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Synonyms: 1. Approved 2. Recognized 3. Sanctioned 4. Commissioned 5. Accredited 6. Licensed 7. Certified 8. Warranted 9. Official 10. Lawful 11. Legal 12. Legitimate 13. Licit 14. Permit 15. Sanction 16. Allow 17. Approve 18. Countenance 19. License 20. Legalize ...21. Legitimize 22. Legitimatize 23. Ratify 24. Endorse 25. Validate 26. Accredit 27. Warrant 28. OK 29. Approbate 30. Mandate 31. Commission 32. Empower 33. Entitle 34. Unofficial 35. Forbid 36. Veto See more »
1. The government authorised an irrigation project
2. He's been authorised to co-opt anyone he wants to join him
3. We are authorised to receive contributions for the Red Cross
4. That notary is authorised to perform the certain legal functions
5. The company authorised its staff to poach customers from the opposition
6. They were neither premeditated nor authorised
7. An act of Congress authorised such a memorial in
8. The authorised persons as principals control their appointed representatives who are thus exempted persons
9. The Government has now authorised the preparation of draft legislation
10. In - successive foreign ministers were authorised by the tsar to report to it on only five occasions
11. authorised conditions of disposal can be recorded together with any associated risk assessments
12. But there were no authorised house-to-house collections[http://sentencedictcom] said a spokesman
13. They must be duly authorised and signed by the person receiving the cash
14. The Foreign Office authorised the association to establish a steering committee under my chairmanship
15. Further detention can only be authorised in the case of a person who is suspected of having committed a serious arrestable offence
16. Vets have been authorised to slaughter on suspicion to speed up the killing once farmers have reported a possible outbreak
17. Carry out authorised repairs if possible on-site or in workshop or suggest alternatives
18. The PIN for this lock is then given to the person who is authorised to collect the key
19. Your pension can then normally be paid into a bank in the United Kingdom or to some one else authorised by you
20. You are obliged to obey a reasonable instruction given by an authorised superior
21. They require a basic standard of quality procedures and practices with full authorised documentation
22. He asked that his son be informed but the custody officer authorised delayed notification and C was advised of this
23. The high street banks typically charge more than per cent for an authorised overdraft
24. This allows the modules to be modified by the authorised user
25. On the economic front Taubira-Delannon was in favour of restricting the areas where gold-washing is authorised
26. Its main drawback is that it does not discriminate between authorised and unauthorised absences
27. Most such attempts it concluded are actually perpetrated by authorised users and can usually be covered by existing law
28. Leasametric has now jumped on the Tadpole bandwagon and will be an Sparcbook authorised rental company
29. Any business that operates within the investment arena that is not authorised can be punished by imprisonment or fines
30. Synonyms for authorised include official, approved, sanctioned, commissioned, licenced, licensed, warranted, accredited, certified and recognised. Find more similar
31. The Moderna vaccine is likely to be authorised within seven to 10 days of Pfizer receiving an emergency use authorisation (EUA). Full formal approval is likely to follow the EUAs by around three
32. Two leading COVID-19 vaccines could be authorised for use in the EU by the end of 2020, bosses have said. European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday that the European Medicines Agency could declare the vaccines viable once tests show they are safe. Speaking to EU leaders she touted the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine, which have been much praised
33. When vaccines are authorised at a European level, the decision is valid and legally binding in all EU member states, which means that the vaccine is approved for use in Ireland.
34. The Moderna vaccine is likely to be authorised within seven to 10 days of Pfizer receiving an emergency use authorisation (EUA). Full formal approval is likely to follow the EUAs by around three months, they said. In addition, US officials said two more vaccines will likely have early data ready within the coming weeks.
35. Consumer use make sure that the product in question is authorised by tukes read the instructions carefully follow the instructions. Muista nämä asiat, jos käytät kotona hyönteismyrkkyjä tai jyrsijämyrkkyjä tai kotipuutarhassa kasvinsuojeluaineita: varmista,
36. If you haven't authorised 2 or more computers, you won't see this section. If the number of authorised computers listed is more than what you expect, you might not have deauthorised the computers that you no longer use, gave away or sold. You need to deauthorise all of your computers and then authorise each one that you still use.
37. This document lists the uses to which goods declared to an authorised Use Procedure can be subject to. It will be introduced by reference in a Statutory Instrument (SI) to follow, and a link to
38. For tax warehouses, the authorised warehousekeeper or list of authorised warehousekeepers for which this tax warehouse is authorised for use. Kun kyseessä ovat verottomat varastot, valtuutettu varastonpitäjä tai luettelo valtuutetuista varastonpitäjistä , jotka ovat valtuutettuja käyttämään tätä verotonta varastoa.
39. The Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, on Wednesday said he has authorised the use of chloroquine as a medication for the treatment of COVID-19. Mr Mohammed, who was the COVID-19 index case in the state, said he was treated with “chloroquine and Zithromax.”
40. 3 The Register of orphan medicinal products for human use designated and published by the EU in accordance with Article 5 of Regulation (EC) N141/2000. 4 The Register of veterinary medicinal products authorised by the EU under the centralised procedure. Published in accordance with Article 38 of Regulation (EE) 726/2004.
41. authorised use; temporary admission; storage such as customs warehousing; Choose the simplified declaration to use Simplified declaration procedure. With the simplified declaration procedure you will:
42. Conditions for the authorised use of the logo have been outlined in this policy. Any proposed changes to these conditions for its use, by either the Council or its member States & Territories are to be put to the executive prior to the annual conference for their consideration. Proposed changes are to be
43. First time only – register to and request access to the authorised signatories app: 1. go to 2. click on Or create a new user profile in the middle of your screen 3. complete the fields as requested 4. make sure that you do not forget to tick the authorised signatories box in the ‘Request access for’ section 5. click on Register
44. Traders, particularly small businesses, often use agents or freight forwarders to process their goods under CFSP, not least because these have the necessary software. You can complete the process online yourself if you are authorised to use the system. This is called self-representation. There are two other kinds of representation:
45. Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Owais said that the vaccine has been authorised for emergency use as “part of the country’s measures to protect health workers in close contact with COVID-19 patients and ensure their safety,” and that it was “fully aligned with the regulations and laws that allow a faster review of licensing procedures
46. Dubai Police authorised to use cameras in public areas for accidents, investigations and security. Mohammed bin Rashid issues Resuloution to document activities of Dubai Police

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