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1. Awfulize Awfulize - is the imagining of horrific situations and outcomes that don't yet exist, intense dread, fear, feelings of doom

Awfulize, And

2. "Don't Awfulize over what might happen next." " I'm done awfulizing over that …

Awfulize, Awfulizing

3. Awfulize meaning (psychotherapy) To react dramatically or catastrophically to distressing events.


4. Awfulize (third-person singular simple present Awfulizes, present participle awfulizing, simple past and past participle Awfulized) (psychotherapy) To react dramatically or catastrophically to distressing events

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5. The past tense of Awfulize is Awfulized

Awfulize, Awfulized

6. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of Awfulize is Awfulizes

Awfulize, Awfulizes

7. The present participle of Awfulize is awfulizing

Awfulize, Awfulizing

8. The past participle of Awfulize


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10. Awfulize To "Awfulize" a situation is to look at all of the worst possible outcomes and to dwell on the most negative things that could happen

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11. Categories: Mind and Body Tags: anxiety, Awfulize, mindfulness, worry

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12. This is a reference page for Awfulize verb forms in present, past and participle tenses

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13. Check past tense of Awfulize here.


14. Simple past tense and past participle of Awfulize Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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15. That is an actual word, and it makes perfect sense: Awfulize verb, to imagine or predict the worst circumstances or … Continue reading Why You should Avoid Awfulizing

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16. The problem comes when we "Awfulize"—engaging in drama-queeny generalizations, like telling ourselves that failing at something will be "awful!" or "horrible!" Illustration by Eric Palma.

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17. Awfulizing meaning Present participle of Awfulize.

Awfulizing, Awfulize

18. This video shows how to pronounce Awfulize in American accent and British accent.

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19. To Awfulize actually means to focus on how terrible and intolerable something is so that we lose touch with reality

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20. When you catastrophize (AKA Awfulize), you dwell on a worse-than-worst-case scenario and get overwhelmed by a growing mushroom cloud of painful emotion

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21. Awfulize To the Core No More Aeyanna Lucero Aeyanna Lucero is currently pursuing her Associates Degree in Nursing at Indian River State College

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22. You may simultaneously Awfulize and amplify your tension (awfulizing = making a situation worse than it is—sometimes worse than bad—by using dramatic language, such as …

Awfulize, And, Amplify, Awfulizing, As

23. Let’s talk about our tendency to Awfulize retirement

About, Awfulize

24. Awfulize v: 1: to make a situation out to be worse than it really is 2 : to complain characterizing a mundane issue…


25. When we begin to Awfulize or feel threatened, the amygdala, which is an almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the brain cortex, triggers our fight …

Awfulize, Amygdala, An, Almond

26. Quick Read Don’t Awfulize stroke risk Estrogen-containing birth control pills can slightly increase stroke risk


27. It’s the best way I’ve found to resist the impulse to Awfulize


28. Little gets done if we decide to “Awfulize,” but, according to Dewey, even good emotions are not enough

Awfulize, According, Are

29. By training ourselves to rethink such situations and refusing to Awfulize, we can bolster the virtue of fortitude in ourselves by being brae enough to make those initial overtures to another person that might make all the difference.” Vost further reminds us that, “The virtue of faith is also foundational to a Catholic approach to loneliness.

And, Awfulize, Another, All, Also, Approach

30. Why did I Awfulize retirement — thinking so much about the things that could go wrong that I was afraid to retire? The truth is, I was far from alone

Awfulize, About, Afraid, Alone

31. Why did I Awfulize retirement — thinking so much about the things that could go wrong that I was afraid to retire? Jonathan Look Credit: The truth is, I was far from alone.

Awfulize, About, Afraid, Alone

32. (5) Tendency to “Awfulize“ These are the automatic thoughts that lead us to seeing danger at every turn and predicting catastrophe

Awfulize, Are, Automatic, At, And

33. But, when we Awfulize, we get the emotions that go with 100+% bad


34. "Sure, Awfulize wasn’t really a word, but it seemed an apt way to describe the way someone’s mind could make something more awful than it actually was." I doubt I will re-read this book

Awfulize, An, Apt, Awful, Actually

35. We “shouldify” (traffic should be clear), we Awfulize (ohmigod, I’m going to be late for work and fired) then we personalize (why is this happening to me?)

Awfulize, And

36. When I complain about the media’s tendency to Awfulize and terribilize, I am metacommunicating.

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