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Looking for sentences with "Aver"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Proclaim 2. Announce 3. State 4. Communicate 5. Reveal 6. Divulge 7. Mention 8. Raise 9. Moot 10. Air 11. Voice 12. Articulate 13. Pronounce 14. Express 15. Vent 16. Publicize 17. Disseminate 18. Circulate 19. Publish 20. Broadcast ...21. Promulgate 22. Trumpet 23. Blazon 24. Allege 25. Claim 26. Assert 27. Declare 28. Maintain 29. Affirm 30. Suggest 31. Imply 32. Hint 33. Insinuate 34. Indicate 35. Intimate 36. Impute 37. Pretend See more »
1. His mission he would later aver was wholly scientific
2. The river aver continues westward past the provincial capital at Averheim and finally flows into the Reik at Nuln
3. These rivers are the aver Reach to the north and the Blue Reach to the south
4. A kindly aver will never make a good horse
5. To aver is to allege in a pleading
6. I aver that I have spoken the truth
7. I aver it will not rain tomorrow
8. The longest rope was m long and aver a m deep gorge
9. In spite of all you say I still aver that his report is true
10. Gorbad advanced towards the city from the east roughly following the line of the river aver
11. Of particular interest is the area around the upper reaches of the aver known as the Moot
12. C: Yes the traditional Chinese painting has a history of aver years
13. While it is not always feasible to home-brew a commercial quality antenn a designed tot ake hurricane force winds it is very feasible to built a collinear antenn a for aver age use
14. The restaurant was filled to overflowing and they despaired of aver finding a seat
15. As he already knew French he gained an advantage aver the rest of the class
16. It is indicated in experiments that the effective suction increases ~ times as aver
17. aver definition is - to declare positively. How to use aver in a sentence. Did You Know?
18. Definition of aver. to assert something in a convincing way. Examples of aver in a sentence. Even though the country is in an economic crisis, its leader will aver the nation is doing well during his monthly address. 🔊 The team’s fans aver a new coach is needed because of the team’s losing record. 🔊
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20. How to use aver in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word aver? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Just after midway between midnight and daylight, aver left the house. Find more words!
21. aver is innovative and always looking to improve products, service and education. Nancy Corner, REMC SAVE Bid Project Director Overall the camera [CAM340+] has been solid. The horizontal field of view is a big improvement, and it does very well in smaller spaces with capturing the audience at all sides of the tables. The lens sharpness and
22. aver PTZapp for PC. Version 1.4.1112.116 (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 89MB) Updated June/22/2020; Release Note: PTZApp 1.4.1112.116 Release Note aver PTZapp for Mac. Version 1.4.1087.90 (Mac OS 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11, 23MB) Updated June/22/2020; Release Note: PTZapp 1.4.1087.90 Release Note
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25. AVerMedia wants to ensure the safety of our employees while continuing to provide reliable customer support. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, our team in the United States will continue to work remotely.
26. Portuguese, though less frequently than Castilian, employs ter (t e n e r e) as an auxiliary, alongside of aver; and it also supplements the use of e s s e r e with s e d e r e, which furnished the subj. 8. 7. Again invading the island, he was again attacked and defeated by the same adversaries,
27. aver definition, to assert or affirm with confidence; declare in a positive or peremptory manner. See more.
28. aver USB Video Conferencing software brings effective and easy-to-use solutions that increase the efficiency of your USB conferencing experience. EZManager aver EZManager is a free, easy-to-use, and efficient central management tool specially designed for use with all aver USB video products.
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30. Define avers. avers synonyms, avers pronunciation, avers translation, English dictionary definition of avers. to express an opinion, judgment, or position: They aver that he is the type who would steal anything.
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32. Define aver. aver synonyms, aver pronunciation, aver translation, English dictionary definition of aver. to express an opinion, judgment, or position: They aver that he is the type who would steal anything. In legal use, aver means to “allege as fact.” Not to
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