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ATTRIBUTE [attribute]


attribute (noun) · attributes (plural noun)

  • a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something:
  • a material object recognized as symbolic of a person, especially a conventional object used in art to identify a saint or mythical figure:
Synonyms: quality . feature . characteristic . trait . element . aspect . property . hallmark . mark . distinction . sign . idiosyncrasy . peculiarity . quirk . symbol . indicator . mark . sign . hallmark . trademark . status symbol .
  • a piece of information which determines the properties of a field or tag in a database or a string of characters in a display.
  • an attributive adjective or noun.
  • a real property which a statistical analysis is attempting to describe.

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1. Attribute definition is - a quality, character, or characteristic ascribed to someone or something

2. How to use Attribute in a sentence

3. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of Attribute.

4. Attribute definition, to regard as resulting from a specified cause; consider as caused by something indicated (usually followed by to): She Attributed his bad temper to ill health

5. Attribute synonyms, Attribute pronunciation, Attribute translation, English dictionary definition of Attribute

6. To regard as arising from a particular cause or source; ascribe: Attributed their failure to a lack

7. 33 synonyms of Attribute from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 38 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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9. Attribute: to explain (something) as being the result of …

10. Find 37 ways to say Attribute, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

11. You can access Attributes by creating an object of the class, and by using the dot syntax (.The following example will create an object of the Main class, with the name myObj.We use the x Attribute on the object to print its value:

12. This Attribute can be used on parameters, and lives in the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace

13. This is an Attribute that is used to inject the name of the method that is calling another method

14. What does Attribute mean? The definition of Attribute is to explain something by telling the cause or origin

15. (verb) An example of Attribute is to

16. Synonyms: Attribute, ascribe, impute, credit, assign, refer These verbs mean to consider as resulting from or belonging to a person or thing

17. Attribute and ascribe, often interchangeable, have the widest application: The historian discovered a new symphony Attributed to Mozart.The museum displayed an invention ascribed to the 15th century.

18. An Attribute is a quality or characteristic given to a person, group, or some other thing

19. Your best Attribute might be your willingness to help others, like when you stopped traffic so …

20. Lists all base members that are associated with the specified Attribute member (attmbrName).This member set function can be used as a parameter of another function, where that parameter is a member or list of members.

21. Attribute Belongs to Description; accept <input> Specifies the types of files that the server accepts (only for type="file") accept-charset <form> Specifies the character encodings that are to …

22. Elem.removeAttribute(name) – to remove the Attribute

23. Elem.Attributes is a collection of all Attributes

24. We should refer to Attributes only when DOM properties do not suit us, when we need exactly Attributes, for instance: We need a non-standard Attribute.

25. Attribute - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

26. Synonyms for Attribute in Free Thesaurus

27. 59 synonyms for Attribute: ascribe, apply, credit, blame, refer, trace, assign, charge, allocate

28. Attribute definition: If you Attribute something to an event or situation , you think that it was caused by Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

29. +s: Sets the system file Attribute to the file or directory.-s: Clears the system Attribute

30. +v: Sets the integrity file Attribute to the file or directory.-v: Clears the integrity Attribute

31. +x: Sets the no scrub file Attribute to the file or directory.-x: Clears the no scrub Attribute

32. Attribute definition, to regard as resulting from a specified cause; consider as caused by something indicated (usually followed by to): She Attributed his bad temper to ill health

33. Multivalued Attribute: is an Attribute where more than one description can be provided

34. For example, an Employee entity may have more than one Email ID Attributes in the same cell

35. Key Attribute or primary Attribute: is an ID, key, letter or number that uniquely identifies that item

36. Examples from the Corpus Attribute • But he also offers an Attribute not commonly found in the breed: intelligence

37. • He possesses the essential Attributes of a journalist

38. • Kindness is just one of her many Attributes

39. • It then extracts the required object or Attribute and presents its graphically.

40. Introduced in beta with the January 2018 release of Attribute Assistant, is the capability to call the Attribute Assistant to call a stored procedure as field name in the DynamicValue table

41. Attribute domains are used to constrain the values allowed in any particular Attribute for a table or feature class

42. If the features in a feature class or nonspatial objects in a table have been grouped into subtypes, different Attribute domains can be assigned to each of the subtypes

43. A domain is a declaration of acceptable Attribute values.

44. When an Attribute is found, the icon is always gray, which means you have to leave it, only check for an NPC to how much stat points, equipment can upgrade the clothes

45. The letter A, B, C or D indicates the approximate strength of the Attribute

46. Archaeologists Attribute the ruin to a flourishing prehistoric kingdom

47. Patience is an essential Attribute for a teacher

48. Politeness is an Attribute of a gentleman

49. An Attribute to remove; as of version 1.7, it can be a space-separated list of Attributes

50. The .removeAttr() method uses the JavaScript removeAttribute() function, but it has the advantage of being able to be called directly on a jQuery object and it accounts for different Attribute naming across browsers.

51. An Attribute in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is analogous to an Energy type in the Pokémon TCG and a color in Magic: The Gathering, in that it denotes a monster's "elemental fuel" (mana, energy, etc.) in a way and adds flavor and a sense variety to the game.

52. Attribute - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

53. Inflections of 'Attribute' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Attributes v 3rd person singular attributing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Attributed

54. Attribute selectors are case-sensitive by default (see case-insensitive matching below), and are written inside brackets []

55. There are seven different types of matches you can find with an Attribute selector, and the syntax is different for each

56. Each of the more complex Attribute selectors build on the syntax of the exact match selector

57. And then the Attribute Editor is displayed at our user without having to browse to the object! You can also create a custom query to get the same effect: Note: The window visible in the screenshot of the ADR-DynamicGroup-console belongs to dynamic groups in Active Directory, created with DynamicGroup.

58. Attribute sampling is a statistical process used in audit procedures that aims to analyze the characteristics of a given population

59. Description: Select elements that either don't have the specified Attribute, or do have the specified Attribute but not with a certain value

60. Version added: 1.0 jQuery( "[Attribute!='value']" ) Attribute: An Attribute name

61. Value: An Attribute value.Can be either a valid identifier or a quoted string.

62. What is Attribute Data and Variable Data? Quality Glossary Definition: Attribute data

63. Attribute data is defined as information used to create control charts.This data can be used to create many different chart systems, including percent charts, charts showcasing the number of affected units, count-per-unit charts, demerit charts, and quality score charts.

64. In diesem kleinen Video geht es um die Attribute.Wie erkennt man ein Attribut?Der PowToon-Rohling ist hier zu finden:

65. Attribute rules are viewed, created, and managed in their own tabular-style view called the Attribute Rules view

66. The Attribute Rules view can be accessed using the context menu of the dataset directly from the Catalog or Contents pane

67. It can also be accessed by clicking the Attribute Rules button on the ribbon; this is available in the Design group on the Data tab when

68. The Attribute name specifies a custom property name, or an RNA path to a built-in property (like the single property driver variables).

69. The values of Attributes of this type are defined once per object

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