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Looking for sentences with "Assessed"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Evaluate 2. Judge 3. Gauge 4. Rate 5. Estimate 6. Appraise 7. Determine 8. Analyze 9. Value 10. Calculate 11. Compute 12. Determine 13. Fix 14. Cost 15. Price 16. Estimate 17. Charge 18. Tithe 19. Mulct 20. Legal ...
1. Forced vital capacity or negative inspiratory force should be assessed every 2 to 4 hours until patients prove pulmonary stability.: Progress was assessed monthly by measuring visual acuity, visual fields, fundoscopic exam, IOP, blood pressure, and pulse rate.: In these cases, viremia was assessed by virus culture in serum and lung tissues at necropsy.: Of the ten questions, four directly
2. Mainly through the efficiency of this board the assessed value of the taxable property of the state was increased from $968,189,087 in 1899 to $1,418,251,858 in 1902, or 46.4%, and the taxes levied on railways, which had hitherto been assessed on their gross earnings, were increased from $1,483,907 in 1901 to $3,288,162 in 1902, or 121 6%.
3. assessed definition: 1. past simple and past participle of assess 2. to judge or decide the amount, value, quality, or…. Learn more.
4. Define assessed. assessed synonyms, assessed pronunciation, assessed translation, English dictionary definition of assessed. to appraise or evaluate; estimate value for tax purposes Not to be confused with: asses – more than one donkey or dolt Abused, Confused, & Misused Words by
5. assessed value is used mostly for property tax purposes. A lower assessment means a lower tax bill. Home buyers and sellers, on the other hand, look more to marketplace value than at property tax
6. Synonyms for assessed include took, determined, ascertained, established, evaluated, measured, appraised, calculated, checked and confirmed. Find more similar words
7. assessed Value: An assessed value is the dollar value assigned to a property to measure applicable taxes. assessed valuation determines the value of a residence for tax purposes and takes
8. As the executor of an estate, you must value the estate’s real estate holdings at the time of the decedent’s death. You may be able to use the real estate assessment as the value at the date of death. If the assessed value doesn’t match the market value of the real estate, you can ask a real estate tax assessor to appraise the real estate.
9. The tillable land and pasture land were properly assessed using the 2019 use values. The assessor should not take the selling price minus the use value to determine the non-agricultural property assessment. Is there a conversion charge for converting agricultural land to another use? Yes.
10. As an example, let's use the property assessed at a combined value of $440,000. So, with an assessed value of $440,000, times a mil levy of 40, we wind up with $17,600,000. Divide that by $1,000
11. AssessEd
12. The assessed value of a property is typically a fractional amount of the property's fair market value that qualifies for taxation. For example, certain states or counties may set a fixed assessed
13. Use tax is assessed upon tangible personal property and taxable services purchased by a resident or entity doing business in the taxing state upon the use, storage, enjoyment or consumption of the good or service, regardless of origin of the purchase.
14. To calculate the assessed value when a local government uses such a percentage, you'll have to take the property's fair market value and then multiply it by the chosen percentage.
15. The assessed value of a home comes from the local tax assessor’s office, usually on a yearly basis. It’s the figure they use to determine how much you owe in property taxes. Your home’s assessed value is typically much lower than an appraised value or a fair market value, so it should not be used to determine listing price.

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