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ASSUMING [əˈso͞omiNG]




  • suppose to be the case, without proof:
Synonyms: presume . suppose . take it . presuppose . conjecture . surmise . conclude . deduce . infer . reckon . reason . guess . imagine . think . fancy . suspect . expect . accept . believe . understand . gather . glean . figure . opine . ween .

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1. Assuming definition is - having or showing the attitude of someone who assumes something that should not be assumed : pretentious, presumptuous

2. How to use Assuming in a sentence.

3. Conj (often foll by that) if it is assumed or taken for granted (that): even Assuming he understands the problem, he will never take any action

4. Find 13 ways to say Assuming, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

5. Synonyms & Antonyms of Assuming (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to take to or upon oneself we promised to assume responsibility for any damage to the flower beds caused by the volleyball game in the backyard

6. Assuming is defined as taking on responsibility or fulfilling the obligations of someone else's position by taking over his job

7. An example of Assuming is when you do extra duties at work

8. An example of Assuming is taking on the responsibilities of someone who was fired.

9. Assuming Assuming [ assum, expr] evaluates expr with assum appended to $Assumptions, so that assum is included in the default assumptions used by functions such as Refine, Simplify, and Integrate.

10. By Assuming the previous owner's remaining

11. If someone accuses you of being Assuming, he or she thinks you are arrogant or that you take too much for granted

12. If you take on an Assuming tone when you ask for something, people are more likely to feel offended than to be generous

13. By Assuming that title, the sovereign of Moscow tried to emphasize that he was a major ruler or emperor on par with the Byzantine emperor or the Mongol khan

14. The frequency of goggle-eyed figures and water symbolism in Teotihuacan art has misled investigators into Assuming that ll figures with these associations represent Tlaloc.

15. Atheism affirms that there are no gods or goddesses, Assuming that god means a personal, extramundane entity

16. I was to make a parable of my childish experience with the Skye terrier, Assuming that life was organised to do me good

17. We have, in other words, been Assuming that language moves entirely in the ideational or cognitive sphere.

18. Assuming - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

19. Stop Assuming airs, Mary, you're not some world-class actor—you're

20. Vance was investigated over allegations of inappropriate behaviour before Assuming top military job, says Stephen Harper’s ex-chief of staff By Jacques Gallant Legal Affairs Reporter Mon

21.Assuming is a form of giving away your power to another regarding an outcome that concerns you.” ― Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths tags: Assuming , honor , inspiration , integrity , joy , love , peace , power , power-of-words , truth , wisdom

22.Assuming that the applications and databases are on separate machines, what is the current thinking on where the database should reside?’ ‘Assuming the rest of the world continues to grow, this sector may benefit.’ ‘On Sunday the Alice News - Assuming corrective action had been taken - …

23.Assuming that the applications and databases are on separate machines, what is the current thinking on where the database should reside?’ ‘Assuming the rest of the world continues to grow, this sector may benefit.’ ‘On Sunday the Alice News - Assuming corrective action had been taken - …

24. "I'm Assuming you don't plan on coming back." Thanks a lot in advance

25. The expression Assuming property calling sequence evaluates the expression under the assumption property on all names in expression.

26. Synonyms for Assuming in Free Thesaurus

27. 47 synonyms for Assuming: if, provided, providing, allowing, whether, admitting, supposing, granting

28. Conjunction You use Assuming or Assuming that when you are considering a possible situation or event, so that you can think about the consequences

29. 'Assuming you're right,' he said, 'there's not much I can do about it, is there?' But Assuming that …

30. Assuming (plural Assumings) An assumption

31. December 16, 1656, Thomas Burton, diary entry No positive inference can he drawn from Nayler's confession, as to his Assuming the attributes of Christ, but rather a positive denial of these Assumings

32. Assuming a lease can save you thousands of dollars and only require a short term lease agreement

33. Assuming a mortgage doesn’t just have to happen through a sale though

34. "I'm Assuming you have a mouse" is a false-polite way of saying, "You will need a mouse to continue with this tutorial"

35. Assuming I'm Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistake Hippie Flower Peace For Women Birthday Gift Tee Funny Hippie, Hippie Lover, Hippie Lovers, Hippie Lover Gift, Funny Hippie Flowerr, Hippie Flower Lover, Hippie Flower Lovers, Peace, Birthday Gift Lightweight, …

36. Assuming, Assuming that conj conjunction: Connects words, clauses, and sentences--for example, "and," "but," "because," "in order that." (supposing) suponiendo que loc conj locución conjuntiva: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como conjunción ("ya que", "a …

37. The biggest mistake you can make is Assuming that creativity will hit you all at once and the muse will carry you to the end of the book on feather wings while 'Foster the People' plays gently in the background

38. The country's industry is Assuming a new aspect

39. Assuming it true, what should we do now? 3

40. You can pay by cheque, Assuming of course you have a valid cheque card

41. You were mistaken in Assuming it

42. Assuming a loan means one borrower is removed from the current loan without the remaining borrower having to refinance the existing loan

43. Assuming a leadership position is one of the most important leadership situations you’ll face as an NCO

44. Everything discussed in FM 22-100 about what you must BE, KNOW and DO is relevant to your success of Assuming a leadership position

45. When Assuming a leadership position, there are some things to think about and learn as you establish your

46. "Assuming, arguendo, that "and similar phrases are used in courtroom settings and academic legal settings, and occasionally in other domains, to designate provisional and unendorsed assumptions that will be made at the beginning of an argument in order to explore their implications

47. Assuming (that) used to suppose that something is true so that you can talk about what the results might be Assuming (that) he’s still alive, how old would he be now? I hope to go to college next year, always Assuming I pass my exams

48. See Assuming in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary See Assuming in the Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English

49. Assuming a mortgage is a process by which you take over the payments on an existing loan rather than secure your own financing to purchase the house

50. Most lenders include a due-on-sale clause that prohibits a buyer from Assuming a mortgage by making the note payable upon the transition of ownership of the mortgaged property.

51. Assuming a Body makes a stunning intervention, by way of phenomenology, into contemporary theories of the body

52. Assuming the Truth is a Stranger mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program

53. How to say Assuming in English? Pronunciation of Assuming with 1 audio pronunciation, 3 synonyms, 13 translations, 4 sentences and more for Assuming.

54. Assuming it's an open-grown tree that gets plenty of water and is in good soil, we might guess the average growth at 8 or 10 rings per inch

55. Tree Doctor Howard Burnett The number of index cases needed to be detected to prevent 1 death ( Assuming 6%-10% case-fatality ratio) would have been 150-180 with attack rates of 5% and 50-83 with attack

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What does the name assuming mean?

Assuming is defined as taking on responsibility or fulfilling the obligations of someone else's position by taking over his job. An example of assuming is when you do extra duties at work.

What is another word for assuming?

assuming(a.) Synonyms: presuming, presumptuous, forward, audacious, bold, shameless, frontless, unblushing, brazen, brazen-faced. assuming(a.) Synonyms: arrogant, proud, lofty, stately, haughty, supercilious, overbearing, overweening, conceited, consequential, self-conceited, self-sufficient.

Is assumingly a word?

Assumingly means in a presumptuous/arrogant/pretentious manner, so it clearly has a very different meaning from assume/assuming, therefore you need to use it very carefully. Unassuming/unassumingly means the exact opposite: modest/unpretentious. Example usage: He walked over to her, rather assumingly.

What does assumption mean in English?

Definition of assumption. 1 : a taking to or upon oneself the assumption of a new position. 2 : the act of laying claim to or taking possession of something the assumption of power.

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