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1. Backlog's simple yet powerful interface can be quickly adopted by anyone

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2. A Backlog is a term, commonly used in accounting and finance, that refers to a buildup of work that needs to be completed.

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3. Backlog definition is - a large log at the back of a hearth fire

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4. How to use Backlog in a sentence.


5. Backlog はチームではたらくすべての人が使えるプロジェクト管理ツールです。ガントチャート、Wiki、バージョン管理システムを使ってプロジェクト計画・タスク管理・作業記録をしましょう。まずは無料お試しから!


6. If your Backlog exceeds this limit, then you may want to consider adding a team and moving some of the work items to the other team's Backlog


7. Sprint Backlogs show only those work items that meet the team's area path and the Iteration Path defined for the sprint.


8. Your company's Backlog is the total number of the orders your customers have sent that have not yet been shipped out

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9. The Backlog has only compounded other troubles at the IRS, including technical glitches that took down its online portal for tracking refunds earlier this year — and lingering staff shortages


10. What is a Backlog? A Backlog is a list of tasks required to support a larger strategic plan


11. Backlog synonyms, Backlog pronunciation, Backlog translation, English dictionary definition of Backlog


12. And during that time the connection is queued and this is the Backlog


13. If someone tries to establish a connection above Backlog limit the other side will


14. The product Backlog is used by organizations to plan work for enhancing their product

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15. Typically, organizations that aim to be Agile have abandoned projects altogether and the product Backlog is the artifact that defines scope

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16. This Backlog is a container for work that you want to …


17. The Backlog is a list of everything from features, enhancements, bugs, and user requirements needed to build a complete product

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18. In Agile software development and in most scrum tools you will come across two types of Backlog: Product Backlog; Sprint Backlog; Both the product Backlog and the sprint Backlog are two of the three scrum artifacts

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19. The product Backlog is the long-term plan for the product, where the vision is itemized into concrete deliverable items that make the product more valuable


20. Many think of the sprint Backlog as a subset of the product one


21. Ideally, this is true; the sprint Backlog consists solely of items from the product Backlog.


22. 1 day ago · A Backlog of nearly half a million endoscopy procedures, essential for diagnosing gastrointestinal cancers and diseases, has built up during the …

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23. Backlog is a software project development tool built for your development team

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24. The Backlog will keep growing, immigration experts said, until the new administration removes the immigration ban and figures out how to adjudicate …

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25. The Backlog view is a dedicated space for defining and prioritizing work your team will take on now and into the future


26. The Backlog view lists issues that your team plans to work on (in the Backlog or Sprint lists), as well as the issues currently on your team’s board (in the Board list)

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27. You can use the Backlog issue list to plan work in advance so that your team members can quickly jump


28. Inside the Backlog, everything needs to be kept in a semantic order which should be achieved with as minimal effort as possible

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29. In case you need to collect a large pool of ideas, you can create a separate visual board to serve as your Backlog.

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30. VA's claims Backlog includes rating bundle disability compensation and pension claims received by VA that normally require a rating decision

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31. Backlog - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


32. Inflections of 'Backlog' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Backlogs v 3rd person singular Backlogging v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Backlogged v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man."

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33. The Product Backlog is a living Backlog, which exists until the product live


34. The sprint Backlog limit is the current sprint, and another one for the next sprints replaces it


35. The Solution Backlog is the holding area for upcoming Capabilities and Enablers, each of which can span multiple ARTs and is intended to advance the Solution and build its architectural runway

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36. Product Management has responsibility for the Program Backlog, while Solution Management is responsible for the


37. The Backlog for these categories increased 127,609


38. Link to Backlog repository browser

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39. (now supporting Subversion and Git SCM) Create issue on Backlog


40. This plugin creates an issue on Backlog when build fails or becomes unstable

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41. The reports below contain data covering claims inventory, claims Backlog, claims accuracy, and Fully Developed Claims

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42. With more containerships arriving daily, the Backlog at the Southern California ports has grown to record levels


43. The current release is the first version of the Innovation Backlog – we are already planning further features, such as a dashboard to help with your decision making


44. The documentation explains how to set up the Innovation Backlog and how to use the components.


45. Open the Innovation Backlog Admin app


46. Go back to the Center of Excellence - Innovation Backlog solution and select the Innovation Backlog canvas app

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47. Backlog n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


48. (unprocessed items) arretrato nm sostantivo maschile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere maschile: medico, gatto, strumento, assegno, dolore : There is a Backlog of paperwork waiting to be filed.

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49. The product Backlog is designed for storing any requested features product users are looking forward to, while the sprint Backlog is an outline of tasks scheduled to be done

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50. On the other hand, the product Backlog and the sprint Backlog are similar in terms of their general function.


51. The total number of people stuck in the unemployment Backlog is now at 941,019


52. That includes numbers from the original Backlog and new claims, what the EDD calls "initial claimants."


53. 1 day ago · The EDD-reported Backlog of 1.06 million consists of 933,100 initial unemployment claims and 122,200 continuing claims


54. Backlog candidates are scored against the metrics, and a prioritized list is the result


55. At minimum, a prioritized "High/Medium/Low" pattern should be achieved within your Backlog

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56. Find 14 ways to say Backlog, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


57. Note: Approximately 89% of all the unique claimants shown on the current Backlog dashboards are situations where the claimant has yet to certify their eligibility for payment as required, or are pending a potential overpayment which does not prevent payment from being issued.

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58. 1 day ago · A year after the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles shut down and then reopened under reduced capacity, officials are finally getting the upper hand on the Backlog that was created.


59. Backlog is the all-in-one online project management tool for task management, version control, and bug tracking

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60. Bringing together the organizational benefits of project management with the power and convenience of code management, Backlog enhances team …

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61. Revenue Backlog is unrecognized revenue from a subscription business

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62. For SaaS businesses, the revenue Backlog often comes predominantly from recurring revenue but can also include revenue from other sources (including investment) or one-time product sales

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63. Revenue Backlog is commonly confused with deferred revenue.


64. Revenue Backlog is a non-GAAP reporting number, and thus does not appear on the balance sheet

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65. Revenue Backlog is a financial measure that many organizations manage and report to senior management and boards

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66. It is a measure of total contract value that has yet to reach the income statement and provides a type of “income Backlog”.


67. The Product Backlog is a living document: a Product Backlog is never completed, but it is refined (Product Backlog Grooming) by the Product Owner over time

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68. The Product Backlog is owned, prioritized, and maintained by the Product Owner, who starts by listing all the requirements he can think of at the beginning of the project.

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69. The Space ID is used to access the organization's Backlog Space


70. (e.g., It is also included in the email sent to the Space owner when the Backlog Space is registered.

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71. The Backlog needs regular attention and care - it needs to be managed carefully

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72. After this initial setup, the Scrum Product Backlog has to be maintained in

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73. The Backlog of unprocessed mail from the pandemic has created a ripple effect that’s continuing into this year’s tax-filing season, which opened last Friday


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BACKLOG [ˈbakˌlôɡ, ˈbakˌläɡ]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between order and backlog?

As nouns the difference between order and backlog is that order is (uncountable) arrangement, disposition, sequence while backlog is an accumulation or buildup, especially of unfilled orders or unfinished work. As verbs the difference between order and backlog is that order is to set in some sort of order while backlog is (intransitive) to acquire something as a backlog, or to become a backlog.

What is in your backlog?

A backlog is a list of tasks required to support a larger strategic plan. In a product development context, it contains a prioritized list of items that the team has agreed to work on next. Typical items on a product backlog include user stories, changes to existing functionality, and bug fixes .

What is the meaning of backlog in engineering?

Definition of Engineering Backlog An engineering backlog lists the items that have been prioritized by the engineering team in the current sprint. Engineering backlogs are used differently by different agile development teams.

What is the backlog order?

Backlog Your company's backlog is the total number of the orders your customers have sent that have not yet been shipped out . Ideally, this is a large number because you have many customers who have given you orders they want shipped. Say a customer places an order on September 1.

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