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ASSIMILATION [əˌsimiˈlāSH(ə)n]

assimilation (noun) · assimilations (plural noun)

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1. Assimilation refers to the process through which individuals and groups of differing heritages acquire the basic habits, attitudes, and mode of life of an embracing culture

2. Noun the act or process of assimilating, or of absorbing information, experiences, etc.: the need for quick Assimilation of the facts

3. Assimilation, in anthropology and sociology, the process whereby individuals or groups of differing ethnic heritage are absorbed into the dominant culture of a society.

4. Assimilation is a linear process by which one group becomes culturally similar to another over time

5. Assimilation is the cognitive process of making new information fit in with your existing understanding of the world

6. Assimilation, as defined by psychologists, is one of the two ways that people absorb new knowledge

7. It is most frequently seen in children and immigrants, but anyone at any stage of life may use Assimilation to evaluate and absorb new information.

8. Assimilation (Consonant Harmony) One sound becomes the same or similar to another sound in the word

9. Process Description Example Likely Age of Elimination** Velar Assimilation : non-velar sound changes to a velar sound due to the presence of a neighboring velar sound : kack for tack; guck for duck

10. Assimilation (biology) the conversion of nutrient into the fluid or solid substance of the body, by the processes of digestion and absorption Assimilation (phonology), a linguistic process by which a sound becomes similar to an adjacent sound

11. Digestibility, ease and completeness of Assimilation count a great deal, and are the sole determining factors in cases of illness

12. 1 OF 2 VARIOUS Phosphorus has the property of combining with lime and increasing the lime Assimilation.

13. What does Assimilation mean these days? The word has its roots in the Latin ‘‘simulare,’’ meaning to make similar

14. Assimilation is a general term in phonetics for the process by which a speech sound becomes similar or identical to a neighboring sound

15. The term "Assimilation" comes from the …

16. Assimilation: "A person with a pre-existing schema of big dogs encounters a Great Dane for the first time, causing Assimilation occurs when this knowledge is …

17. Assimilation the intake by organisms of new materials from the outside and their incorporation into the internal structure of the organism

18. Cultural Assimilation is the concept in sociology in which an ethnic minority adopts the beliefs, languages, and customs of the dominant community, losing their own culture in the process

19. So, every Assimilation of any poem is a translation.” ― Suman Pokhrel, Bharat Shashwat Aawaz

20. Tags: Assimilation, creative-writing, poet, poetry, reader, sphere-of-intellect, transcreation, translation, translator, understanding-poetry

21. At Assimilation Designs, we're passionate about working with businesses who are changing the world and making a real impact on the way we live, from clean beauty and holistic wellness to slow fashion and eco-friendly lifestyle products.

22. Assimilation: 1 n the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another Synonyms: absorption Types: show 4 types hide 4 types Americanisation , Americanization Assimilation into American culture Anglicisation , Anglicization the act of anglicizing; making English in appearance Europeanisation , Europeanization

23. The aim of Assimilation was to make the ‘Aboriginal problem’ gradually disappear so that Aboriginal people would

24. Assimilation is the term used to define the process when a sound changes some of its properties to be more similar to those nearby

25. There are two types of Assimilation: Regressive and progressive.

26. Assimilation pelvis: [ pel´vis ] ( L

27. Despite recent objections from elected Democrats of the terms “illegal alien” and “Assimilation,” the terminology was readily used by civil rights icon Rep

28. Learn about the USCIS FY 2020 Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program

29. Assimilation: The absorption of stock by the public following a new issue

30.Assimilation is a give and take process as both the majority community, as well as minority communities get affected in the process and both become a part of the larger culture

31. Assimilation, including child removal policies, failed its aim of improving the life of Indigenous Australians

32. One of the main reasons for this was the contradictory logic behind Assimilation - it expected Indigenous people to take responsibility for becoming the same as white people, but never gave them the same rights or opportunities to do so.

33. Assimilation is a two-way process, and the majority culture is changed as well as the minority culture

34. Assimilation provides the body's cells with nutrients

35. Assimilation n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

36. In Assimilation, American Style Peter Salins presents a considerably more thoughtful, though in my opinion incorrect, version of this common sense view of Assimilation

37. Assimilation is the movement of digested food molecules into the cells of the body where they are used

38. Other articles where Assimilation is discussed: Korean language: Assimilations: The spoken syllables are fairly simple in structure

39. Assimilation is the application of previous concepts to new concepts

40. Assimilation definition: an assimilating or being assimilated Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

41. On Assimilation: A Ranger's Return From War [Jenkins, Leo, Sanders, Matthew, Taylor, Jarred, Skovlund jr, Marty] on

42. On Assimilation: A Ranger's Return From War

43.Assimilation was a process of monitoring non-indigenous lives using non-indigenous benchmarks.’ ‘It is said that the forced Assimilation of native people to European-American values caused the degradation of Native American art.’

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What are three example of assimilation?

Examples of Assimilation: 6 Types Explained

  • Color Assimilation. This is perhaps one of the easiest models that demonstrates assimilation. Color assimilation occurs...
  • Cultural Assimilation. Cultural assimilation happens when two cultures or groups of people influence one another.
  • Religious Assimilation. Religious assimilation occurs when the faith-based beliefs of more...
  • More ...

    What do you mean by assimilation?

    Definition of Assimilation. (noun) The process of members in a subordinate group adopting aspects of a dominant group. Examples of Assimilation. An African immigrant to Australia learns English as a second language and adopts the typical dress and habits of other Australians.

    How do you describe assimilation?

    Assimilation, or cultural assimilation, is the process by which different cultural groups become more and more alike . When full assimilation is complete, there is no distinguishable difference between the formerly different groups.

    What does the name assimilation mean?

    noun the act or process of assimilating, or of absorbing information, experiences, etc.: the need for quick assimilation of the facts. the state or condition of being assimilated, or of being absorbed into something.

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