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1. Averted synonyms, Averted pronunciation, Averted translation, English dictionary definition of Averted

2. To keep from happening; prevent: Averted an accident by turning sharply.

3. Find 25 ways to say Averted, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

4. 7 synonyms of Averted from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 48 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Averted: to keep from happening by taking action in advance.

6. Home page of Averted, a metal group from Southampton

7. Averted was formed in Southampton by Jamie and Merlin in April 2018, it started as a side project for them to explore the techy side of metalcore

8. Averted 'Averted' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Averted'

9. The Averted School Violence Near Miss Reporting System for law enforcement officers, school officials, and mental health professionals was initiated by the Police Foundation in 2012

10. He Averted her gaze and skirted past her down the path she had come from, towards the bathroom.: I turned my head towards aisle three to stare down Vader, but I was afraid of being turned into a pillar of salt so I Averted my eyes.: Industrial chaos at Stansted Airport and others across the country has been Averted after ground staff accepted a pay deal.: I Averted my eyes from Guinness to

11. Definition of Averted in the dictionary

12. What does Averted mean? Information and translations of Averted in the most comprehensive …

13. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'Averted' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch

14. The proportion of potential maternal deaths Averted by contraceptive use varied widely by individual country, ranging from 7% in Chad to 61% in most developed countries and many developing countries, including Brazil, China, Iran, Mauritius, Russia and Thailand.

15. In 2000 alone, AGI estimates that EC Averted as many as 51,000 abortions; 47,000 more than in 1994, when only 4,000 abortions were Averted through EC

16. Antonyms for Averted include indulged, allowed, gave in, gratified, yielded, enjoyed, satiated, basked in, coddled and gave rein to

17. Alan Friedman, Averted Imagination

18. What is the opposite of Averted? Antonyms for Averted (opposite of Averted)

19. 2 days ago · Top 10 Averted Tragedies And Near-misses March 21, 2021 Pop Culture Top 10 Sinister Facts About Cyber Warfare March 21, 2021 Travel Top 10 Ways Your Pilot Might Kill You March 20, 2021 Animals Top 10 Misunderstood Animals You Are Terrified Of March 20, 2021 Travel Top 10 Attractions To Visit For A Weird Tour Of Europe March 19, 2021 Movies and TV

20. Synonyms for Averted in Free Thesaurus

21. Cumulative breast cancer deaths Averted since 1989 ranged from 237,234 to 370,402 in 2012, from 305,934 to 483,435 in 2015, and from 384,046 to 614,484 in 2018

22. Conclusions Since 1989, between 384,000 and 614,500 breast cancer deaths have been Averted through the use of mammography screening and improved treatment.

23. Stephen Kotkin's "Armageddon Averted" is a good, concise history of the Soviet collage from 1970-2000

24. The national Averted School Violence (ASV) database clearly illustrates the actions we can take in partnership with our campus communities to prevent targeted school violence The cases in the ASV database demonstrate that “See Something, Say Something” is an essential

25. The model of Averted illness calculates outcomes directly prevented among persons who were vaccinated

26. The Averted School Violence database holds great promise in informing school and college campus safety policies, procedures, training and …

27. 2017-2018 Flu Season: Flu Burden and Flu Burden Averted by Vaccination

28. Hence, DALYs Averted can be used interchangeably across Europe, not only to evaluate the quality of life among patients with breast cancer, but also for other cancer types, because disability weights have the same value for different types of cancer, and there are only 2 cancer-specific health states: stoma and mastectomy

29. Births Averted under family planning programme: a mathematical approach

30. Three methods of estimating births Averted nationally by contraception.

31. Preliminary Information on Averted Reports Submitted to Date

32. 51 incident reports have been developed to date, based largely on open source media reports and court documents on Averted school attacks.

33. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told House lawmakers Tuesday that federal financial relief packages Averted the worst economic consequences of …

34. The word Averted is the past form of avert in the first person singular

35. Averted and carried out school attacks can provide insights into the effectiveness of existing school safety efforts nationwide

36. The ASV incident report library contains valuable information related to school security, Averted attackers, successful discovery and prevention of attacks, lessons learned, and recommendations.

37. Averted threat:Students had plot to 'kill and injure' at school using explosives, guns, N.Y

38. Averted: A villain plants a small, camouflaged bug on a chair

39. If a trope was never Averted in the past but is commonly Averted now, you may have an Evolving Trope, Cyclic Trope, or Forgotten Trope.

40. The US could have Averted 40% of the deaths from Covid-19, had the country’s death rates corresponded with the rates in other high-income G7 …

41. Findings: We estimate, using model I, that 342,203 women died of maternal causes in 2008, but that contraceptive use Averted 272,040 (uncertainty interval 127,937-407,134) maternal deaths (44% reduction), so without contraceptive use, the number of maternal deaths would have been 1·8 times higher than the 2008 total

42. "The Holocaust Averted shows how stimulating a counterfactual drawn from social history can be … Gurock's book takes a seemingly felicitous event as a divergence point, and draws dark conclusions." ―

43. Estimates of the distribution of unintended pregnancies Averted by their outcomes and maternal deaths vary geographically, reflecting differences in women’s characteristics (e.g., marital status, intentions to space or limit future births) and the types of contraceptive methods they use.

44. What is an ADALY? Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs) are a commonly used metric for public health reporting

45. ‘I Averted my eyes from the television, trying desperately to distract myself.’ ‘In a feeble attempt to not be noticed, she Averted her eyes from the building and began to draw.’ ‘Shara saw Deidre try to avert her eyes, but was drawn to the now complete tattoo.’

46. The Averted Gaze The Roots of Our Difficulties with Others at Work

47. Government shutdown Averted as Senate OKs stopgap budget, defense package Victor Reklaitis 12/11/2020

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What does the word averted mean?

The definition of avert is to turn away or to keep something from happening.

What does the name averted mean?

Define averted. averted synonyms, averted pronunciation, averted translation, English dictionary definition of averted. tr.v. a·vert·ed , a·vert·ing , a·verts 1. To turn away: avert one's eyes. 2. To keep from happening; prevent: averted an accident by turning sharply. Averted - definition of averted by The Free Dictionary

What does adverted mean?

1. to remark or comment; refer (usu. fol. by to): He adverted briefly to the news of the day. 2. to turn the attention (usu.

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