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ATLAS [ˈatləs]

atlas (noun) · atlases (plural noun) · atlas vertebra (noun) · atlas vertebrae (plural noun) · atlas vertebras (plural noun) · atlantes (plural noun)


  • one of the Titans, who was punished for his part in their revolt against Zeus by being made to support the heavens. He became identified with the Atlas Mountains.
Synonyms: muscleman . strongman . macho . iron man . hercules . samson . tarzan . he-man . beefcake . stud . bruiser . studmuffin . wimp .

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What does the word 'atlas' means?

Origin and Meaning of Atlas. A user from Illinois, United States says the name Atlas is of Greek origin and means "Person who holds the world in his hands".

What is the difference between Atlas and a globe?

As proper nouns the difference between globe and atlas. is that globe is a city in arizona while atlas is (greek god) son of iapetus and clymene, war leader of the titans ordered by the god zeus to support the sky on his shoulders; father to hesperides, the hyades, and the pleiades; king of the legendary atlantis.

What is the difference between Atlas and map?

The key difference between map and atlas is that a map is a representation of an area of land whereas an atlas is a collection of maps . An atlas can contain different types of maps. 1. Overview and Key Difference

What is a good Atlas?

A good star atlas provides a road map of the sky. As such, it can start you on an adventure that will last your whole life. The objects it highlights and the information it contains will guide you ...

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