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1. Fear can be what keeps younger couples together: fear of an end, of the stain of giving up, of Asundering a union, of the hamster wheel of aloneness. When my first wife left me, I was twenty-three years old

An, Asundering, Aloneness

2. "Asundering" a New Year! December 22, 2020 / Jamison Stone


3. Search for Content by Asundering; Report User Profile


4. It was not an amicable Asundering

An, Amicable, Asundering

5. The church has been guilty of "Asundering" for a long time


6. It represents a triumph of a world-denying, body-denying form of Christianity, an anti-rational form of Christianity, an Aristotelian-form of Christianity rather than a neo-Platonic form of Christianity, essentially Asundering the realm of theology from the realm of reason.

An, Anti, Aristotelian, Asundering

7. The Asundering of the Bodypolitic We Need Your Support — Donate, Share, Sign-Up Ways to Support The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW21) is committed to enhancing the capacity of Black communities in the U.S


8. Hinduism lost its way by Asundering its relation with the Creator of the Universe, giving up its simplicity and depriving itself of the moral and spiritual vitality

Asundering, And

9. I’m pretty sure Willow and Chase will do some “Asundering” before this whole mess is over

And, Asundering

10. Now that he is the president of the United States, Trump has made it clear that he will augment the capacity of ICE and clear the country of illegal immigrants, irrespective of the Asundering on

Augment, And, Asundering

11. Kirim Revisi untuk 'Asundering' Untuk mengurangi spam, alamat email Anda yang valid kami perlukan

Asundering, Alamat, Anda

12. JENNIFER and Robert Yaffa are Asundering

And, Are, Asundering

13. This author uses her own personal testimony as a triumphant backdrop for overcoming life’s disappointments such as an untimely divorce, a son born with major medical conditions and challenges which God is still transforming into a major miracle TODAY, and Asundering

Author, As, An, And, Asundering

14. But this time, Qin Fen was struck by Asundering Void Palm by a divine beast-level expert, White Tiger


15. Before her laid a body frozen in time, ebbed in a glass-like cocoon as flames danced about the land, Asundering everything in their path

As, About, Asundering

16. When both man and wife agree to the “Asundering rites” there is really no option by my reckoning because they will just not try to accommodate each other again

And, Agree, Asundering, Accommodate, Again

17. I’ve been referred to by every racial slur under the sun; with accusations of Arab ancestry being my most frequent Asundering

Accusations, Arab, Ancestry, Asundering

18. On the rare day he handled divorce court, his last words as a good Catholic boy before heading in were, "Here I go Asundering"

As, Asundering

19. But the important thing is that the radials, which would tend to explode since they are outwardly pushing, are always frustrated by the tensile finiteness of the circumferential vectors, which close together in an orderly manner to cohere the disorderly Asundering.

Are, Always, An, Asundering

20. So from wing to reddening, where Muriel wanders toward a louder love, as I toward and offer mercy sung like something sleeping stung and swell as with and am as if Asundering— †

As, And, Am, Asundering

21. “Asura Sword Technique , One Sword Asundering World !” Yan Changfeng has a long hair and uses the power of Asura Sword to display the extremely powerful sword of Asura Sword

Asura, Asundering, And

22. This sword is the trick he made into “One Sword Asundering World Talisman” a thousand years ago.

Asundering, Ago

23. If you run away with a piece of me You'll be Asundering our lives you'll see

Away, Asundering

24. We hope the Asundering is amicable, at least on-camera

Asundering, Amicable, At

25. Also reduced Asundering Earth's duration to 10 secounds

Also, Asundering

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ASUNDERING [ˈsəndər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does asunder mean in the Bible?

Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Asunder. ASUNDER. a-sun'-der: This word occurs 22 times in the King James Version, 13 in Old Testament and 9 in the New Testament. It is found in combination with break (twice), burst, cleave (twice), depart, cut (six times), divide (three times), drive, part, pluck, put (twice), rend, saw.

What does asunder mean?

Asunder is defined as being shattered or broken up into little pieces. If you hit a watermelon with a sledgehammer and it burst into many pieces, that is an example that you tore the watermelon asunder. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Asunder.".

What does the phrase 'rend asunder' mean?

It is a relative of the verb sunder, which means "to break apart or in two" or "to become parted or severed." The "into parts" sense of asunder is often used in the phrase tear asunder, which can be used both literally and figuratively (as in "a family torn asunder by tragedy").

What is the adjective for asunder?

ASUNDER (adjective) The adjective ASUNDER has 1 sense: 1. widely separated especially in space Familiarity information: ASUNDER used as an adjective is very rare.

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