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ATARAXY [ˈadəˌraksē]


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1. Ataraxy: "The person may achieve a perfect state of peace and serenity, which is called Ataraxy."

2. Synonyms for Ataraxy include tranquillity, calmness, composure, serenity, equanimity, coolness, tranquility, aplomb, imperturbability and cool

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6. Ataraxy generates routes from a routing table, which is a Clojure map, or a list of alternating keys and values. The keys of the table are routes, and the data type used defines a way of matching and destructuring a request

7. Ataraxy Keeping Calm, Dancing Down the Paper Trails, and Making Processes Painless

8. Death metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. Ataraxy owns Filthy Cave Records.

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10. Absolute Ataraxy should be our only activity, but by our very nature we cannot live in absolute Ataraxy, as Ataraxy and life are mutually exclusive

11. I was nonplussed, I stared at my teacher, never before had his swollen face seemed so replete with indifference, stone Ataraxy.

12. Ataraxy (uncountable) Freedom from mental disturbance; imperturbability, dogged indifference

13. Ataraxy's Family Mediation training is regulated by the Family Mediation Council which approves all Foundation Training Courses and sets the criteria for gaining accreditation as a family mediator.

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16. Ataraxy Vice Master (Gameplay) Responsible for all things gameplay-related: lobbies, events, strategies and tactics

17. Austin Ataraxy Vice Master (Membership) Responsible for member management and engagement

18. Executive leader and director of Ataraxy2.0

19. Welcome to Hotel Boutique Ataraxy, a place to enjoy life The most magical place in the insular Caribbean, in a privileged area at a tourist and commercial level that offers an experience of tranquility and relaxation to its guests Below is a carousel

20. Definition of Ataraxy in the dictionary

21. What does Ataraxy mean? Information and translations of Ataraxy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

22. Ataraxy started on June 6th 2009

23. Democritus understood Ataraxy as the rule of reason over passions and the freedom of the soul from the fear of death and other misfortune

24. In the philosophy of Epicurus and his school, Ataraxy is the highest ideal of life, the state of the wise man who has attained inner freedom.

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29. Ataraxy is creating Music,videos,art

30. Ataraxy generates routes from a routing table, which is a Clojure map, or a list of alternating keys and values

31. What does Ataraxy mean? The freedom from mental disturbance; imperturbability, dogged indifference

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35. Quotes tagged as "Ataraxy" Showing 1-21 of 21 “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ― Bernard M

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40. Ataraxy Ventures General Information Description

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What does ataraxia mean?

Ataraxia definition is - calmness untroubled by mental or emotional disquiet. How to use ataraxia in a sentence.

Is ataraxia the same as epoche?

Epoché is a state of the intellect on account of which we neither deny nor affirm anything. Ataraxia is an untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul." Sextus gave this detailed account of ataraxia :

What is Epicurean ataraxia?

Ataraxia is a key component of the Epicurean conception of the highest good. Epicureans value ataraxia highly because of how they understand pleasure. Epicureans argue that pleasure is the highest good.

Who is the sceptic in seeking ataraxia?

The Sceptic in seeking ataraxia in the things of opinion, does not entirely escape from suffering from his sensations. Ataraxia came to the Sceptic as success in painting the foam on a horse's mouth came to Apelles the painter.

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