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AUTOTELICS [ˌôdōˈtelik]


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1. These people are known as theAutotelics.” Autotelics see the world entirely differently to most people, and instead of being driven by external forces, Autotelics are motivated by the deeper inner rewards of creativity, immersion, and “flow” in areas such as art, science, and nature.

2. Autotelics, LLC 5 followers on LinkedIn.

3. The Autotelics is a group of sound artists formed for the purpose of realizing the sound installation, Music for Cars.Working independently under loosely defined parameters developed by consensus, each member composed a sound piece intended for playback on their car stereo system.

4. Kokoro is built for Autotelics, those who are driven by a sense of purpose and curiosity

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6. HONORARY Autotelics (born 1815): Ada (Byron) Lovelace (English computer pioneer; programmed the [theoretical] difference engine)

7. Autotelics, LLC Mar 2011 – Present9 years 4 months --Acquired Soundtrack.Net in October 2011 and serve as its President & Publisher

8. In October 2011, the site was acquired by Sean Saulsbury, through his company Autotelics, LLC

9. Previous research has shown that a touch or haptic element attached to a persuasive appeal can increase persuasion, particularly for individuals who have a clear preference for touch to enjoy its sensory feedback (high Autotelics)

10. Low) Autotelics receive more pleasure from touching objects, tend to touch them more, and are more consciously aware of …

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14. According to London-based consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale: “Some people are ‘need-for-touch’ only when buying, while others are ‘high Autotelics’, exhibiting a much greater need

15. Furthermore, according to Baumann (2012), Autotelics have a high need (to achieve), and also the ability (through selfregulation) to experience flow

16. Low) Autotelics receive more pleasure from touching objects, tend to touch them more, and are more consciously aware of the potential effect of haptic clues on

17. Meet the dystopian, self-directed, anti-neoliberal Autotelics

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What does autotelic mean?

Definition of autotelic : having a purpose in and not apart from itself First Known Use of autotelic 1900, in the meaning defined above History and Etymology for autotelic Greek autotelēs, from aut-+ telosend — more at telos Keep scrolling for more Learn More about autotelic Share autotelic

What is the origin of the word autotelic?

The word "autotelic" derives from the Greek αὐτοτελής ( autotelēs ), formed from αὐτός ( autos, "self") and τέλος ( telos, "end" or "goal"). The Oxford English Dictionary cites the word's earliest use in 1901 (Baldwin, Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, I 96/1), and also cites a 1932 use by T. S. Eliot ( Essays, I. ii. 24).

Is Itchyworms autotelic?

Itchyworms rocked out classic tunes 'Ayokong Tumanda,' 'Salapi,' and the blues powerhouse track ''Di Na Muli.' Crowd darlings Autotelic had audience singing to their catchy synth-pop songs replete with sing-along choruses. * Autotelic experience (I frequently or always feel that practice is an extremely rewarding activity after reflecting on it.)

Is chess autotelic?

Chess itself, however – the playing of the game – is most frequently engaged in, as we say, for its own sake, as an autotelic activity rather than as a teleological one. The majority of utterances of a language are teleological, aiming at informing ] Non-autotelics' intrinsic motivation tends to increase if they devote time...

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