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1. Assimilationists synonyms, Assimilationists pronunciation, Assimilationists translation, English dictionary definition of Assimilationists


2. Assimilationists oppose overt racism, ethnic hatred, and prejudice, but believe that African Americans need to be saved or lifted up from their current degeneration.

Assimilationists, And, African, Americans

3. Assimilationists believe that both discrimination and black people themselves are to blame for racial disparities.

Assimilationists, And, Are

4. Assimilationist (plural Assimilationists) An advocate of the policy or practice of the assimilation of immigrant or other minority cultures into a mainstream cultureSpanish-language education is not favored by assimilationist parents of Latino children in the US.

Assimilationist, Assimilationists, An, Advocate, Assimilation

5. Assimilationists initiated four movements designed to ensure their victory in this contest of philosophies and lifeways: allotment, the boarding school system, reorganization, and termination. Native peoples unceasingly fought these movements.

Assimilationists, And, Allotment

6. Assimilationists of a Feather Roundup tags: gay rights, queer history, popular culture, LGBTQ history, Pete Buttigieg


7. The position taken by Assimilationists oscillated between the cosmopolitan and nationalist aspects of assimilation

Assimilationists, And, Aspects, Assimilation

8. Assimilationists want individuals to submerge their cultural identities in favor of nationalistic and patriotic ideals or organizational ideals in business settings

Assimilationists, And

9. Assimilationists believe that our primary allegiance should be to the welfare and unity of our nation or organization

Assimilationists, Allegiance, And

10. “These Assimilationists defined only segregationist ideas of Black biological inferiority as racist.” But by Kendi’s definition, both are racist …

Assimilationists, As, Are

11. Assimilationists also believe that by providing the knowledge and skills that the nation holds dear, in ways and approaches that disregard ethnicity or different cultural backgrounds, schools are helping to overcome any differences and build a stronger, more equal nation

Assimilationists, Also, And, Approaches, Are, Any

12. Of these Assimilationists – among them Abraham Lincoln – Kendi writes that we have remembered their “glorious struggle against racial discrimination, and …

Assimilationists, Among, Abraham, Against, And

13. ‘The goal of one common culture, or an homogeneous public, championed by Assimilationists, does not lead necessarily to an harmonious society.’ ‘In classrooms where an assimilationist view of language and culture is in place, language arts instruction focuses on the acquisition of English first.’

An, Assimilationists, Assimilationist, And, Arts, Acquisition

14. Assimilationists saw Jewish cultural distinctiveness and tribalism as the root of antisemitic hostility and thus felt that Jewish social bonds needed to be weakened

Assimilationists, And, As, Antisemitic

15. Assimilationists might look at us as if we should look like everyone else, but we’re not

Assimilationists, At, As

16. Assimilationists suggest that such values are possible only within a more culturally, and to some ethnically, homogenous society

Assimilationists, Are, And

17. The Assimilationists—typically white, urban, and upper-middle-class—were content with an incrementalist pursuit of civil rights

Assimilationists, And, An

18. Assimilationists saw Jewish cultural distinctiveness and tribalism as the root of antisemitic hostility and thus felt that Jewish social bonds needed to be weakened

Assimilationists, And, As, Antisemitic

19. Assimilationists—a group that includes Abraham Lincoln—recognize that discrimination exists, but also rest on an assumption that Black people are inherently lesser.

Assimilationists, Abraham, Also, An, Assumption, Are

20. For the homophiles (the predecessors to today’s Assimilationists), gay sexuality was something to keep quiet about or apologize for

Assimilationists, About, Apologize

21. Kendi: I think first and foremost, assimilationist thinking hasn’t been recognized historically as racist ideas because Assimilationists themselves have primarily written the history of racist ideas

And, Assimilationist, As, Assimilationists

22. “The Assimilationists and the exclusionists aren’t and haven’t been the same people,” Jacob Levy tweets

Assimilationists, And, Aren

23. Assimilationists vs. Accomodationists; WWI Soldiers; Black Women during Slavery, Reconstruction, and Jim Crow; Jim Crow and McCarthyism: The Story of Paul Robeson; African American Soldiers in World War II; Black Codes to Jim Crow; Miscegenation and anti-miscegenation legislation in …

Assimilationists, Accomodationists, And, African, American, Anti

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does assimilationist mean?

Definition of assimilationist. : a person who advocates a policy of assimilating differing racial or cultural groups. —.

How to use "assimilationist" in a sentence?

Sentence Examples But in recent decades, the assimilationist ethic has been badly undermined. However, much earlier than is generally understood, writers were creating works critiquing the assimilationist model. An assimilationist melting-pot ideology glosses over real differences of historical experience and fairness.

What does assimilation mean?

noun The definition of assimilation is to become like others, or help another person to adapt to a new environment. An example of assimilation is the change of dress and behaviors an immigrant may go through when living in a new country. Assimilation is defined as to learn and comprehend.

What is the definition of assimilation?

Definition of assimilation. 1a : an act, process, or instance of assimilating The clash of lifestyles has made assimilation difficult. b : the state of being assimilated.

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