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AXIS [ˈaksəs]

axis (noun) · axes (plural noun) · the Axis (noun)

  • an imaginary line about which a body rotates.
  • an imaginary straight line passing through the center of a symmetrical solid, about which a plane figure can be conceived as rotating to generate the solid.
Synonyms: center line . vertical . horizontal .

axis (noun) · axis (plural noun) · axis deer (noun) · axis deer (plural noun)

  • a deer that has lyre-shaped antlers and a yellowish-brown coat with white spots, native to India and Sri Lanka.Also called chital.
Synonyms: chital .

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3. Axis definition is - a straight line about which a body or a geometric figure rotates or may be supposed to rotate

4. Axis definition, the line about which a rotating body, such as the earth, turns

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17. Axis synonyms, Axis pronunciation, Axis translation, English dictionary definition of Axis

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27. What does Axis mean? A straight line about which a body or geometric object rotates or may be conceived to rotate

28. Dorsoventral Axis one passing from the posterior to

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35. Axis(limits) specifies the limits for the current axes

36. Axis style uses a predefined style to set the limits and scaling

37. For example, specify the style as equal to use equal data unit lengths along each Axis.

38. As one of Axis’s most flexible linear systems, the Sculpt family brings a new level of creative expression by building on traces of light only 1.5" wide

39. Sculpt is an exclusive Axis innovation that allows you to create an infinite number of lighting configurations.

40. Axis 1.1 has proven itself to be a reliable and stable base on which to implement Java Web services

41. There is a very active user community and there are many companies who use Axis for Web services support in their products.

42. For Axis 1.2, we are focusing on our document/literal support to better address the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 and JAX-RPC 1.1 specifications.

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46. The Plural of Axis The plural of Axis is axes

47. The noun Axis has a Greek root, which is the derivation of the plural axes

48. Axis provides innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges in many precision industries, including Biomedical, Semiconductor, Defense, and Precision Machining

49. Axis IV disorders refer to psychiatric problems caused by recent environmental and psychosocial stressors

50. The hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal Axis (HPA Axis or HTPA Axis) is a complex set of direct influences and feedback interactions among three components: the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland (a pea-shaped structure located below the thalamus), and the adrenal (also called "suprarenal") glands (small, conical organs on top of the kidneys).

51. Axis Advice is a part of our community platform that consists of all kinds of useful advice for employers on, among other things, workforce management, HR processes, employer branding, etc

52. Why Apache Axis2: A new architecture for Axis2 was introduced during the August 2004 Summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka

53. The new architecture on which Axis2 is based on is more flexible, efficient and configurable in comparison to Axis1.x architecture.Some well established concepts from Axis 1.x, like handlers etc., have been preserved in the new architecture.

54. At Axis Wake Research, we keep it simple

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56. X-Axis definition is - the Axis in a plane Cartesian coordinate system parallel to which abscissas are measured.

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58. The Axis micro profile focuses the kinetic energy into an ultra-small frontal area for less friction and thus greater penetration

59. Axis penetrates deeper as the shaft passes through animals with less friction behind the broadhead channel

60. The small diameter also means that Axis arrows fly much better in crosswinds than regular carbon arrows.

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