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ATOMISTIC [ˌadəˈmistik]


Synonyms: atomism .


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1. Atomistic definition is - of or relating to atoms or atomism

2. How to use Atomistic in a sentence.

3. Atomistic synonyms, Atomistic pronunciation, Atomistic translation, English dictionary definition of Atomistic

4. The definition of Atomistic is relating to atoms or atomism or something composed of many simple elements. The Periodic Table of Elements is an example of something that is Atomistic

5. A painting made up of simple shapes is an example of something that is Atomistic.

6. Atomistics definition is - a branch of science dealing with the atom : the art of applied use of atomic energy.

7. The word Atomistic is an adjective defined as having to do with separate parts that can also be disparate from each other. This approach is essentially the opposite from a holistic approach, where the subject is taken as a whole instead of through the individual parts that make it up.

8. / ˌæt̬.əˈmɪs.tɪk / existing or operating separately from other similar things or people: Without human society we remain Atomistic individuals, isolated and alone

9. Instead of holistic concepts of healing, modern medicine took an Atomistic

10. Atomistic (comparative more Atomistic, superlative most Atomistic) Of or pertaining to atoms or to atomism

11. Atomistic Solutions designs clean, simple, informative and engaging websites

12. Atomistic competition is quite rare in the real world

13. Atomistic agreement is designed for pluralistic competition and majority rules that always marginalize or coerce some to go along with others--the winners are "us" while the losers are "them." Holographic union is only possible when everyone shares the same ontological perspective and corollary belief system

14. Grain boundary (GB) migration plays an important role in modifying the microstructures and the related properties of polycrystalline materials, and is governed by the Atomistic mechanism

15.Atomistic, Atomistical, adj.

16. This course uses the theory and application of Atomistic computer simulations to model, understand, and predict the properties of real materials

17. Atomistic simulation Engineering property Lots of stuff/theory “Computers don’t solve problems, people do” (Frank Jensen) 2/1/05 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3.320 Atomistic Modeling of Materials G

18. Atomistic simulations have been widely used in the recent years to study the elementary mechanisms and interactions of dislocations

19. Atomistic simulations are a powerful tool for predicting dislocation-core structures on an atomic scale, but can suffer from serious artifacts, in particular depending on the determination of the interatomic potentials to which they are very sensitive.

20. ‘They were nevertheless moderns in natural philosophy who accepted post-Galilean science, and propounded an Atomistic theory of matter.’ ‘The dissolution of the feudal estates by the Revolution produced a purely Atomistic society, characterized by the assertion of individual property right.’

21. Atomistic theories of nucleation describe the role of individual atoms and associations of small numbers of atoms during the earliest stages of film formation

22. An important advance in the Atomistic approach to nucleation was the theory proposed by Walton et al.

23. Definition of Atomistic in the dictionary

24. What does Atomistic mean? Information and translations of Atomistic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

25. Atomistic: Of or having to do with atoms or atomism

26. This doctrine which I call Atomistic and which appears to be anti-historical, reveals from under a concealing cloak a strongly materialistic nature.

27. Here, the authors bring together experiments and simulations to unravel the Atomistic

28. Descriptions of Atomistic mechanisms of growth have been largely based on the terrace-step-kink (TSK) model of a surface (Fig.1)

29. Definition of Atomistic adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

30. An introduction to Atomistic simulation methods 9 where θ0 is the nominal equilibrium angle (90° for an octahedral coordination, 109.47° for a tetrahedral coordination)

31. Atomistic definition: of atoms or atomism Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

32. The detectors with Atomistic surface passivation exhibit a record-large sensitivity above 700,000 μ C cm -2 under a large electric field up to 100 V mm -1 and are thus able to detect an ultralow

33. Amp: Atomistic Machine-learning Package¶

34. Amp is an open-source package designed to easily bring machine-learning to Atomistic calculations

35. The Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics (LAMM) is in the School of Engineering at MIT

36. Find 7 ways to say AtomisticS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

37. Atomistic* assessment Holistic, similar to the word whole, means to develop comprehensive and coherent mental representations of learning

38. Synonyms for Atomistic in Free Thesaurus

39. 1 synonym for Atomistic: Atomistical

40. What are synonyms for Atomistic?

41. Atomistic or molecular simulations (molecular dynamics, MD) is a fundamental approach, since it considers the basic building blocks of materials as its smallest entity: Atoms

42. The accuracy of Atomistic biomolecular modeling and simulation studies depend on the accuracy of the input structures

43. Preparing these structures for an Atomistic modeling task, such as molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, can involve the use of a variety of different tools for: correcting errors, ad …

44. Here, we investigate this recognition process by combining Atomistic simulations, site-directed mutagenesis, and

45. This so-called “Atomistic individualism” was a defense of community and mutual aid, something the traditionalist right and collectivist left should appreciate rather than condemn

46. Atomistic view is a philosophycal thought that originated in atomism or the atomic theory: the theory that every matter found in the universe is composed of atoms (smallest indivisible particle)

47. Generally, Atomistic view connotes any doctrine which posits that the subject-matter of a given system is divisible into a individual constituents

48. Atomistic psychology at·om·is·tic psy·chol·o·gy any psychological system based on the doctrine that mental processes are built up through the combination of …

49. The Open Visualization Tool (OVITO) is a new 3D visualization software designed for post-processing Atomistic data obtained from molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo simulations

50. The Atomistic understanding and modeling of these interfaces is challenging due to the structural complexity and the presence of the electrochemical potential

51. Atomistic Individualism: Anatomy of a Smear

52. AtomEye: Atomistic configuration viewer Gallery Features File formats Manual Mac Keybinding Download Utilities FAQ Bug report History

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What does atomistic theory mean?

atomism, atomic theory, atomist theory, atomistic theory (noun) (chemistry) any theory in which all matter is composed of tiny discrete finite indivisible indestructible particles "the ancient Greek philosophers Democritus and Epicurus held atomic theories of the universe"

What is the meaning of atomistic view?

Generally, atomistic view connotes any doctrine which posits that the subject-matter of a given system is divisible into a individual constituents which cannot be further divided and are thus the ultimate components of the system.

What does atomistic market mean?

atomistic (Adjective) (said of a market) divided such that no single actor can noticeably affect market-wide values such as the price; competitive Webster Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition:

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