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AVAIL [əˈvāl]

avail (verb) · avails (third person present) · availed (past tense) · availed (past participle) · availing (present participle)


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1. Avail's online tools, education, and support help landlords find and screen tenants, create leases, collect rent online and more

2. Avail definition is - to be of use or advantage : serve

3. How to use Avail in a sentence.

4. Log in to your Avail landlord or tenant account to access our tools, education, and support team.

5. Avail definition, to be of use or value to; profit; advantage: All our efforts Availed us little in trying to effect a change

6. Avail is a car sharing company, which means all the cars are owned by real, local people

7. With advanced, user-friendly technology, a customer-centric business model, and a seamless way to coordinate access, Avail is designed to remove all barriers to live procedural collaboration.

8. Avail® proudly partners with BlueCheck to conduct advanced age verification for customers purchasing on our website to ensure only those of legal smoking age in the state they reside have access to …

9. Availity supports Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11.

10. Availity is the destination where providers connect with their payers to get the answers they need to focus on patient care.

11. Avail Dermatology has been a respected provider of dermatological services since 1990

12. Formerly known as Newnan Dermatology, Avail has locations in Newnan, Peachtree City, and Carrollton

13. Avail Dermatology utilizes the latest advances in dermatological science and addresses common diseases to complex conditions.

14. Avail for Granular Phosphate Fertilizers is designed specifically to be evenly sprayed on granular phosphate fertilizers at a rate of 0.25% or ½ gallon of Avail per ton of granular phosphate fertilizer (2.1 liters per metric ton).

15. Available 24/7 with the convenience of electronic banking

16. Your Availa banker can help you select the products best suited for you.

17.Avail ® ”- mobile program reinforcing personalized support to help individuals with cognitive disabilities to achieve independence …

18. Avail Home Health of Washington State is seeking to hire a part-time or full-time Private Duty Registered Nurse (RN) / Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).Are you interested in working for a home health agency that believes in putting the needs of its patients first, values its staff, and operates with a strong set of core values?Are you looking for a full-time or part-time position with a flexible

19. In the first sense, Avail is always a reflexive verb, followed by a reflexive pronoun such as myself, oneself, or herself, with the pronoun referring to the person or thing performing the action—for example: Residents visiting the library could Avail themselves of the park district’s facilities and programs.

20. Avail® proudly partners with BlueCheck to conduct advanced age verification for customers purchasing on our website to ensure only those of legal smoking age in the state they reside have access to nicotine products

21. Avail’s specialists are here to help

22. The definition of Avail is to help or give an advantage

23. An example of Avail is for medication to improve the condition of a sick person.

24. Avail is driven to partner with organizations that share its values and vision to revolutionize the adoption of ITS to solve real-world transit challenges

25. As the only ESOP systems integration vendor in the industry, Avail’s commitment to its customer’s success is personal.

26. © 2011—2020 Avail, All Rights Reserved.

27. Avail translate: provecho, aprovechar, aprovechar, en vano, inútil, Aprovecharse de…….

28. Avail BIM Content Management Software for the AEC Industry CONTENT MANAGEMENT FOR BIM PROFESSIONALS Browse and find architectural assets more intuitively and save time by reducing steps in your design work process.

29. 13 synonyms of Avail from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms

30. Avail: the capacity for being useful for some purpose

31. Avail 1,661 followers on LinkedIn

32. Avail provides tools, support, and education to make renting easier for responsible DIY landlords + trustworthy tenants

33. Avail (formerly Rentalutions) is an

34. At Avail Hospital, we take the safety of our patients and our staff seriously

35. To be of use or advantage to; help: Nothing could Avail the dying patient

36. To be of use, value, or advantage; serve: Halfway measures will no longer Avail

37. Use, benefit, or advantage: labored to no Avail

38. Idiom: Avail (oneself) of To make use of

39. The Support team at Avail is proud to provide quality customer service to our community- landlords and tenants alike

40. 25 reviews of Avail "Great experience! Drift had car running and warm when we arrived in the freezing cold early AM hours

41. Avail Home Health Alternative Nursing Services 208-746-3050 Asotin and Whitman MICP Nursing Agency Contacts 3.14.2016

42. Avail is the UK's largest HGV driver recruitment app

43. Avail has over 4,000 fully scanned and vetted drivers across the UK.

44. Designed for landlords with less than 10 units in mind, Avail is an intuitive property management app that helps you advertise vacant units, request rental applications and credit reports, sign leases and collect rent - all online

45. 180,000 landlords use Avail because it's the only end-end platform that helps you scale from beginner to professional with tools, 7-day a week US based customer

46. ‘There is a nature trail in the community near my home, which I Avail myself of at every opportunity.’ ‘After the refreshments, the general public were admitted to the field with between 5,000 and 6,000 Availing themselves of the opportunity of being present.’

47. Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that provides simple cost-effective solutions that connect procedural healthcare professionals regardless of location

48. Avail: 1 v be of use to, be useful to “It will Avail them to dispose of their booty” Type of: aid , assist , help give help or assistance; be of service v take or use Synonyms: help Type of: exploit , work use or manipulate to one's advantage v use to one's advantage “He Availed himself of the Available resources” Type of: apply , employ , use

49. Omron Avail is a wireless, dual channel TENS unit that delivers proven and effective TENS technology and microcurrent therapy to alleviate acute and chronic muscle and joint pain

50. Find 25 ways to say Avail, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

51. Avail (formerly Rentalutions) is a building a community of responsible landlords and trustworthy tenants by providing tools, education, and support

52. Avail (formerly Rentalutions) is a building a community of responsible landlords and trustworthy tenants by providing tools, education, and support.

53. To Avail of this free bet, simply pop into one of Ladbrokes' 209 shops nationwide, place a EUR5 bet on any race at Galway today and hand in your completed betting slip with your EUR5 free bet selection along with this coupon to Avail of the offer.

54. Avail definition: If you Avail yourself of an offer or an opportunity , you accept the offer or make use of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

55. Avail represents collaboration between multiple departments within the University at Albany and seeks to pursue ingenuity and innovation in its research

56. Using a modern, web-based and extensible visualization platform, Avail seeks to explore the interaction of current planning and research procedures through the use of visual analytics and

57. Avail’s graphical interface allows you to find and use your content fast

58. Avail supports all file types – from Revit Standards Library to inbound manufacturer content, your visualization group’s materials and textures, project photos, PDF cut-sheets and everything in between.

59. Avail yourself of [sth] v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." (make use of) servirsi di vi verbo intransitivo: Verbo che non richiede un complemento oggetto: "Dormivo quando mi ha telefonato" - …

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What is the definition of avail?

The definition of avail is to help or give an advantage. An example of avail is for medication to improve the condition of a sick person. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "avail.".

What does avail mean in Latin?

Webster's 1828 Dictionary. Avail. AVA'IL, verb transitive [Latin valeo, to be strong or able, to profit, to be of force or authority; Eng. well. The primary sense is, to stretch or extend, whence strength, value.]

Is avail a verb?

The second verb sense of avail is rare and easily avoided, as synonyms such as help, profit, and benefit are usually more precise. Here’s a rare example of avail used in this sense: Someone should have been doing the groundwork for Vick’s return to society and to football, but his pricey lawyers, agents and advisers have availed him little.

What does availed mean?

: to produce or result in as a benefit or advantage : gain His efforts availed him nothing. avail oneself of or less commonly avail of. : to make use of : to take advantage of They availed themselves of his services. avail.

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