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1. Effective Backgrounders often have stories and examples that show how customers might use your products or services


2. Backgrounders are also useful if the media outlet you're sending the document to has never heard of your business, the event you're hosting, or the product you're introducing

Backgrounders, Business

3. Refugee Backgrounders The Cultural Orientation Resource Center has produced numerous publications providing key information about various refugee populations


4. These Refugee Backgrounders and Culture Profiles include a population’s history, culture, religion, language, education, and resettlement needs, and brief demographic information.

Backgrounders, Brief

5. Backgrounders - January 29, 2021 First in a two-part series, this backgrounder traces the origins and earliest deployments of Russia’s infamous mercenary outfit: the Wagner Group

Backgrounders, Backgrounder

6. Biden’s Day One Executive Actions Take Aim at Key Planks of Trump Era Backgrounders - January 21, 2021

Biden, Backgrounders

7. Backgrounders When you need to get up to speed quickly on food safety issues including Listeria, Salmonella, Avian Influenza and more, these Backgrounders developed by our food safety experts are your go-to-source

Backgrounders, By

8. Key Food Safety Backgrounders Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ


9. Main - Former - Chapter 1 Backgrounders - Chapter 2 Backgrounders - Chapter 3 Backgrounders As the number of characters is limited, models are created whose sole purpose is to fill up the classrooms, halls, and environment of Ever After High so as to make the place more lively and realistic


10. These models are Backgrounders, as their role is primarily to stand and walk around in the background

Backgrounders, Background

11. Backgrounders as mentioned earlier in this topic, run server tasks, and can be resource intensive

Backgrounders, Be

12. The Backgrounders has 894 members


13. Cultural Backgrounders This series of resources provide general cultural information on various refugee and cultural groups new to the United States


14. Backgrounders Backgrounders are informational articles providing a deeper explanation of key topics in Earth science to aid in understanding data and data use.


15. Feeding Management for Backgrounders, North Dakota State Extension (pdf) Backgrounding calves in Wisconsin , when the grass is not green (pdf) Systems for backgrounding cattle; Stocker

Backgrounders, Backgrounding

16. Backgrounders Issue Backgrounders are a monthly SEJournal Online feature to help journalists better cover emerging environmental issues, especially challenging or under-reported topics

Backgrounders, Better

17. ITU Backgrounders <iframe src="" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"> </iframe> <iframe src="" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe>


18. In the above backgrounder example, you might want to remove VizQL Servers temporarily, to accommodate additional Backgrounders, and then re-add them back before your users arrive in the morning

Backgrounder, Backgrounders, Back, Before

19. Backgrounders provide brief explanations that can help policymakers, media, and citizens navigate important state and local issues

Backgrounders, Brief

20. Backgrounders The Tennessee Farm Bureau Public Policy Division publishes policy Backgrounders each year based on pertinent topics to prepare members for the policy development process

Backgrounders, Bureau, Based

21. 2020 Policy Development Backgrounders


22. Main-Former Backgrounders-Volume 1 Backgrounders-Volume 2 Backgrounders-Volume 3 Backgrounders-Generation 2 Backgrounders As the number of characters is limited, models are created whose sole purpose is to fill up the classrooms, halls, and environment of Monster High so as to make the place more lively and realistic


23. These models are Backgrounders, as their role is primarily …


24. The main difference between Backgrounders and commercial feedlots is the ration cattle are fed

Between, Backgrounders

25. Synonyms for Backgrounders in Free Thesaurus


26. What are synonyms for Backgrounders?


27. Backgrounders & Issue Brief David Bacon Jun 11, 2020 The following is a special edition, eight-page Backgrounder covering the experiences and insights from farmers and …

Backgrounders, Brief, Bacon, Backgrounder

28. Backgrounders provide information, position papers argue


29. All other Backgrounders Blair House Blair House, situated at 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue, has served as the president’s official guest residence since the United States government pu

Backgrounders, Blair

30. Hill Notes and Backgrounders 2021 Message to Congress Make Justice Your Aim: Rebuilding Together-Catholic Message to Congress en Español - This document outlines the legislative priorities for the 2021 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering advocacy day.


31. State Legislative Issue Backgrounders State policy happens quickly


32. To make sense of it all, the Center for State Policy has developed Backgrounders on trending health policy proposals in the states.


33. Backgrounders are made to fill up rooms and to exaggerate scenes due to the limited amount of characters


34. Given their lack of importance, most Backgrounders tend to be recolors or reuse accessories from more important characters

Backgrounders, Be

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BACKGROUNDERS [ˈbakˌɡroundər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does backgrounder mean?

Definition of backgrounder. 2 : something (such as an essay) that provides background information about a particular subject She believes birds are the best model for understanding human language.

What is a press backgrounder?

A backgrounder is an informational document often provided with a press release , press advisory or as part of a larger media kit. The backgrounder gives the press or other interested parties a more detailed background of an issue, event, person of interest or launch.

What is a freelance backgrounder?

She is a freelance marketing and communications consultant. A backgrounder is a brief article that summarizes an issue or company for the press and media. It is one of the more common press materials that a freelance writer or PR writer may be asked to provide. A backgrounder is often provided with press releases or other brief press pieces.

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