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ATTENUATE [attenuate]

attenuate (verb) · attenuates (third person present) · attenuated (past tense) · attenuated (past participle) · attenuating (present participle)

  • reduce the force, effect, or value of.
  • reduce the amplitude of (a signal, electric current, or other oscillation).
Synonyms: weakened . reduced . lessened . decreased . diminished . impaired . enervated . strengthened . weakened . reduced . lessened . decreased . diminished . impaired . enervated . strengthened .
  • reduce in thickness; make thin.
Synonyms: thin . slender . slim . skinny . spindly . bony . gaunt . skeletal . narrow . threadlike . drawn out . extenuated . plump . broad .


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1. Attenuate ultimately comes from a combination of the Latin prefix ad-, meaning "to" or "toward," and tenuis, meaning "thin." It has been on the medical scene since the 16th century, when a health …

2. To weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value: to Attenuate desire

3. Attenuate verb weaken, reduce, contract, lower, diminish, decrease, dilute, lessen, sap, water down, adulterate, enfeeble, enervate, devaluate Preparation and training can Attenuate risk

4. 13 synonyms of Attenuate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Find another word for Attenuate

6. Attenuate: to diminish the price or value of.

7. Attenuate Intuitively, the positive savings effect associated with the reduction in generational turnover Attenuates the fall in aggregate savings induced by the lower rate of interest. From the …

8. Attenuate (of a leaf or plant structure) gradually tapering to a long slender point

9. Capsule cylindrical-oblong, Attenuate upward and bearing the slightly lobed sessile stigma, loculicidal, many-seeded

10. THE MANUAL OF THE BOTANY OF THE NORTHERN UNITED STATES ASA GRAY There is no stalk, the body being fixed by the Attenuate posterior end

11. Attenuate was created and tested by physicians with expertise in weight loss and trained at leading institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UCLA

12. Thin; slender or fine: Images of the conjoined twins’ brains reveal an Attenuated line stretching between the two organs, called a thalamic bridge.

13. Attenuators weaken or Attenuate the high level output of a signal generator, for example, to provide a lower level signal for something like the antenna input of a sensitive radio receiver

14. To make slender, fine, or small: The drought Attenuated the river to a narrow channel

15. To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree; weaken: Medicine Attenuated the fever's effect

16. Attenuate To reduce the force or severity; to lessen a relationship or connection between two objects.

17. Attenuate is a verb that means to make or become weaker

18. The effects of aging may be Attenuated by exercise — or by drinking from the fountain of youth.

19. Attenuated Weakened or reduced, and so altered in characteristics so as no longer to be dangerous

20. What does Attenuate mean? The definition of Attenuate is to weaken or reduce

21. (verb) An example of Attenuate is to destroy many members of an oppo

22. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Attenuates Neutrophil-predominant Inflammation and Acute Lung Injury in an In Vivo Rat Model of Ventilator-induced Lung Injury The results shown in the previous section demonstrate that with the 3D Radon transform it is possible to Attenuate, although not completely remove, the diffracted multiples.

23. Attenuators (circuits which Attenuate a signal) may also be used to lower the level of a signal in an audio system to prevent overload and distortion.

24. Attenuate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

25. Attenuate (v.) "to make thin, to make less," 1520s, from Latin attenuatus, past participle of attenuare "to make thin, lessen, diminish," from assimilated form of ad "to" (see ad-) + tenuare "make thin," from tenuis "thin," from PIE root *ten-"to stretch." Related: Attenuated; attenuating.Earlier was Middle English attenuen "to make thin (in consistency)," early 15c.

26. Attenuate From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Attenuate at‧ten‧u‧ate / əˈtenjueɪt / verb [ transitive ] formal EFFECTIVE to make something weaker or less an Attenuated form of the polio virus → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Attenuate • A few minutes of rest , and he recovered his oxygen level, although

27. ‘In other words, we anticipated that positive family relationships would Attenuate the effect of individual differences that have been shown to be related to depressed mood.’ ‘Clinicians should refer cocaine-exposed children to early intervention services to Attenuate long-term effects.’

28. Involucre globular; the imbricated scales coriaceous and appressed at base, Attenuate to long stiff points with hooked tips

29. THE MANUAL OF THE BOTANY OF THE NORTHERN UNITED STATES ASA GRAY Involucre simple, of several erect lanceolate Attenuate equal scales

30. Translation for 'Attenuate' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.

31. ‘the doctrines of Christianity became very Attenuate and distorted’ More example sentences ‘On the other hand, for their own analysis Carling et al

32. Used an Attenuate isosceles triangle with a blunt snout as their model organism, rather than the profile of an eel.’

33. Definition of Attenuate in the dictionary

34. What does Attenuate mean? Information and translations of Attenuate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

35. Attenuate To reduce, lower, lessen

36. To Attenuate something means to reduce it or weaken it.

37. Examples of Attenuate in a sentence

38. Doctors claim taking the flu vaccine will Attenuate the effects of the illness

39. 🔊 The doctor suggested I take acetaminophen to Attenuate my fever

40. 🔊 Jack sleeps with his headphones on to Attenuate the nightly noise that comes from his

41. Attenuate: To weaken, or to make or become thin

42. How much does it Attenuate the value of his intentions, as proofs of an internal philosophical sequence?: Nevertheless, I had risen to make this answer, the ill grace of which I strove to Attenuate by the courteousness of my attitude.: The Venetian shutters often had to be lowered in the summer to Attenuate the great heat.: It does not Attenuate the power and originality of his themes that

43. Attenuate something to make something weaker or less effective The drug Attenuates the effects of the virus

44. Home / medterms medical dictionary a-z list / Attenuate definition Medical Definition of Attenuate

45. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR; Attenuate: To weaken, or to make or become thin

46. Attenuate is a verb that means to make or become weaker

47. The effects of aging may be Attenuated by exercise — or by drinking from the fountain of youth

48. The versatile word Attenuate denotes a weakening in amount, intensity, or value

49. Attenuate To reduce the force or severity; to lessen a relationship or connection between two objects

50. What is the opposite of Attenuate? Antonyms for Attenuate (opposite of Attenuate)

51. Attenuate - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

52. Inflections of 'Attenuate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Attenuates v 3rd person singular attenuating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Attenuated

53. Thiazolidine Derivatives Attenuate Carrageenan-Induced Inflammatory Pain in Mice

54. Attenuate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word Attenuate

55. Definition (verb) become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude Definition (adj) reduced in strength Synonyms: Attenuated

56. Another way to say Attenuate? Synonyms for Attenuate (other words and phrases for Attenuate).

57. Synonyms for Attenuate include reduce, depreciate, lower, devalue, cheapen, devaluate, downgrade, sink, depress and break

58. Attenuate: To make slender, fine, or small

59. This being correctly guessed to represent "Attenuate" (at ten you ate), the other side goes from the room and the previous performers become the audience.Entertainments for Home, Church and School

60. The findings of the present study demonstrate that inflammasome NLRP3 deficiency did not Attenuate, but enhanced hepatocellular steatosis, …

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What does attenuation mean medically?

General Definition of Attenuation. The term “attenuate” is defined as “to weaken, dilute, thin or reduce,” according to The literal Latin translation of the term is “to thin.” This word is generally used in the medical setting to describe the weakening or decreased vitality of a pathogen or microorganism, according to Merriam-Webster.

What is the adjective for attenuate?

As a verb attenuate is to reduce in size, force, value, amount, or degree. As a adjective attenuate is (botany

What is the prefix for attenuate?

Adjective. Attenuate ultimately comes from a combination of the Latin prefix ad-, meaning "to" or "toward," and tenuis, meaning "thin.".

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