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ATTRIBUTES [attribute]



  • a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.
  • a material object recognized as symbolic of a person, especially a conventional object used in art to identify a saint or mythical figure.
Synonyms: quality . feature . characteristic . trait . element . aspect . property . hallmark . mark . distinction . sign . idiosyncrasy . peculiarity . quirk . symbol . indicator . mark . sign . hallmark . trademark . status symbol .
  • a piece of information which determines the properties of a field or tag in a database or a string of characters in a display.
  • an attributive adjective or noun.
  • a real property which a statistical analysis is attempting to describe.

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1. Attributes definition, the plural of attribute

2. Find 37 ways to say Attributes, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3. Beneath obvious skills are hidden drivers of performance, surprising core Attributes—including cunning, adaptability, courage, even narcissism—that determine how resilient or perseverant we are, how situationally aware and how conscientious.These Attributes explain how we perform as individuals and as part of a team.

4. Attributes of a person are characteristics he has that shape his behavior

5. Attributes can be considered positive or negative or can vary depending on the person

6. In psychology, personality types are determined by five factors, each of which involves specific Attributes.

7. Attributes provide a way of associating information with code in a declarative way

8. Attributes allow you to customize instances with your own data

9. They are similar to built-in object properties, but you can create and modify your own Attributes for any instance

10. Key features include: Create, edit, and delete Attributes directly within Studio’s Properties window. Attributes and their values are saved with your place and assets.

11. You can also view and manage Attributes for files and folders in Explorer using regular menu buttons

12. The Attributes book first gives you the knowledge on 25 Attributes

13. This book is a great starting point in learning the knowledge backed by neuroscience, then gives you Assessment to see where you are on the scale of your Attributes

14. Next step is to work on improving Attributes

15. Personal Attributes are the traits you naturally have that make you unique and can determine your effectiveness in a certain job role

16. What are the best, most positive personality traits a person can have? This is a crowdsourced list of the most desirable Attributes and qualities men and women and have, ranked by people like you

17. She has the physical Attributes to become a championship swimmer

18. Attributes are a.NET programming construct that enables an object known as an attribute to be associated with a type or other program element

19. All HTML elements can have Attributes The href attribute of <a> specifies the URL of the page the link goes to The src attribute of <img> specifies the path to the image to be displayed The width and height Attributes of <img> provide size information for images

20. Attributes, and Toxic Leadership

21. The Army has also identified key leadership Attributes that can

22. Attributes tend to be stable over time, but may increase slowly as part of character advancement

23. In games that use Attributes, they are generally primary (or basic) stats from which other stats may be derived

24. When two stats are used as part of a game's resolution mechanic, the two most common stats for a game to use are Attributes and skills.

25. Attributes need to be helping you build solid long term sales numbers and solidify brand loyalty

26. Making sure products are easy to discover under an Attributes tab or through

27. Attributes are representations of areas where a game character is proficient (or deficient) and many times these restrictions will either allow or disallow a character …

28. Lifelong learners, the IB programmes foster a distinctive set of Attributes

29. These Attributes are also known as predefined or built-in Attributes

30. The .NET Framework/.NET Core provides hundreds or even thousands of built-in Attributes

31. Common Attributes for mutual funds

32. Global Attributes: Specifies an inline CSS style for an element: tabindex: Global Attributes: Specifies the tabbing order of an element: target <a>, <area>, <base>, <form> Specifies the target for where to open the linked document or where to submit the form: title: Global Attributes: Specifies extra information about an element: translate

33. See the visual below of my ACM Model that shows the perfect intersection of those three Attributes: Here are the issues if your candidate doesn't fall into the sweet spot in the center: 1.

34. Attributes applied using &Attributes are not automatically escaped

35. If passing in Attributes from a …

36. The assembling of the two Attributes, i.e

37. By combining the letters under consideration (such as AB), denotes the assembling of the two Attributes

38. This assembling of the two Attributes is termed dichotomous classification

39. The number of the observations that have been allocated in the Attributes is known as the class frequencies.

40. For clarity, Attributes should more correctly be considered metadata.An attribute is frequently and generally a property of a property.

41. "The Attributes of God" is a deeply insightful work on the different characteristics( I hate to use this word but it is the best way I can describe them without using the word attribute) of who God is

42. The Attributes of an invoice might be Price, Number, Date or Paid/unpaid

43. Beyond the self-explanatory simple or single-valued Attributes, there are several types of Attributes available

44. Composite attribute: is an attribute composed of several other simple Attributes

45. COVID-19 Attributes Google has consistently been rolling out COVID-19 Attributes since the start of the pandemic, to help businesses convey accurate information in this time of need

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What does attribute actually mean?

something attributed as belonging to a person, thing, group, etc.; a quality, character, characteristic, or property: Sensitivity is one of his attributes. something used as a symbol of a particular person, office, or status: A scepter is one of the attributes of a king.

What are some attributes examples?

Intelligence, charm and a sense of humor are each an example of an attribute. The definition of attribute is to explain something by telling the cause or origin. An example of attribute is to explain a person's constant coughing as a result of chain smoking.

What do the attributes do?

Attributes are the main statistics of all heroes that independently determine most scaling statistics. These attributes are strength, agility, and intelligence. Attributes are gained when a hero levels up, obtains a talent, buys certain items, or uses certain abilities. Illusions benefit from attributes.

What does attributions mean?

Definition of attribution. 1 : the act of attributing something especially : the ascribing of a work (as of literature or art) to a particular author or artist. 2 : an ascribed quality, character, or right Supernatural powers were attributions of the gods.

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