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1. Top Authors Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Mystery and Thriller Romance General fiction Young Adult and Children's fiction All genres Search for Author Book Series

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2. Top 100 Authors of all time by bcptheauthor created - 20 Jul 2011 updated - 29 Oct 2018 Public Sort by: View: 100 names 1

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3. Knopf Authors; List of Simon & Schuster Authors; Top of page

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4. "Authors on Goodreads"


5. Best 100 Authors Top 100 Authors of all time voted by regular people Best 100 Authors is an ongoing online poll where the list is made up entirely of votes from our readers

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6. So please take a few minutes and go to our TOP TEN Authors SUBMISSION PAGE and vote for your favorite Authors

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7. 99 rows · This is a list of best-selling fiction Authors to date, in any language

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8. Our full A-Z list of Authors covered by the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice


9. This list of Authors features the best writers ever, including, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Geoffrey Chaucer, Homer, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Herman Melleville, William Faulkner, and Edgar Allan Poe

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10. Vote up the best Authors of all time below or add the writer you think is the best who isn't already on the list.

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11. Authors Below is a complete listing of every author whose books we have listed and in order here at

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12. Putting the Authors name in quotations will help get better results.


13. Welcome to the Authors page on BookSeriesInOrder


14. This is a listing in alphabetical order of all of the Authors that we currently list

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15. Please note it is listed by the Authors First Name.So if looking for Stephen King you would search by “S”, not “K”.


16. Browse bestselling fiction Authors, books and series in order

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17. Sign up to follow Authors; keep track of your books; discover new books from our recommendations.


18. Authors Index A list of all of the Authors featured at American Literature, organized alphabetically by last name (by row, left to right) so that you can find your favorite Authors' stories, novels, poems and essays easily (or use the "search" box above).

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19. is a free social community for writers, publishers, poets, and book readers

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20. 7,075 books — 5,669 voters New Authors to Read


21. Most popular Authors by page views on 01 January 2011 # Author Hits Description Image 1: H

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22. Publishing great Authors since 1817


23. Discover thousands of books and Authors, plus get exclusives on new releases, bestsellers, and more, at

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24. A list of our most popular bestselling Authors, including fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, crime, and children's Authors

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25. Looking for quotes by our most popular Authors? Gather wisdom from the ages as you browse favorite quotes by famous Authors like: Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Oscar Wilde, and William Shakespeare.

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26. The Authors Method A proven system for simplifying complex processes


27. This list features the best female Authors of all time, many of whom wrote best-selling books that are still considered classics today including, Gertrude Stein, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Agatha Christie, Maya Angelou, Flannery O’Connor, and Kate Chopin

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28. Read-Alikes For Authors With Last Names Beginning A

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29. 125 Authors starting with "a"


30. Authors is a classic card game dating back to 1861


31. The Authors deck contains 52 cards featuring color portraits of 13 honored writers, with lists of their four greatest literary works


32. Still played today as it was originally, the Authors Card Game is played with these 13 books of 4 cards each.

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33. Writers and Authors need to be able to adapt to newer software platforms and programs, including various content management systems (CMS)

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34. Writers and Authors must be able to develop new and interesting plots, characters, or ideas so they can come up …

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35. Where Authors and Readers Come Together

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36. Online Community of Authors and Readers, where Authors freely post biographies, books, sample chapters, link to bookstores, share their news, events, articles, stories, poetry for readers to discover and read.

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37. What started as a nudge encouraging friends to read female Authors became a powerful movement to raise awareness in the book industry and encourage publishers, distributors, and promoters to pull women writers into the spotlight so readers like you and I could better discover them

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38. 10 LGBTQ+ Authors You Should Hear


39. LGBTQ+ Authors are coming out as leading voices in the literary world

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40. Meet Our Authors Keep up with your favorite Authors’ tour dates and find events in your area

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41. Discover new voices by browsing our bestselling and award-winning Authors.

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42. Authors are Writing.Com members who have created at least one item for their portfolio

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43. Just perusing for great writers? Choose Authors at random and be sure to check out the many choices for …

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44. Authors: Remembering the life, death and legacy of Norton Juster Norton Juster was a children’s author known for his 1961 classic, “The Phantom Tollbooth.” We …

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45. Click on the icons below to learn more about our commitment to Authors, guiding you whatever your needs might be

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46. Authors may purchase open access rights for their journal articles, including articles published in the past

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47. Elsevier has a proud publishing history built on valued partnerships with Authors to bring quality products to professionals and institutions throughout the world

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48. Authors looking to get their titles into Barnes & Noble should review Sell Your Book at B&N for more information

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49. Writers and Authors may work anywhere they have access to a computer

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50. Jobs are somewhat concentrated in major media and entertainment markets—California, New York, Texas, and Washington, DC—but improved communications and Internet capabilities allow writers and Authors to work from almost anywhere.

Are, And, Allow, Authors, Almost, Anywhere

51. Authors are reminded that Color Figures Online Only is a service provided in Physical Review journals without charge to Authors

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52. Authors desiring color in print, who are willing and able to pay the associated charges, should indicate their request, preferably upon submission, and indicate which figures are intended for color in print.

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53. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month may take place in May, but books by Asian Authors should really be enjoyed year-round

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