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Looking for sentences with "Astragals"? Here are some examples.

1. astragals are different from a mullion because the astragal is fastened to the door itself. A mullion is attached to the frame and the doors stop against it. Mullions can, however, provide more security than an astragal. In this article we will focus just on door astragals.
2. Overlapping astragals are not permitted in pairs (swing in same direction) with double vertical rod application; Auto Operators do not function properly when used when the doors are equipped with astragals. Dutch Doors- usually do not interfere with hardware applications. Flush Transom Panels: Vertical Rod strikes may create issues
3. Astragals, commonly referred to as “T” astragals, may be the most important part of a french door system. An astragal is the vertical strip that is placed in between your two french doors. An astragal is the vertical strip that is placed in between your two french doors.
4. astragals have an upper and lower bolt that may be available in various lengths depending on the level of security and various configurations for operation, including slide, flip and push button. The astragal boot is located on the bolt and seals to keep drafts and moisture from entering your home. The astragal boot can be either fixed or
5. Security astragals are applied at the gap along the full door height, either between two double doors, or between the door and the adjacent jamb to prevent prying, tampering and manipulation of the door. These astragals are excellent for vulnerable doors, such as classrooms and auditoriums that open into an exterior area. these astragals can be by purchased for low prices at trademark hardware
6. Most astragals (or astragali?) seemed to be ones with a cove of 1/4" to 1/2" on either side with a 1/2" bead in the middle. There were also a smattering of flat astragals or ones with minimal detail, but they were far less attractive. With the design in our minds, I could move onto the next step of actually making it.
7. Z astragals add security and cover gaps between doors. usually mounted to inactive door leaf supplied with countersink holes for flat head screws contains strike, flush bolt, or other hardware preps as needed standard dimensions are: height is 1 inch less than door opening width is 1 53/64 inches with ¾ inch legs 14 gauge […]
8. 76 Fax: 1-847-581-2949 † US: 1-800-929-9247 † Adams Parts astragals Does the “slam-bam” of closing elevator doors make riders in your service area jumpy? Does light fl ash in through the doors like a laser light
9. Endura astragals are simple to install, easy to use, and long-lasting. We have an astragal for every builder, every home, and every condition. Find the best astragal for your French doors from our extensive collection. Learn more about Endura’s French door solutions and with our Ultimate Astragal Product Line brochure.
10. 6.4.7 astragals. Doors swinging in pairs, where located within a means of egress, shall not be equipped with astragals that inhibit the free use of either leaf. Pairs of doors that require astragals shall have at least one attached in place to project
11. Also note that astragals are actually required on 3-hour fire-rated pairs of doors. Single Doors. On single doors, astragals can be mounted to the vertical lock edge of the door. The astragal overlaps the frame face for the purpose of added security. astragals are less common on single doors, but might be applied to meet a requested specification.
12. Our Acoustic double door astragals are designed to effectively seal off the air gaps that create sound leaks where the doors meet. Just as you need acoustic door jambs to seal off the outside vertical sides and top of your door, these astragals are used to seal off the vertical meeting point at the center of double doors.
13. Astragal Boot provides enhanced sealing power. Genuine Therma-Tru® astragals help deliver enhanced sealing power. Our astragals feature a secure bottom boot designed to fit tightly to the astragal and engineered to work with the active bottom sweep for an enhanced seal across the sill.
14. NFPA 80 prohibits egress doors from having an overlapping astragal that restricts the free use of either leaf. NFPA 80 defines two types of astragals – overlapping astragals and split astragals. Split astragals are also called meeting stile gasketing.
15. Some Metal Edges and astragals up to 108” are Fire-Rated up to 90 minutes by Intertek Warnock Hersey, others carry a UL listing, Please select on order form, as listed edges are only marked upon request. EDGE & ASTRAGAL MATERIAL Door edges and astragals can be fabricated from cold rolled steel, stainless steel or architectural finishes.

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