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ASSESSMENT [əˈsesmənt]

assessment (noun) · assessments (plural noun)

  • the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something.
Synonyms: evaluation . judgment . gauging . rating . estimation . appraisal . opinion . analysis . valuation . calculation . computation . costing . pricing . estimate .

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1. Assessment definition is - the action or an instance of making a judgment about something : the act of assessing something : appraisal

2. How to use Assessment in a sentence

3. Assessment definition, the act of assessing; appraisal; evaluation

4. Assessment synonyms, Assessment pronunciation, Assessment translation, English dictionary definition of Assessment

5. 20 synonyms of Assessment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 64 related words, definitions, and antonyms

6. Find another word for Assessment

7. Assessment: a charge usually of money collected by the government from people or businesses for public use

8. Assessment is the process of observing and measuring learning

9. Assessments provide faculty with a better understanding of what your students are learning and engage students more deeply in the process of learning geoscience content

10. By using Assessment strategies that draw students into the Assessment process it is more likely that they learn

11. Assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met

12. Assessment affects decisions about grades, placement, advancement, instructional needs, curriculum, and, in some cases, funding.

13. Real Estate Assessment Data Application

14. FY2022 Tentative Property Assessment Data (All NYC Properties) The City's Tentative Assessment Roll lists the assessed value of every property.

15. The Nassau County Department of Assessment establishes values for land and improvements as the basis for property taxes

16. Nassau County Department of Assessment (516) 571-1500 General Information Provides information from the Department of Assessment on rules, procedures, exemptions and general information.

17. Assessment (ASM) focuses on applied clinical Assessment, with an emphasis on information relevant to the use of Assessment measures, including test development, validation, and interpretation practices

18. Articles cover the Assessment of cognitive and neuropsychological functioning, personality, and psychopathology, as well as empirical

19. Statewide Science Assessment: Students in grades 5 and 8 take the Statewide Science Assessment (Bureau of K-12 Student Assessment) End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments: Students in any grade completing courses in Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology 1, U.S

20. History, or Civics (or their equivalent courses) (Bureau of K-12 Student Assessment)

21. The Department of Assessment is responsible for developing fair and equitable Assessments for all residential and commercial properties in Nassau County on an annual basis

22. The County’s Assessment roll includes over 423,000 properties with a value of $264 billion

23. Formative Assessment is an instructional practice that relies on frequent informal student evaluation as they learn new skills

24. In contrast to summative Assessment which formally assesses student performance at the end of the learning process,

25. Assessment is a systematic process of collecting information from diverse sources about something or someone to gauge the skills, knowledge, and usage, whereas the meaning of evaluation is concerned about making a judgment about quality, skills, or importance or something or someone.

26. Some local real property Assessment offices have limited public access, so please contact your local office for more information

27. 2020 Assessment and Accountability Meeting presentations and session recordings are available under Testing Resources

28. For non-health department sites, individuals should call the Assessment site prior to

29. Assessment Grants provide funding for a grant recipient to inventory, characterize, assess, conduct a range of planning activities, develop site-specific cleanup plans, and conduct community involvement related to brownfield sites

30. Find 24 ways to say Assessment, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

31. Assessment 000.MJulienne 2021-01-29T15:19:35-07:00 Our mission is to positively impact student learning by ensuring the development and administration of valid and reliable Assessments that: Measure the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction

32. Personality Assessment, the measurement of personal characteristics

33. Assessment is an end result of gathering information intended to advance psychological theory and research and to increase the probability that wise decisions will be made in applied settings (e.g., in selecting the most promising people from a group of job applicants)

34. "Educational Assessment is the process of gathering information about what students have learned in their educational environments." Educational Assessment is an ongoing process, ranging from the activities that teachers undertake with students in classrooms every day to standardized testing, college theses, and instruments that measure the

35. Assessment, theory and practice within the teaching and learning cycle

36. Assessment is the ongoing process of: gathering, analysing and interpreting evidence reflecting on findings; making informed and consistent judgements to improve student learning.

37. Senior Assessment Specialist (ILEARN) [email protected] (317) 233-5191 : Karen Davies: Assessment Specialist (I AM and Accessibility) [email protected] (317) 232-2079‬ 1 of 3; next › Assessment

38. Assessment requirement pursuant to N.J.S.A

39. For any twelfth-grade student who is expected to graduate in the Class of 2021 but has not met the graduation Assessment requirement

40. Student Assessment in Tennessee In every Tennessee classroom, teaching and learning looks different based on the textbooks, curricula, and lessons that school and teacher have chosen

41. Skills Assessment tests are often used by employers to gauge the abilities and skills of both current employees and job applicants

42. To proceed with the Self-Assessment, you must accept this disclaimer

43. An Assessment score for the Comprehensive Basic Science and Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessments on the same scale as USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK respectively* Performance explanations and illustrations that align with the USMLE Score Report*

44. Peer Assessment or peer review provides a structured learning process for students to critique and provide feedback to each other on their work

45. Assessment Department units can be reached as follows: Individual Personal Property specifi: email or telephone 816-881-1330

46. Business Personal Property specific: email or telephone 816-881-4672

47. Real Property specific: email or telephone 816-881-3530

48. Title Year Keywords; Cumulative Risk Assessment Lessons Learned: A Review of Case Studies and Issue Papers: 2015: Case Studies, Human Health: Guidance for Applying Quantitative Data to Develop Data-Derived Extrapolation Factors for Interspecies and Intraspecies Extrapolation

49. Alternative Assessment, often called authentic, comprehensive, or performance Assessment, is usually designed by the teacher to gauge students' understanding of material

50. Educational Assessment or educational evaluation is the systematic process of documenting and using empirical data on the knowledge, skill, attitudes, and beliefs to refine programs and improve student learning

51. Assessment data can be obtained from directly examining student work to assess the achievement of learning outcomes or can be based on data from which one can make inferences …

52. In some areas, the assessed value is the market value; in other areas, the market value is multiplied by an Assessment rate to determine the assessed value.

53. Assessment is the process of documenting knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs, usually in measurable terms

54. The goal of Assessment is to make improvements, as opposed to simply being judged

55. In an educational context, Assessment is the process of describing, collecting, recording, scoring, and interpreting information about learning.

56. Assessment definition: An Assessment is a consideration of someone or something and a judgment about them

57. The main objectives of the Assessment Aid are to (1) focus the FDA review on critical thinking (Assessment) and (2) increase review efficiency and consistency, and decrease review time spent on

58. The head-to-toe Assessment in nursing is an important physical health Assessment that you'll be performing as a nursing student and nurse.Head-to-toe assessm

59. This DISC Assessment is provided by Tony Robbins, the nation's #1 life and business strategist

60. The Student Assessment Division manages and oversees the development, administration, scoring, and analysis of the Texas Assessment program, which includes the following Assessments: STAAR STAAR Modified STAAR Alternate STAAR L

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