking, Bar, Business

3. Often Balking occurs when the visitor perceives the line to be 'too long', but other factors, besides the length of the line, have been shown to influence this customer behavior.

Balking, Be, But, Besides, Been, Behavior

4. The new rule provided that when the pitcher delivered the ball after Balking play would continue as if there had been no balk

Ball, Balking, Been, Balk

5. ConclusionThis theory has been developed in an attempt to predict the fluctuating demands of queue length and units in the system and to enable an enterprise to provide adequate service for its customers with chi-square queues and poison Balking probabilities.a) Customers arrive from a single infinite source with inter arrival time, ≥ 1, 0

Been, Balking

6. Balking: “I’m not going to wait in that line.” Customers dislike the appearance of a long, snaking line


7. When a customer decides not to enter the waiting line at all, it’s called Balking.


8. He’s Balking because he lacks confidence

Balking, Because

9. If this is the case, back the horse until he gets his mind off Balking, and he will then be likely to go forward again when you request it

Back, Balking, Be

10. The Balking pattern is a software design pattern that only executes an action on an object when the object is in a particular state


11. Find 63 ways to say Balking, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


12. Definition of Balking in the dictionary


13. What does Balking mean? Information and translations of Balking in the most comprehensive …


14. 47 synonyms and near synonyms of Balking from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 antonyms and near antonyms


15. Republicans are Balking at how much state aid is in Biden's stimulus, but Democrats maintain it's necessary for a full recovery [email protected] (Ayelet Sheffey) 3 days ago.

Balking, Biden, But, Businessinsider

16. Dictionary entry overview: What does Balking mean? • Balking (adjective) The adjective Balking has 1 sense:


17. Stopping short and refusing to go on Familiarity information: Balking used as an adjective is very rare.


18. 1 day ago · Jay Balking


19. We have added Balking options to the input and/or output buffers for the Source, Server, Combiner, Separator and Workstation within the Standard Library

Balking, Buffers

20. See 9 authoritative translations of Balking in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


21. Balking at the double-barrelled option our own compromise was to give them my surname as a middle name so at least my family connection is maintained

Balking, Barrelled

22. The joints are articulated for easy posing, and it comes with the Grand Axe and Giganter Crosses for its shoulders.Using special parts for its lower half, Balking Part 2 can also be recreated

Balking, Be

23. Balking can be combined with Gaiking and Raiking (sold separately) in order to recreate Gaiking the Great and its combination sequence! The model is made

Balking, Be

24. 206, 1994-11-15], Look Who's Balking 1 of 1 95053cyt


25. Shop for Balking art from the world's greatest living artists


26. All Balking artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee

Balking, Back

27. Choose your favorite Balking designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!

Balking, Bags

28. Balking (refusing to join the queue) and reneging (leaving the queue after entering) are considered


29. Balking: 1 adj stopping short and refusing to go on “a Balking ” Synonyms: balky intractable not tractable; difficult to manage or mold

Balking, Balky

30. 1 day ago · VA mom slams teachers union for still Balking at kids fully returning to school: 'What is the end game?' Says it seems like nothing is enough to convince teachers to return to full classrooms


31. Antonyms for Balking include accepting, acceding, acquiescing, complying, relenting, submitting, yielding, aiding, facing and helping


32. Synonyms for Balking in Free Thesaurus


33. Chicago mayor: Schools will reopen despite Balking teachers 1/30/2021


34. Balking at what it calls discrimination, the Unitarian Universalist Association vowed May 18 to defy the Boy Scouts of America's order that the church stop giving religious awards to scouts who are Unitarians.

Balking, Boy

35.  · Search 510 Balking, Oxfordshire, UK custom artists to find the best artist or artisan for your project

Balking, Best

36. See the top reviewed local custom artists in Balking, Oxfordshire, UK on Houzz.


37. Breyer #753 Molly 1999 Collector Edition Balking Mule Glossy Appaloosa

Breyer, Balking

38.  · A Balking general building contractor will work with your architect to review plan as you build a house and ensure everything is in place before work is started as well as arrange for permits and necessary inspections

Balking, Building, Build, Before

39. While good local home improvement contractors in Balking will have the skills to handle certain tasks onsite, such as carpentry


40. Some people are Balking at the one-shot vaccine, but I was thrilled to get it

Balking, But

41. Balking at the double-barrelled option our own compromise was to give them my surname as a middle name so at least my family connection is maintained

Balking, Barrelled

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Balk mean?

Balk is defined as to create a hindrance or a barrier. An example of something that may balk your chances to finish college is a refusal by a lender to provide financial aid. The definition of balk is to stop or hold back from doing something.

What does Balker mean?

balker - a person who refuses to comply. baulker, noncompliant. individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do". negativist - someone who refuses to do what is asked or does the opposite of what is asked.

What does balked mean?

v. balked, balk·ing, balks. v.intr. 1. To stop short and refuse to go on: The horse balked at the jump. 2. To refuse obstinately or abruptly: She balked at the very idea of compromise.

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