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attacking (adjective)
  1. launching or engaging in a military or violent physical attack.
    "the attacking troops met almost no opposition at first"
    (in sports) making a forceful attempt to score or otherwise gain an advantage.
    "Leeds showed some good attacking play"

2. 35 synonyms of Attacking from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 83 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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4. Attacking: to take sudden, violent action against.

5. Army forces have been Attacking the town since dawn

6. An act or the action of Attacking. The brutal attack killed the old man; They made an air

7. Army forces have been Attacking the town since dawn

8. AttackingTucans? Who's Attacking Who?Business E-mail:[email protected]

9. Ad hominem (Latin for 'to the person'), short for argumentum ad hominem, refers to several types of arguments, some but not all of which are fallacious.Typically this term refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than Attacking the substance of the argument itself.

10. Cat Attacking people compilation

11. Synonyms for Attacking in Free Thesaurus

12. 1 synonym for Attacking: assaultive

13. What are synonyms for Attacking?

14. In Attacking, Defending, Tactics Transitions are a vital part of match play - players must react quickly to winning or losing the ball because in these instances games are won or lost

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16. What does Attacking mean? Information and translations of Attacking in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

17. Your extra pawns may actually be best used as Attacking pieces

18. Best Attacking Midfielders Overall Rising Golden Boys (U21) U21 Rising Veterans GK DC DL/R D/MC AMC AMR/L FW/ST This is FC's list of the Top 50 Best Attacking Midfielders in the world at the moment according to our algorithm.

19. A suspect was hit with an assault charge Sunday for Attacking a 68-year-old Sri Lankan immigrant aboard a Manhattan train last week, police said

20. If you’re one of the millions of women affected by this group of diseases, which includes lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease, you may be wondering why your immune system is Attacking itself.

21. Woman Charged for Attacking, Making Racial Remarks at South Bay McDonald's Employees NBC Bay Area staff 2 hrs ago

22. By Attacking the AI system so that it incorrectly recognizes a stop sign as a different sign or symbol, the attacker can cause the autonomous vehicle to ignore the stop sign and crash into other vehicles and pedestrians

23. Attacking the Tower is a Henry Stickmin fangame made by Strobe Interactive serving as a faithful, non-canon love letter to the series

24. Attacking The Tower created by @Kejayco

25. Prevent her from Attacking your ankle

26. In Attacking the Rim, Bing shares this multifaceted personal saga with a rare combination of modesty, moxie, and self-belief

27. If the bird is Attacking a vehicle reflection such as a car mirror or chrome bumper, moving the vehicle to a different area may solve the problem because it will be outside the bird's preferred territory

28. Good book to get better insight on the basics of Attacking phase and its principles Read more

29. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of Attacking an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, a mysterious explosion that further spiked security concerns in the region

30. Capitol riot fallout: Ex-Special Forces soldier Jeffrey McKellop, accused of Attacking police, denied bond McKellop is accused of hurling a flagpole like a spear at one officer and assaulting others

31. Judge rules that a Capitol protester accused of Attacking police with bear spray will stay in jail

32. Slammed For Sharing Violent Meme Attacking Joe Biden

33. Federal authorities have charged a Florida man who was caught on video Attacking police officers with a fire extinguisher while wearing an American flag jacket bearing the name of former President Donald Trump

34. "It was not defending itself, it was Attacking."

35. A federal judge on Monday blasted the West Virginia man accused of Attacking Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick with bear spray during the Jan

36. Perhaps voters will view Attacking the woke and cancel culture as the latest round of partisan fights around identity and race

37. A wax museum in San Antonio, Texas, was forced to remove its statue of former President Donald Trump because visitors kept Attacking it

38. 2 days ago · Yemen: Houthis Attacking Displaced People’s Camps

39. Capitol Police officer shared a support of Trump with the men accused of Attacking him before his death by Tribune Content Agency 8 hours ago March 23, 2021 Share this:

40. Tymetri Campbell, 38, was accused of Attacking two corrections officers at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, about 34 miles west of South Bend, authorities said.

41. AI and Drug Discovery: Attacking the Right Problems

42. 3 Florida Women Arrested, 1 Still Missing After Being Filmed Attacking Popeyes Employee via Drive-Thru Window

43. 1 day ago · The terrorists that have been Attacking our schools are Americans

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What does attackers mean?

attacker(Noun) Someone who attacks. attacker(Noun) Players on a team in football (soccer) in the row nearest to the opposing team's goal, who are therefore principally responsible for scoring goals.

What does attack mean?

attack(Noun) An attempt to cause damage or injury to, or to somehow detract from the worth or credibility of, a person, position, idea, object, or thing, by physical, verbal, emotional, or other assault. They claimed the censorship of the article was an attack of free speech.

What is idiom of attacking behind the back?

'Behind [someone's] back' means 'done in a secretive, furtive manner', and therefore "attacking behind someone's back" has a slightly different meaning: it implies that you are being indirectly attacked by someone in a non-literal sense, and it is being done without you knowing it.

What does open to attack mean?

1 Answer 1. "Open to attack," in this context, means that this particular piece of the feeling of patriotism is vulnerable or defenseless to questions asked about it. (I couldn't easily find a dictionary that defined "open to attack," but links it to defenseless and vulnerable, among other, similar words).

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