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AVARICE [ˈavərəs]

avarice (noun)

  • extreme greed for wealth or material gain.
Synonyms: greed . acquisitiveness . cupidity . covetousness . avariciousness . rapacity . rapaciousness . graspingness . materialism . mercenariness . meanness . miserliness . money-grubbing . money-grabbing . mammonism . pleonexia . generosity .

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1. A more formal synonym for greed, Avarice has a long if uncomplicated history in English.

2. Avarice - reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins) avaritia , greed , rapacity , covetousness deadly sin , mortal sin - an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; "theologians list seven mortal sins"

3. ə r.ɪs / an extremely strong wish to get or keep money or possessions: Her business empire brought her wealth beyond the dreams of Avarice (= an extremely large amount of money).

4. His Avarice was disgusting beyond words, and with Avarice went a tendency to underhand dealing, harshness, and malice. NAPOLEON'S MARSHALS R

5. DUNN-PATTISON Thus age and Avarice can always over-leap barriers which, to the young and romantic, are insurmountable

6. Avarice refers to an insatiable desire to gain and hoard wealth. It’s similar to greed but goes even further, encompassing such things as selfishness, entitlement, materialism, consumerism, and hoarding

7. We step into Avarice when we crave wealth, abuse wealth, and find identity in wealth.

8. Avarice is a denial of this truth, and the more it is embraced, the greater a threat it poses to an individual’s spiritual life

9. Avarice (2 Occurrences) 1 Corinthians 5:11 But what I meant was that you were not to associate with any one bearing the name of "brother," if he was addicted to fornication or Avariceor idol-worship or abusive language or hard-drinking or greed of gain

10. The amulet of Avarice is an amulet that can be received as a drop from revenants found within the Revenant Caves.The amulet has the same combat bonuses as the amulet of glory.

11. Avarice, or greed, is certainly not a quality that most people or cultures prize, and so the description of the girl in the poem is told with a disapproving, even judgmental tone

12. ăv'ə-rĭs The definition of Avarice means greed or a great a desire to be rich. An example of Avarice is deciding which college degree to get and which job to take based only on the expected salary.

13. Avarice is reprehensible acquisitiveness, excessive and insatiable desire to acquire or possess more wealth, riches or material gain than one needs or deserves

14. In other words, Avarice is the …

15. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Avarice crossword clue

16. 12 synonyms of Avarice from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 28 related words, definitions, and antonyms

17. Avarice: an intense selfish desire for wealth or possessions.

18. Avarice (Also known as Greed) is an emotional concept born of The White Light of creation, and is represented by the color orange

19. Avarice is defined as "a feeling of inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard possessions".

20. Avarice is a fancy word for good old-fashioned greed

21. The Medallion of Avarice was the tool of the Curator

22. Definition of Avarice A strong desire and greed for money/material things Examples of Avarice in a sentence Mr

23. Krab’s Avarice for money caused him to work his employees to the bone for little pay

24. The Curator, Harvester of Avarice, Lord of the Catacombs Ward

25.Avarice,” a sonnet by the seventeenth-century English poet George Herbert (1593-1633), is typical of its author’s work in numerous ways

26. But the stories of Avarice and greed and frat boy idiocy are only a part of the tale

27. He rose from very humble beginnings and reached the pinnacle of success and later he fell, due to his own Avarice and crookedness

28. Be niggards of advice on no pretence, For the worst Avarice is that of Sense.

29. Avarice is a first-person, narrative-driven horror game set in the 1900s, where you experience a broken man’s descent into mental hell

30. Avarice Bambino is a Shadow in the Persona series

31. 1 Appearance 2 Profile 3 Stats 3.1 Persona 4 Persona 4 / Golden Avarice Bambino are Shadows found in Chapters 7 and 8 of the Void Quest within the Midnight Channel

32. From self-love comes Avarice, the root of all evils (cf

33. Above are the results of unscrambling Avarice

34. We found a total of 59 words by unscrambling the letters in Avarice.

35. Avarice (German: Allegorie des Geizes) is a small (35 × 29 cm) oil-on- limewood painting of 1507 by Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528)

36. Avarice is a more negative word than greed

37. While greed can be associated with a desire that is beyond one’s control and arises due to ‘need’, Avarice is …

38. The amulet of Avarice is an amulet that can be received as a drop from revenants found within the Revenant Caves

39. Synonyms for Avarice include acquisitiveness, covetousness, cupidity, greed, rapacity, graspingness, avariciousness, greediness, meanness and miserliness

40. In 1793, this painting (then entitled Avarice) was illustrated in a French book of engravings and ascribed to Rembrandt

41. Experts do not always agree on the authorship of a particular painting, and Allegory of Avarice is a good example

42. Avarice (from Latin avarus, "greedy"; "to crave") is the inordinate love for riches

43. ‘The good old sins of Avarice and greed help to compound the problems.’ ‘Greed and Avarice, pride and gluttony, lust and jealousy rise like corrupting daemons from the bowels of the Earth.’ ‘But the stories of Avarice and greed and frat boy idiocy are only a part of the tale.’

44. Avarice is the inordinate love of temporal things, not things themselves

45. The proper response to Avarice is a balanced use of the good things God has given us

46. Pot of Avarice + French database ID

47. Avarice definition: Avarice is extremely strong desire for money and possessions

48. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Avarice is Thursday, June 15th, 1916

49. How unique is the name Avarice? From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Avarice

50. Weird things about the name Avarice: The name spelled backwards is Ecirava.

51. The Avarice (Avaritia for Hardcore) conquest requires that you complete a 50 million gold streak while outside The Vault and The Inner Sanctum

52. Poverty wants many things, and covetousness [Avarice] all

53. Avarice makes rich people want to become even richer

54. Avarice An excessive or insatiable desire for money or material things

55. In its strict sense, Avarice is the inordinate holding on to possessions or riches instead of using these material things

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