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1. Aversive definition is - tending to avoid or causing avoidance of a noxious or punishing stimulus

Aversive, Avoid, Avoidance

2. How to use Aversive in a sentence.


3. Aversive definition, of or relating to aversion

Aversive, Aversion

4. Aversive synonyms, Aversive pronunciation, Aversive translation, English dictionary definition of Aversive


5. Aversive: 1 adj tending to repel or dissuade “ Aversive conditioning”

Aversive, Adj

6. ‘an Aversive agent is added, which gives the antifreeze an unpleasant taste’ More example sentences ‘the very thought of cheating or acting immorally is deeply Aversive for the virtuous character’

An, Aversive, Agent, Added, Antifreeze, Acting

7. Find 160 ways to say Aversive, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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8. What does Aversive mean? (psychology, countable) An unpleasant stimulus intended to induce a change in behaviour

Aversive, An

9. Aversive Racism Definition Aversive racism is a form of contemporary racism that, in contrast to the traditional form, operates unconsciously in subtle and indirect ways

Aversive, And

10. Aversive racists regard themselves as nonprejudiced but, at the same time, harbor negative feelings and beliefs about members of minority groups

Aversive, As, At, And, About

11. Aversive racism was originally hypothesized to characterize the attitudes […]

Aversive, Attitudes

12. The chief stimuli used in the therapy are electrical, chemical, or imagined Aversive situations

Are, Aversive

13. The Aversive consequence, failing, is put off by studying


14. The unfortunate part involves what occurs after the Aversive stimuli have been removed, e.g., when one completes school

After, Aversive

15. If one’s study of behavior has been only under Aversive control, …


16. The term Aversive has been used in this way to refer to a specific subclass of stimuli-such as electric shock (Carr & Lovaas, 1983) or "extraneous Aversives" (Bailey, 1983)-that appear to be unpleasant, noxious, or dangerous

Aversive, As, Amp, Aversives, Appear

17. Aversion therapy, sometimes called Aversive therapy or Aversive conditioning, is used to help a person give up a behavior or habit by having them associate it with something unpleasant.

Aversion, Aversive, Associate

18. Aversive tools like bark collars, choke and prong collars don’t change your dog’s behavior, at least in a way that’s effective and long-term

Aversive, And, At

19. In most instances, they simply suppress the behavior when the Aversive is present


20. An Aversive illness is gradual, prolonged, and caused by internal events; an Aversive airpuff is fast, brief, and caused by the external world

An, Aversive, And, Airpuff

21. By definition, Aversive conditioning―or Aversive therapy to be precise―is a form of conditioning, wherein, the subject is simultaneously exposed to a stimulus (particular behavior) and discomfort, as a result of which he starts associating the two and stops the said behavior.

Aversive, And, As, Associating

22. Synonyms for Aversive in Free Thesaurus


23. Taken together, the posterior insula processes Aversive somatosensory events and contributes to elaborate their negative valence

Aversive, And

24. ![Figure][2] Optogenetic studies to determine Aversive signaling in brain areas upstream of the amygdala

Aversive, Areas, Amygdala

25. Aversive procedure is defined as the use of a substance or stimulus, intended to modify behavior, which the person administering it knows or should know is likely to cause physical and/or emotional trauma to a student, even when the substance or stimulus appears to be pleasant or neutral to others.

Aversive, As, Administering, And, Appears

26. Another type of the ARFID eating disorder is Aversive

Another, Arfid, Aversive

27. Individuals whose food refusal is related to the Aversive type may experience on fear-based reactions


28. Aversive ARFID evokes a fear of choking, nausea, vomiting, pain and/or swallowing, forcing the individual to …

Aversive, Arfid, And

29. Aversive stimuli - events that organisms avoid or escape fr… Positive punishment occurs when a stimulus is presented fol… • All things being equal, most people will respond better to b…

Aversive, Avoid, All

30. Synonyms for Aversive include evitative, unpitying, apathetic, indifferent, unfeeling, unresponsive, cold, unconcerned, cool and frigid

Aversive, Apathetic, And

31. Aversive state processing in the posterior insular cortex Nat Neurosci


32. It has become increasingly clear, however, that dopamine neurons also transmit signals related to salient but nonrewarding experiences such as Aversive and alerting events

Also, As, Aversive, And, Alerting

33. A conditioned Aversive stimulus is an initially neutral stimulus that becomes Aversive after repeated pairing with an unconditioned Aversive stimulus

Aversive, An, After

34. In Aversive racism, equality of rights and freedom are intended so that each group openly lives its own culture.

Aversive, And, Are

35.Aversive Feeding Behavior: Getting full mouth opening for the spoon and why it’s worth the trouble” I am from Toronto, Canada, my daughter is having a very similar problem with accepting spoon and solid food

Aversive, And, Am, Accepting

36. Between Aversive leadership and distinction at work or work alienation psychological capital is a moderating variable such that work alienation will be low in high level ofPsyCap

Aversive, And, At, Alienation

37. Aversive leadership is the Independent Variable


38. Aversive cues (Aversive cue > water cue and Aversive cue > no-liquid-delivery cue) elicited activation in inferior frontal gyrus, OFC, insula, frontal pole, caudate, and occipital cortex

Aversive, And, Activation

39. Controlled Comparison of Aversive Therapy and Imaginal Desensitization in Compulsive Gambling Volume 142, Issue 4 Nathaniel McConaghy (a1) , Michael S

Aversive, And

40. Aversive Stimulus An unpleasant or painful stimulus

Aversive, An

41. Everyone finds different things Aversive so we have to be careful to determine individual preferences and dislikes for each client.

Aversive, And

42. What Is LIMA? LIMA is an acronym for the phrase “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive

An, Acronym, Aversive

43. LIMA describes a trainer or behavior consultant who uses the least intrusive, minimally Aversive strategy out of a set of humane and effective tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or behavior change objective.

Aversive, And, Achieving

44. It is important to understand how sensory inputs to sensory neurons are processed in the neural circuit to generate switching of attractive behavior to Aversive behavior.However, not much is known about the functions of these interneurons

Are, Attractive, Aversive, About

45. This chapter examines one form of contemporary racism, “Aversive racism.” Aversive racism is characterized by a conflict between the denial of personal prejudice and unconscious negative feelings and beliefs, which may be rooted in normal psychological processes (such as social categorization).

Aversive, And, As

46. Aversive treatment procedures may be appropriate for an individual student who exhibits behaviors which pose a risk of physical harm to the student or others, or a risk of significant damage to property, or significantly disruptive

Aversive, Appropriate, An

47. The Aversive procedures to be eliminated have some or all of the following characteristics: Obvious signs of physical pain experienced by the individual

Aversive, All

48. Aversive racism can be defined as exhibiting racist tendencies while denying that those thoughts, behaviors, and motives are racist (Schneider, Gruman, and Coutts, 2012)

Aversive, As, And, Are

49. People who are Aversive racists believe that they support egalitarian principles, or equal rights for all, though this is at odds with their clear racial biases.

Are, Aversive, All, At

50. Aversive stimuli/situations elicit strong URs that evolved via natural selection for safety Environment configuration determines which reaction occurs Instrumental responses similar to SSDRs learning more easily in avoidance experiments than responses unrelated to SSDRs.

Aversive, Avoidance

51. Appetitive and Aversive Social Motives and Goals I am interested in investigating how appetitive social motives and goals, such as need for affiliation and approach social goals, differ from Aversive social motives and goals, such as fear of rejection and avoidance social goals.

Appetitive, And, Aversive, Am, As, Affiliation, Approach, Avoidance

52. What is the opposite of Aversive? Antonyms for Aversive (opposite of Aversive).

Aversive, Antonyms

53. LIMA is an acronym for ‘least intrusive, minimally Aversive’ training and it speaks so perfectly to my commitment to helping people and pets to live their best possible life together

An, Acronym, Aversive, And

54. This stimulation was Aversive, and instrumentally pausing stimulation could reinforce lever-pressing

Aversive, And

55. Thus, the activity of dehydration-activated MnPO neurons establishes a scalable, persistent, and Aversive internal state that dynamically controls thirst

Activity, Activated, And, Aversive

56. Guided Notes Aversive Control Learning Objectives 1


57. Be able to identify which cells from the contingency matrix define “Aversive control.” 3

Able, Aversive

58. Guided Notes Aversive Control terminates that stimulus


59. The difference between the conditions with and without the Aversive stimulus is an immediate one

And, Aversive, An

60. Example: _ waking up to alarm sound and turning it off _____ _ Avoidance _____: With avoidance, the Aversive stimulus is never present

Alarm, And, Avoidance, Aversive

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