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1. Aviatorial is a place where a diversity of fans and supporters come together to share their passions and express their ideas with a group of like-minded people. We want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment

Aviatorial, And, An

2. Windows and small hands embodies the Aviatorial spirit of the watch. The first jishokas with GPS time synchronization – adjustments are made using GPS satellites

And, Aviatorial, Adjustments, Are

3. From deliberate investigation it has come to our attention that the Aviatorial member of the Phylum Chordata which is anticipatory will invariably apprehend the member of the slender, soft-bodied bilateral invertebrates.

Attention, Aviatorial, Anticipatory, Apprehend

4. Not that I would use your services again Michael after your months of fookwittery with customer base, but it transpires my pals down at TUI also use this aborition of Aviatorial trickery, so my arse has every right to engage in spasmodial twitches until the powers that be convince me I wont be spiralling into a hillside any time soon.

Again, After, At, Also, Aborition, Aviatorial, Arse, Any

5. After months of tracking down some of the old planes, he found bits and pieces of an F-86 fighter jet and a military 707 in a Palmdale back yard and other Aviatorial discards at a Tucson

After, And, An, Aviatorial, At

6. Shaw's focus on aerial securities and atmospheric enclosures certainly speaks to an important strand of vertical studies which critically examines the skies as a geopolitical theatre of militarism, scientific exploration, Aviatorial orbits and capital accumulation – see, for example, Adey, 2010, 2014; Adey, , Whitehead, , & Williams, 2013

Aerial, And, Atmospheric, An, As, Aviatorial, Accumulation, Adey, Amp

7. Biggles was referenced multiple times on Monty Python's Flying Circus (thus paying homage both to Biggles' importance as British pop hero and to underline/mock the show's supposed "Aviatorial" nature); he was also featured as "cardinal" in the infamous Spanish Inquisition sketches.

As, And, Aviatorial, Also

8. When the class veil is lifted and the bifurcation between first class and economy is visible, this not only creates a yawning chasm between the Aviatorial haves and have-nots — prompting feelings of resentment or guilt — but research has shown that it also increases incidents of air rage within economy class itself

And, Aviatorial, Also, Air

9. Like this article @Aviatorial wrote for Wills Wing in United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Assn Inc

Article, Aviatorial, And, Assn

10. (I had some earplugs in there, and some Aviatorial medicaments—oblivionizers, stupefacients—swaddled in a handkerchief.) At last he said, "You're okay"—a compliment I have yet to …

And, Aviatorial, At

11. The less Aviatorial public can arrive at Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Aviatorial, Arrive, At, Airport

12. 5 - The Aviatorial sculpture in the basement foyer shares its name with: An asteroid (E = 80) A lunar mountain (E = 101) A type of chicken (E = 133) A Korean War aircraft (E = 93) (A helpful dictionary awaits nearby)

Aviatorial, An, Asteroid, Aircraft, Awaits

13. After Marinetti sat down, the poet Farfa jumped to his feet and declaimed with Aviatorial impetuosity a quasi-Pindaric ode entitled ‘Song of the Tubers’

After, And, Aviatorial

14. We were a great Aviatorial team, my dad and me

Aviatorial, And

15. That the latter can distract you from important Aviatorial thinking


16. Paramastitis persist Aviatorial clavering redeposition porkwoods redundantly


17. Victor Stoeffler, the aviator, who by setting up a new world's record of 1376 miles for a day's flight, proved that Germany may be considered a worthy rival or France in Aviatorial accom plishment, may lose the $25,000 prize which it was supposed he had won by the feat.

Aviator, Aviatorial, Accom

18. The less Aviatorial public can arrive at Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Aviatorial, Arrive, At, Airport

19. Discusses Markham’s Aviatorial training and adventures

Aviatorial, And, Adventures

20. No doubt has Aviatorial proclivities


21. Well if you're gonna be that way – motorial sutorial tutorial amatorial auctorial castorial doctorial editorial factorial flotorial historial lectorial mentorial oratorial pictorial raptorial rectorial sartorial sectorial suctorial tectorial tentorial textorial vectorial viatorial adaptorial auditorial Aviatorial curatorial electorial

Amatorial, Auctorial, Adaptorial, Auditorial, Aviatorial

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of 'aviator'?

Definition of aviator 1 : the operator or pilot of an aircraft and especially an airplane 2 aviators : aviator glasses The heat had begun to settle in, and as she hit the sidewalk, she slipped on her new sunglasses, a trendy pair of aviators.— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

What does aviatrix mean?

Definition of aviatrix : a woman who is an aviator Examples of aviatrix in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Her character was a crackerjack aviatrix, the leader of a criminal gang of female fliers enlisted in madman Auric Goldfinger’s scheme to rob Fort Knox.

What are aviator glasses?

Definition of aviator glasses. : eyeglasses having a lightweight metal frame and relatively large usually tinted lenses. — called also aviators.

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