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1. An intense fear of untidiness or disorder is called Ataxophobia

An, Ataxophobia

2. Ataxophobia is an irrational and abnormal fear of disorder and dysfunction. Literally, this word with Greek roots means ‘fear of untidiness’

Ataxophobia, An, And, Abnormal

3. Ataxophobia is the fear of disorder or untidiness.


4. Ataxophobia is the fear of disorder or untidiness. The origin of the word a is Greek (meaning no), taxo is Greek (meaning order) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear)

Ataxophobia, And

5. Ataxophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is discussed on the Phobia Types page


6. Ataxophobia- Fear of disorder or untidiness


7. Ataxophobia – Fear of disorder or untidiness; Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection; Athazagoraphobia – Fear of being forgotten or ignored; Atychiphobia – Fear of failure; Aulophobia – Fear of flutes; Aurophobia – Fear of gold; Auroraphobia – Fear of an Aurora, sometimes called northern lights

Ataxophobia, Atelophobia, Athazagoraphobia, Atychiphobia, Aulophobia, Aurophobia, Auroraphobia, An, Aurora

8. Comments (0) Share Ataxophobia is the fear of disorders.


9. The Ataxophobia Is excessive and irrational fear of disorder

Ataxophobia, And

10. Symptoms of Ataxophobia Phobias can be of many types; However, these disorders usually share the same symptoms, which can be classified as cognitive, behavioral and physical

Ataxophobia, As, And

11. Ataxophobia can be considered a good habit than a phobia


12. How to say Ataxophobia in English? Pronunciation of Ataxophobia with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning and more for Ataxophobia.

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13. In most cases, Ataxophobia (although not always) is triggered by an extremely negative encounter from the past

Ataxophobia, Although, Always, An

14. He recently admitted that he suffers from Ataxophobia (fear of disorder) to the point where he feels compelled to throw out drink cans in the refrigerator if there is an uneven number

Admitted, Ataxophobia, An

15. Ataxophobia is one such irrational phobia, which means fear of chaos or disorder


16. People suffering from Ataxophobia cannot bear untidiness and want everything well organised

Ataxophobia, And

17. Some of the most common symptoms of Ataxophobia include feeling of panic, feeling of terror, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, anxiety, trembling and feeling of dread.

Ataxophobia, Anxiety, And

18. Ataxophobia (say "a-tax-oh-pho-bee-a") is the fear of messes or when things aren’t put away neatly

Ataxophobia, Aren, Away

19. Fun Facts about the name Ataxophobia

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20. How unique is the name Ataxophobia? Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S


21. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Ataxophobia was not present

Administration, Ataxophobia

22. Ataxophobia should be treated as early as possible so that people can go on to lead fulfilling lives

Ataxophobia, As

23. Psychological therapy or psychotherapy is a good way to manage Ataxophobia


24. Ataxophobia answers are found in the Taber's Medical Dictionary powered by Unbound Medicine

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25. Tag Archives: Ataxophobia Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, Street Vending

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26. Ataxophobia Definition from Social Science Dictionaries & Glossaries

Ataxophobia, Amp

27. Fear of disorder or untidiness Ataxophobia


28. David's irrational fear is Ataxophobia.


29. The Ataxophobia ia berisiko ketakutan dan tidak beretika


30. Ataxophobia (s) , Ataxophobias (pl) A mental dread of disorder or chaos: Every time Mrs

Ataxophobia, Ataxophobias

31. Smith went to visit her husband's Aunt Gracia, Gracia's Ataxophobia appeared to increase because she was constantly rearranging things on her shelves or dusting things to such a degree, that it was impossible to carry on much of a conversation with her.

Aunt, Ataxophobia, Appeared

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of phobia is Ataxophobia?

Ataxophobia is part of the famous group of disorders known as specific phobias. These alterations are characterized by fear of an irrational element or a specific situation. In the case of ataxophobia, the dreaded situation is disorder. So this disorder can be understood as “disorder phobia”. Specific phobias make up a type of anxiety disorder.

Is the empty desk a sign of Ataxophobia?

Ataxophobia is an irrational and abnormal fear of disorder and dysfunction. Literally, this word with Greek roots means ‘fear of untidiness’. “If a cluttered desk is a sign of cluttered mind, if what, then is an empty desk a sign?”

What does atelophobia mean?

Phobias are characterized by avoidant behavior; in other words, someone will go out of their way to avoid whatever scares them. In the case of atelophobia, this would mean steering clear of situations where you might make a mistake or come across as imperfect.

What is the fear of untidiness called?

Do they keep all their belongings in an order that is fascinating and yet disturbing? Well, they are most likely to be suffering from a condition called Ataxophobia. Ataxophobia is an irrational and abnormal fear of disorder and dysfunction. Literally, this word with Greek roots means ‘fear of untidiness’.

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