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1. In tennis, a score of 6-0 'Keothavong, however, was Bagelled in the deciding set of her prelim opener by Czech player Birnerova after the two ladies traded sets at 6-3 apiece.' Eurosport AU 23rd May 2013 'He might have Bagelled the Swiss had an outrageous, flat-on-his-back volley at the net not inched wide in the sixth game of the third set.'

Bagelled, By, Birnerova, Back

2. In tennis a player gets Bagelled when they are beaten 6 to 0 which means they lose a set without winnging a single game Submitted By: DavedWachsman2 - 26/06/2013 Approval Status: Reject – …

Bagelled, Beaten, By

3. Bagelled - Here is the meaning, point value, and part of speech of the scrabble word, Bagelled


4. Bagelled is NOT a valid word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries) Bagelled is NOT a valid word in WWF


5. Definitions for the word, Bagelled


6. Unscrambled Words in the letters, Bagelled


7. 8 letter words made by using the letters Bagelled.

By, Bagelled

8. Bagelled achievement in AO Tennis: You won a set 6-0 - worth 25 Gamerscore


9. Since the light is coming from a bagel shaped source, they catch light it produces is Bagelled as well

Bagel, Bagelled

10. The Tournament Where Novak Djokovic Bagelled Stan Wawrinka & Andy Murray Back-to-back 😲

Bagelled, Back

11. It was only the 14th time that the 17-time Grand Slam winner had been Bagelled during his professional career

Been, Bagelled

12. Bagelled or bageled: past participle: Bagelled or bageled: DEFINITIONS 1

Bagelled, Bageled

13. He also Bagelled Thiem in the second set of their match, before winning the third 6-2

Bagelled, Before

14. Noun: bagel; past tense verb: bageled or Bagelled 1: a firm doughnut-shaped roll traditionally made by boiling and then baking 2: tennis, slang : a set in which one player or team wins every game (i.e

Bagel, Bageled, Bagelled, By, Boiling, Baking

15. All this means, I get Bagelled a lot.


16. World No 47 Edmund managed to win only four games – all in the opening set – against Nishioka as he was Bagelled in the second with the Japanese player claiming a 6-4, 6-0 victory.


17. Was that 2017? Venus was Bagelled that year at Wimbledon


18. Kenin Bagelled Collins to finish a high-grade workout in which she hit through the court with sustained power and accuracy, with 38 clean winners to 22 by Collins, whose serve collapsed, Eight

Bagelled, By

19. June 4, 1988: The day Graf double-Bagelled Zvereva in the Roland-Garros final Every day, Tennis Majors takes you back in time to relive a tennis event which happened on this specific day

Bagelled, Back

20. British number one Johanna Konta was Bagelled in the first set of her defeat to Ash Barty in the first round of the WTA tournament in Wuhan, with Barty winning 6-0 4-6 7-6 (3).

British, Bagelled, Barty

21. 1) I found myself "Bagelled" even before I was married

Bagelled, Before

22. Since Majorca last year (slightly selective statistics) she’s been Bagelled 8 times

Been, Bagelled

23. This is not a bashing thread btw, I just noticed she gets Bagelled a lot for a player of her

Bashing, Btw, Bagelled

24. Top seed Halep claimed her first title in Rome after second seed Pliskova struggled with a left thigh injury, being Bagelled in the opening set before she opted to retire when she was 2-1 down in

Being, Bagelled, Before

25. Yesterday's French Open quarter-finals saw victories for Petra Kvitova, in straight sets over Laura Siegemund, and Sofia Kenin, who Bagelled Danielle Collins in the deciding set after the American


26. Barty Bagelled the Czech in the opening set but Bouzkova retaliated by taking the second set

Barty, Bagelled, But, Bouzkova, By

27. What's absurdly impressive is that Federer himself almost never gets Bagelled


28. He's been Bagelled four times in his life

Been, Bagelled

29. Bagelled is an achievement in AO Tennis


30. Halep stunned Williams 6-0, 6-2 in the round robin stages of the 2014 WTA Finals Singapore - one of only nine times Williams has been Bagelled in her entire career (Getty) 05 /11

Been, Bagelled

31. However, the Russian will only focus on the fact that he put everything behind him and Bagelled his opponent in the fifth

Behind, Bagelled

32. 10 didn’t look in any trouble as she Bagelled the Croatian in the first set on her way to a 6-0, 6-4 victory


33. The Romanian, who even shook off a hard fall in the second game, was at her aggressive and disciplined best while Pliskova looked sluggish with her on-court movement, failing to hit a single winner as she was Bagelled in 20 minutes.

Best, Bagelled

34. Kyle Edmund’s form has shown problems for the Brit but even he wouldn’t have expected to be Bagelled in his opening round match against Nishioka

Brit, But, Be, Bagelled

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "a bagel" mean?

Probably from “a bagel” being used disparagingly for a Jew, a never very widespread slang term going back at least to the 1950s. As those were days in which no one but Jews ate bagels, the term was not an inappropriate one, and “to bagel” would have arisen to mean doing or saying something that only other Jews would do or say, too.

Is bagel a verb?

Functioning as a transitive verb, bagel can be used in the active voice but more commonly appears as a passive form be/get bagelled, thereby shifting the focus to the loser rather than the set winner.

What does bageling mean?

“Bageling” is a slang word that has taken off in recent years, proliferating geographically and semantically.

What does bagel mean in tennis?

Bagel - definition of Bagel, Bagelled in Tennis, BuzzWord from Macmillan Dictionary. 'Keothavong, however, was bagelled in the deciding set of her prelim opener by Czech player Birnerova after the two ladies traded sets at 6-3 apiece.'

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