Use Assumption in a sentence


ASSUMPTION [əˈsəm(p)SH(ə)n]

assumption (noun) · assumptions (plural noun) · Assumption (noun)

  • a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof:
Synonyms: supposition . presupposition . presumption . premise . belief . expectation . conjecture . speculation . surmise . guess . theory . hypothesis . postulation . conclusion . deduction . inference . thought . suspicion . notion . impression . fancy . guesswork . guessing . reckoning .
  • the action of taking on power or responsibility:
Synonyms: acceptance . shouldering . handling . managing . tackling . undertaking . seizure . seizing . taking . appropriation . appropriating . commandeering . expropriation . expropriating . confiscation . confiscating . requisition . requisitioning . hijack . hijacking . wresting . usurping . preempting . arrogation . claiming .
  • the reception of the Virgin Mary bodily into heaven. This was formally declared a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.
  • the feast in honour of the Assumption, celebrated on 15 August.
  • arrogance or presumption.

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1. Assumption definition is - a taking to or upon oneself

2. How to use Assumption in a sentence.

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18. Noun something taken for granted; a supposition: a correct Assumption. the act of taking for granted or supposing

19. Assumption noun (BELIEF) C1 [ C ] something that you accept as true without question or proof: People tend to make Assumptions about you when you have a disability.

20. Find 84 ways to say Assumption, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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22. An Assumption is something that you assume to be the case, even without proof

23. For example, people might make the Assumption that you're a nerd if you wear glasses, even though that's not true

24. Assumption noun (BELIEF) C1 [ C ] something that you accept as true without question or proof: People tend to make Assumptions about you when you have a disability.

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30. The act of taking to or upon oneself: Assumption of an obligation

31. The act of taking possession or asserting a claim: Assumption of command

32. The act of taking for granted: Assumption of a false theory

33. Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof; a supposition: a valid Assumption

34. Assumption: something taken as being true or factual and used as a starting point for a course of action or reasoning

35. Assumption College, founded 1885 - a private boys only Catholic school in Bangkok, Thailand.

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38. Mortgage Assumption is the process of one borrower taking over, or assuming, another borrower’s existing home loan

39. Open-world Assumption, Assumption that the truth value of a statement may be true irrespective of whether or not it is known to be true Tacit Assumption , belief applied in developing a logical argument or decision that is not explicitly voiced nor necessarily understood by the decision maker

40. Assumption is a city in Christian County, Illinois, United States

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42. What does Assumption mean? The definition of an Assumption is an idea that is formed without evidence

43. (noun) An example of an Assumption is that t

44. An Assumption is an unexamined belief: what we think without realizing we think it

45. Our inferences (also called conclusions) are often based on Assumptions that we haven't thought about critically

46. A critical thinker, however, is attentive to these Assumptions because they are sometimes incorrect or misguided.

47. Assumption, The The Assumption Assumption, The 1 (in the Roman Catholic religion) the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary (= Jesus' mother) into heaven 2 the …

48. Assumption Clause: A provision in a mortgage contract that allows the seller of a home to pass responsibility to the buyer of the home for the existing mortgage

49. In Assumption, his follow-up to the wickedly funny I Am Not Sidney Poitier, Percival Everett is in top form as he once again upends our expectations about characters, plot, race, and meaning

50. A wild ride to the heart of a baffling mystery, Assumption is a literary thriller like no other.

51. ‘The Assumption of direct power by the crown was not wholly welcomed by settlers.’ ‘Upon Yushchenko's Assumption of the presidency he immediately arranged to visit Moscow.’ ‘We are deeply concerned by the King's Assumption of power on 1 March, which will increase the risk of instability in the country and undermine the institutions of

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54. The government have retained the support which greeted their Assumption of power last March The party is calling for `a common Assumption of responsibility" It's difficult to believe that Cliff's Assumption of the role of `first knight of pop" has come about as a consequence of towering artistic merit

55. The Assumption (Rel) la Asunción.

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