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1. Adhesive Gasketing; Adjustable Astragals; Brush Gasketing; Door Top Weatherstrip; Fire Glazing; Locking Astragals; Perimeter Gasketing; Privacy Seals; Security Astragals; Self-Adhesive Astragals; Split Astragal Seals; Split Concealed Astragals; T & Overlapping Astragals ; Weatherization Products; Door Bottoms; Door Accessories; Floor Molding; Frame-Related

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2. An astragal is a piece of hardware that is used on a pair of doors to seal the gap between the doors when they are closed. Astragals are different from a mullion because the astragal is fastened to the door itself

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3. Browse a selection of Pemko adjustable Astragals available through ASSA ABLOY used to seal the gap between a pair of doors

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4. Choose from our selection of door Astragals in a wide range of styles and sizes

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5. Astragals are normally used on pairs of doors

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6. These Astragals are excellent for vulnerable doors, such as classrooms and auditoriums that open into an exterior area

Astragals, Are, As, And, Auditoriums, An, Area

7. These Astragals can be by purchased for low prices at trademark hardware, your one stop shop for all high quality door hardware.

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8. Air, insects, and water infiltration due to reaching, bending, or just downright subpar installation are the problem, and our French door Astragals are the solution

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9. Endura Astragals are simple to install, easy to use, and long-lasting

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10. Our Acoustic double door Astragals are designed to effectively seal off the air gaps that create sound leaks where the doors meet

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11. Just as you need acoustic door jambs to seal off the outside vertical sides and top of your door, these Astragals are used to seal off the vertical meeting point at …

As, Acoustic, And, Astragals, Are, At

12. Special-Lite ® Astragals are designed to cover the clearance gap between door pairs, acting as a weather seal, minimizing noise, reducing smoke infiltration in case of a fire, and further increasing energy-efficiency of the entrance

Astragals, Are, Acting, As, And

13. Our Astragals also increase security by reducing an intruder’s ability to force open the doors

Astragals, Also, An, Ability

14. Astragals have an upper and lower bolt that may be available in various lengths depending on the level of security and various configurations for operation, including slide, flip and push button

Astragals, An, And, Available

15. Astragals are full-length door edge devices that seal the hatchway door and silence much of the metal-to-metal closing noise

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16. Made of fl exible black rubber, Astragals are manufactured to fi t specifi c models of hatchway door

Astragals, Are

17. Astragals Astragals cover the margin between double doors to help complete the seal against air and moisture infiltration, with aluminum construction for stability, holding power and durability.

Astragals, Against, Air, And, Aluminum

18. Ultrafab offers Door Astragals that are an easy to install replacement for existing commercial doors

Astragals, Are, An

19. Astragals are used to close the gap between pairs of doors or can be used on one door active or coordinating door applications

Astragals, Are, Active, Applications

20. Like transom bars, Astragals also sit between two doors, however Astragals are fixed to one of the doors

Astragals, Also, Are

21. Astragals are offered in interior or exterior (kerfed) styles

Astragals, Are

22. All Imperial Astragals are designed to provide: Easy installation, with patent-pending adjustable strike plate base that provides easy adjustments with a unique ratcheting teeth system designed to keep the strike plate in place long-term; Heightened security with a locking thumb bolt operated by a simple ¼ turn

All, Astragals, Are, Adjustable, Adjustments

23. Door Latch Protectors, Guards & Astragals; Door Latch Protectors, Guards & Astragals

Amp, Astragals

24. Astragals AND MEETING STILES Astragals AND MEETING STILES Astragal and Meeting Stile Gasketing - Split Astragals (Cont.) 305_N AVAILABLE FINISHES: B, C, D, G 18061_NB AVAILABLE FINISHES: C, D, G, SN AVAILABLE FINISHES FOR PRODUCTS SHOWN ON THIS PAGE (see General Information section for finish chart) AM-3 75 NOTE: Brush should mesh from 1/32" to

Astragals, And, Astragal, Available, Am

25. Endura Astragals are available at a wide range of price points

Astragals, Are, Available, At

26. From the most advanced to the most budget-friendly, you can trust our French door Astragals are high quality you can only get from door components that are Powered By Endura®

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27. Z Astragals add security and cover gaps between doors

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28. Astragals synonyms, Astragals pronunciation, Astragals translation, English dictionary definition of Astragals


29. Astragals Seal doors from drafts, light seepage and can add extra security

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30. FIRE-RATED EDGES & Astragals: Metal Edges and Astragals up to 108” are Fire-Rated up to 90 minutes by Intertek Warnock Hersey, however only marked upon request

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31. EDGE & ASTRAGAL MATERIAL Door edges and Astragals are fabricated from cold rolled steel

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32. Buy Commercial Door Astragals and Meeting Stiles from Pemko and all major brands of door hardware

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33. Astragals PHEASANTS- Commonly referred to as “ring-necked” pheasants, these striking bird’s rooster-like crowing can be heard as far as a mile away

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34. Sub Categories: "T" Astragals Accessories Adjustable Astragals Aluminum Black Blackened Satin Brass Clear Coated Bright Bronze Bright Dip Gold Anodized Aluminum Bronze Brown Brushed Stainless Steel Clear Aluminum Corner Seal Dark Bronze Aluminum Dark Bronze Anodized Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Double Door Astragals EPDM Gold Aluminum Gray Primer

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ASTRAGALS [ˈastrəɡəl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does astragal mean?

An astragal is a moulding profile composed of a half-round surface surrounded by two flat planes (fillets). An astragal is sometimes referred to as a miniature torus. It can be an architectural element used at the top or base of a column, but is also employed as a framing device on furniture and woodwork.

What is another word for astragal?

Need synonyms for astragal? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Noun. Any of several plants indigenous to the western United States, of genus Oxytropis or Astragalus. locoweed. astragalus. crazyweed. loco.

What are astragals available?

Available as a flat bar or with a vinyl weather seal , Special-Lite Astragals can be ordered for doors with a radius stile or a bevel stile. Astragals are available in any of the anodized and painted finish colors we offer or can be matched to any custom color.

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