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1. See what Therese Bajada (Bajadat) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

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2. Bajadat Davao City, represented herein by ALFREDO A

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3. Laurel Avenue, Bajadat Davao City Telephone No


4. Bajadat 332.1 ? 201.1 50 235.9 ? 160.6 50 <.01 * Probability that means are significantly different by t or t' test (Sokal and Rohlf 1981)

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5. With main office address at Pioneer Drive, Bajadat Davao City represented herein by M

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6. Format e tokës tipike të shkretëtirës - shtresat, dunat, trotuaret e shkretëtirës, arroyot, tifozët aluvial dhe Bajadat - janë të bollshme, dhe shtigjet e shtyllës dhe gjurmët e fajit janë të ekspozuara mirë

Bajadat, Bollshme

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BAJADAT [bəˈhädə]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the term Bajada come from in geography?

Bajada (geography) A bajada consists of a series of coalescing alluvial fans along a mountain front. These fan-shaped deposits form from the deposition of sediment within a stream onto flat land at the base of a mountain. The usage of the term in landscape description or geomorphology derives from the Spanish word bajada,...

What kind of debris is a Bajada made of?

Bajada, (Spanish: “slope”, ) also spelled Bahada, broad slope of debris spread along the lower slopes of mountains by descending streams, usually found in arid or semiarid climates; the term was adopted because of its use in the U.S. Southwest. A bajada is often formed by the coalescing of several alluvial fans.

What makes you want to look up Bajada?

Join Our Free Trial Now! Spanish bajada slope, descent, from feminine of bajado, past participle of bajar to descend, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin bassiare, from Late Latin bassus fat, short, low What made you want to look up bajada?

Where does Fiestas de la Bajada take place?

"Bajada" is the shortened version of the Fiestas de la Bajada which is a festival which takes place in several places in the Canary Islands. Bajada is Spanish for "bringing down", and means the bringing of a patron saint's statue from its normal place in a chapel to be celebrated by the people.

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