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1. Bailment definition is - the act of bailing a person or personal property.

Bailment, Bailing

2. Bailment arises when property is given to someone for safekeeping, and is a legal course of action independent of contract or tort.To create a Bailment, the bailee must both

Bailment, Bailee, Both

3. The term Bailment refers to the transfer of personal property to another person for safekeeping, or for the other person to control or use temporarily


4. A Bailment is a form of contractual relationship, even if no contract has been signed

Bailment, Been

5. Bailment definition, the delivery of personal property returnable to the bailor after being held for some purpose

Bailment, Bailor, Being

6. Bailment is an agreement that could be oral or written mutually agreed upon between the person giving possession and the person taking possession, which might involve consideration

Bailment, Be, Between

7. A Bailment is the act of placing property in the custody and control of another, usually by agreement in which the holder (bailee) is responsible for the safekeeping and return of the property

Bailment, By, Bailee

8. Bailment is the transfer of possession of goods from one person i.e


9. Bailment has different kinds with respect to benefit and reward

Bailment, Benefit

10. “Bailee” is the party to whom personal property is delivered under a contract of Bailment

Bailee, Bailment

11. There are several different kinds of Bailment, and each has its own duties and obligations


12. There is a misconception that once a Bailment is established, there is an absolute duty on the Bailee to return the property to the Bailor.

Bailment, Bailee, Bailor

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14. Bailment, in Anglo-American property law, delivery of specific goods by one person, called the bailor, to another person, called the bailee, for some temporary purpose such as storage, transportation, deposit for sale, pawn or pledge, repair or loan for use, with or without compensation.Formerly the bailee’s responsibility for goods varied with the benefit he derived from the Bailment.

Bailment, By, Bailor, Bailee, Benefit

15.Bailment’, ‘Bailor’ and ‘Bailee’ defined.—A ‘Bailment’ is the delivery of goods by one person to another for some purpose, upon a contract that they shall, when the purpose is accomplished, be returned or otherwise disposed of according to the directions of the person delivering them.

Bailment, Bailor, Bailee, By, Be

16. Bailment is defined in section 148 of Indian Contract Act


17. Bailment, as according to Section 148 of the Indian Contract Act (herein after referred to as ‘ICA’), defines as the transfer of the goods while not giving up its ownership, i.e


18. Bailment is the process of placing personal property or goods in the temporary custody or control of another


19. A 'Bailment' is a non-ownership transfer of possession


20. Bailment is a type of a special contract, so all essential elements of a valid contract like consent, competency, etc are required for it to be valid

Bailment, Be

21. But, a valid Bailment can arise even without a valid contract between the two parties, for example, a lost good finder becomes a bailee and has the responsibility to return it to its owner, the

But, Bailment, Between, Becomes, Bailee

22. Bailment Related Content Broadly, the transfer of possession (and not ownership) of goods by the owner (the bailor) to another person (the bailee) so that they might be used for a specified purpose on condition that they are returned to, or in accordance with the instructions of, the …

Bailment, Broadly, By, Bailor, Bailee, Be

23. A Bailment is not the same as a sale, which is an intentional transfer of ownership of personal property in exchange for something of value


24. A Bailment involves only a transfer of possession or custody, not of ownership


25. A rental or lease of personal property might be a Bailment

Be, Bailment

26. Bailment synonyms, Bailment pronunciation, Bailment translation, English dictionary definition of Bailment


27. A Bailment warehouse program is defined as meaning the Vendor will own the stock in the ABC Liquor Distribution Center until it is withdrawn from Bailment for shipment to the ABC permittees


28. Bailment is terminated when the bailee, makes unauthorized use of the goods or dispose of them wrongfully, the bailor may decide the Bailment

Bailment, Bailee, Bailor

29. Further, when the Bailment period expires, or when the purpose of Bailment is fulfilled, then also the contract comes to …


30. Now this will not be a case of Bailment as A is keeping control over the property bailed

Be, Bailment, Bailed

31. Essentials of Contract of Bailment


32. The existence of a valid contract:- The existence of a valid contract is a foremost condition in Bailment which implies that goods are to be returned when the purpose is fulfilled

Bailment, Be

33. The concept of ‘Bailment’ is dealt with in chapter IX of the Indian Contract Act, 1872


34.Bailment’ is a technical common-law term that encompasses change or transfer of possession of goods, upon a contract to return or dispose of the goods in accordance with the direction of the person’s delivering them, once the purpose for such transfer is completed


35. A Bailment occurs when an item or items is transferred to another party to be hold temporarily

Bailment, Be

36. Bailment In law, a situation in which one party (the bailee) temporarily takes possession of the property of another party (the bailor)

Bailment, Bailee, Bailor

37. Unlike a lease, a Bailment does not transfer the ability to use the property, only its possession


38. Bailment is concerned only with movable property but Sale deals with both movable and immovable property

Bailment, But, Both

39. In Bailment, bailee must return the good or disposed as required but in Sale, buyer need not return the good as he/she bought it

Bailment, Bailee, But, Buyer, Bought

40. Bailment is a legal concept and there are “gratuitous Bailments” where one party gets all the benefit as in this type of situation happening daily in every state across the country

Bailment, Bailments, Benefit

41. What does Bailment mean? A Bailment in which the bailee, in exchange for compensation, provides the bailor with some additional benefit as to the

Bailment, Bailee, Bailor, Benefit

42. Bailment is a contract, where the owner of goods makes delivery of his goods to another for some limited period or purpose


43. Bailment is a distinct legal relationship that exists whenever one person (the bailee) is voluntarily in possession of goods which belong to another (the bailor)

Bailment, Bailee, Belong, Bailor

44. Common forms of Bailment are carriage of goods, delivery for custody, or repair, hire, pledge, and loan.


45. Bailment in United States Bailment Definition (Fr


46. Bailment exists independently of contract


47. But if the bailor receives payment for the Bailment (a Bailment for reward) there is often an express contract setting out the rights and obligations of the parties

But, Bailor, Bailment

48. A Bailment for which the bailor receives no reward (e.g

Bailment, Bailor

49. The loan of a book to a friend) is called a gratuitous Bailment.

Book, Bailment

50. Bailment definition: the right to take possession temporarily of someone else's property:


51. A Bailment can be express (pursuant to agreement by the bailor and bailee) or implied (simply a result of the parties conduct)

Bailment, Be, By, Bailor, Bailee

52. Example: To illustrate an express Bailment, Alex gives his car to Brandi to sell

Bailment, Brandi

53. Until the car is sold, the situation is a Bailment.


54. A Bailment is called a deposit within the Civil Code


55. Code, § 1814.) Bailments as Lease Agreements Beyond 20 Days

Bailments, Beyond

56. Bailment that benefits only the bailor might include a scenario in which somebody leaves a valuable item, such as an expensive piece of jewelry, with somebody else for the purpose of safekeeping

Bailment, Benefits, Bailor

57. A Bailment for the benefit of Bailor and Bailee; The Bailment whereby contracting the Bailment, both the person ie Bailor and Bailee get benefits comes under this type

Bailment, Benefit, Bailor, Bailee, Both, Benefits

58. Bailment meaning: the right to take possession temporarily of someone else's property:


59. Bailment - Blacks Law Dictionary (online)(emphasis added) - A delivery of goods or personal property, by one person to another, in trust for the execution of a special object upon or in relation to such goods, beneficial either to the bailor or bailee or both, and upon a contract, express or implied, to perform the trust and carry out such

Bailment, Blacks, By, Beneficial, Bailor, Bailee, Both

60. Bailment vs Licence Waiter took plaintiff's coat when he came into restaurant and hung it up


61. HELD: As the waiter initiated the taking of the coat and selected where it should be hung, there was a Bailment with the consequent higher duty of care than if it had been a mere licence.

Be, Bailment, Been

62. A Bailment that Benefits Both the Bailor and Bailee: An example of this would be parking your car in a paid parking lot

Bailment, Benefits, Both, Bailor, Bailee, Be

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BAILMENT [ˈbālmənt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bailment and what are the duties of bailee?

Bailment is the transfer of possession of goods from one person i.e. bailor to another i.e. bailee. Bailment has different kinds with respect to benefit and reward. The duties of the bailor are the right of the bailee and the duties of the bailee are the rights of the bailor .

What is the meaning of bailment?

Bailment describes a legal relationship in common law where physical possession of personal property, or a chattel, is transferred from one person (the "bailor") to another person (the "bailee") who subsequently has possession of the property. It arises when a person gives property to someone else for safekeeping,...

What is the "law of bailment"?

Bailment is an area of law with governs rights of owners of property and those who receive possession of property. It is an area of law of wide application. It applies automatically. The terms of a bailment may be varied by a contract governing ownership and possession of goods passing between two legal entities.

Is this a bailment situation?

What is a Unilateral Benefit Bailment? A unilateral benefit bailment is a situation where either the bailor or the bailee receives a benefit from the bailment, while the other party does not. This situation may arise as a gift or favor by one party to the other. Example: Sam agrees to look after Judys car while she is on vacation. This is a unilateral benefit bailment in favor of Judy (the bailor).

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