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1. Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Sangoma.

Asterisk, And, Applications

2. Definition of Asterisk (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the character * used in printing or writing as a reference mark, as an indication of the omission of letters or words, to denote a hypothetical or unattested linguistic form, or for various arbitrary meanings

Asterisk, As, An, Arbitrary

3. The Official website for all Asterisk products! Customize your Carbon Cell, Ultra Cell 3.0, The Cell, Junior Cell, or Micro Cell Knee Protection Systems or shop from our line of genuine Asterisk accessories, including undersleeves and Zero G Knee Brace pants

All, Asterisk, Accessories, And

4. Asterisk products are Proudly Made in the USA!

Asterisk, Are

5. An Asterisk is a star-shaped symbol (*) primarily used to call attention to a footnote, indicate an omission, point to disclaimers (which often appear in advertisements), and dress up company logos

An, Asterisk, Attention, Appear, Advertisements, And

6. An Asterisk is also often placed in front of constructions that are ungrammatical.

An, Asterisk, Also, Are

7. Asterisk is an open source toolkit for building communications applications

Asterisk, An, Applications

8. For more information on how to use Asterisk, see the Configuration and Operation sections of the wiki

Asterisk, And

9. The Asterisk is the little star symbol above the “8” key on your keyboard

Asterisk, Above

10. The word comes from a Greek word meaning “ little star.” (1) In the past, Asterisks were used to show the omission of a letter or a passage in time, but that role has largely been taken over by the ellipsis


11. Asterisks always follow punctuation marks, with one exception

Asterisks, Always

12. Dashes (as show above, if you were paying attention) always go after the Asterisk

As, Above, Attention, Always, After, Asterisk

13. If you are using an Asterisk to give your reader more information (or some fun fine print), the extra info should always appear at the bottom of the

Are, An, Asterisk, Always, Appear, At

14. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Asterisk crossword clue

Answers, Asterisk

15. Asterisks are usually used to show that additional information is given at the bottom of a page of text

Asterisks, Are, Additional, At

16. (Definition of Asterisk from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Asterisk, Academic

17. Incorrect pronounciation of the word 'Asterisk'


18. Asterisk is a throwback tribute to when times were slower and when friends and neighbors would gather around the supper table

Asterisk, And, Around

19. When you walk into Asterisk, you’ll immediately feel as though you are stepping back in time… to a very sophisticated establishment in a very cool moment in time.

Asterisk, As, Are

20. The Asterisk was first used in printing and writing in the early 1600s

Asterisk, And

21. Use an Asterisk or Asterisks to indicate a footnote at the bottom of the page

An, Asterisk, Asterisks, At

22. / ˈæs.tɚ.ɪsk / the symbol *, used to refer readers to a note at the bottom of a page of text, or to show that a letter is missing from a word: Sometimes taboo words are written with Asterisks to avoid causing …

At, Are, Asterisks, Avoid

23. Even though Asterisk does not look like a tricky word to pronounce, it can be problematic


24. The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce security releases for Asterisk 16, 17 and 18, and Certified Asterisk 16.8

Asterisk, Announce, And

25. Asterisk is a software implementation of a private branch exchange (PBX).


26. Discover Huntington's Asterisk-Free Checking account free from minimum balances and maintenance fees, and various perks for simple money management

Asterisk, Account, And

27. Apply online or visit a branch to open an Asterisk-Free account today!

Apply, An, Asterisk, Account

28. Because this item is hand built at Asterisk, there may be an additional 2 to 3-day build process before your item will be shipped

At, Asterisk, An, Additional

29. The Asterisk represents a wildcard or wild character with computers


30. An Asterisk in computer programming

An, Asterisk

31. Another example of an Asterisk is in the nonexecutable statement used with some programming languages.

Another, An, Asterisk

32. The Asterisk project is sponsored and maintained by Sangoma, the steward of the Asterisk code base and owner of the Asterisk trademark

Asterisk, And

33. Proud of our open source heritage, Sangoma develops award-winning products and services designed for use with Asterisk, including hardware, phones, and cloud services, as well as plug-and-play business phone systems based on Asterisk.

Award, And, Asterisk, As

34. Welcome to Asterisk Experiences made better



Up to$5cash back
 · Design a complete Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional PBX system with Asterisk, even if you have only basic telecommunications knowledge


36. This bestselling guide makes it easy with a detailed … - Selection from Asterisk: The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition [Book]


37. Asterisk is… an Open Source software development project

Asterisk, An

38. Asterisk is the most popular and widely adopted open-source PBX platform that powers IP PBX systems, conference servers and VoIP gateways

Asterisk, And, Adopted

39. The Asterisk PBX is a great money saver for business phone bills and not just for large businesses

Asterisk, And

40. The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water (Japanese: 学戦都市アスタリスク, Hepburn: Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku, lit."Academy Battle City Asterisk") is a Japanese light novel series written by Yū Miyazaki, and illustrated by Okiura

Asterisk, Academy, Asutarisuku, And

41. COVID update: Asterisk Supper Club has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options

Asterisk, Amp

42. 250 reviews of Asterisk Supper Club "What a great place! I can't believe how much Uptown Westerville is changing


43. Asterisk: 1 n a star-shaped character (*) used in printing Synonyms: star Type of: character , grapheme , graphic symbol a written symbol that is used to represent speech v mark with an Asterisk Synonyms: star Type of: mark make or leave a mark on

Asterisk, An

44. ~Asterisk~ is ORANGE RANGE's tenth single


45. 1 Track List 2 Video 3 Asterisk Lyrics 4 Characters 5 External Links 6


46. The Asterisk Project has 37 repositories available

Asterisk, Available

47. Asterisk is an open source telephony software solution developed by Digium

Asterisk, An

48. Since Asterisk is a telephony solution, it can interface with telephone systems as well as more modern ones like Skype with the addon Skype for Asterisk.

Asterisk, As, Addon

49. Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment*Asterisk · ORANGE RANGENatural℗ 2005 Sony Music RecordsReleased on: 2005-10-12Producer: Unknown (For Japan Us


50. Find Asterisk stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

Asterisk, And

51. The smallest Docker image with Asterisk PBX Container

Asterisk, Andrius

52. Asterisk is an open-source framework used for building communication applications

Asterisk, An, Applications

53. The Asterisk War is the opening theme for the second cour of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime

Asterisk, Anime

54. • But for the time being, at least, stick an Asterisk next to this season

At, An, Asterisk

55. • So reaching profitability, even if it came with an Asterisk, was a major milestone

An, Asterisk

56. • I wrote up my notes deep into the night, furrowing pages with black underlinings and Asterisks

And, Asterisks

57. • Titles with graphics are marked with one Asterisk

Are, Asterisk

58. ‘The Asterisk indicates a cross-reactive species.’ ‘The 80 species denoted by a double Asterisk are native species included on the State list of rare, threatened or endangered plants of Maryland.’ ‘An individual, whose name is marked with a double Asterisk, gave a witness statement which was put in evidence under the Civil Evidence

Asterisk, Are, An

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ASTERISK [ˈastəˌrisk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an asterisk stand for?

The word asterisk is Greek in origin, from asteri, meaning “star.” The symbol is meant to represent a star and was developed by printers in the Middle Ages. Asterisks are most commonly placed immediately following the word or number that accompanies an omission or footnote.

What is an asterisk and how is it used?

An asterisk is a star-shaped symbol (*) primarily used to call attention to a footnote, indicate an omission, point to disclaimers (which often appear in advertisements), and dress up company logos. An asterisk is also often placed in front of constructions that are ungrammatical .

What is an asterisk often means?

An asterisk is a star-shaped symbol (*) primarily used to call attention to a footnote, indicate an omission, point to disclaimers (which often appear in advertisements), and dress up company logos. An asterisk is also often placed in front of constructions that are ungrammatical .

What does asterisk mean in my computer?

(2) In programming, the asterisk or "star" symbol (*) means multiplication. For example, 10 * 7 means 10 multiplied by 7. The * is also a key on computer keypads for entering expressions using multiplication.

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