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ASSERTS [əˈsərt]


  • state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.
  • cause others to recognize (one's authority or a right) by confident and forceful behavior.
Synonyms: declare . maintain . contend . argue . state . claim . propound . submit . posit . postulate . adduce . move . advocate . venture . volunteer . aver . proclaim . announce . pronounce . attest . affirm . protest . profess . swear . insist . avow . opine . asseverate . uphold . defend . contend . establish . stress .

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2. 27 synonyms of Asserts from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 85 related words, definitions, and antonyms

3. Asserts: to state clearly and strongly.

4. 'Asserts' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with S Crossword clues for 'Asserts' Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Asserts We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Asserts will help you to finish your crossword today.

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7. What does Asserts mean? Information and translations of Asserts in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

8. Asserts that two char arrays are equal

9. Static void: assertArrayEquals(int[] expecteds, int[] actuals) Asserts that two int arrays are equal

10. Static void: assertArrayEquals(long[] expecteds, long[] actuals) Asserts that two long arrays are equal

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12. Also with regard to these two additional patents, SolarEdge Asserts unauthorized use of patented technology, which is prohibited by law, and is intended to protect SolarEdge's significant investment in its innovative power optimizer technology.

13. The book Asserts that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax

14. For some tips on how to handle these Asserts (and others not listed), see How the Checked Build Indicates a Problem

15. ‘The appellant Asserts that the building was uninhabitable when he moved in, and that to return it to that state would be a retrograde step.’ ‘The coal industry should be privately funding these studies, the consumer group Asserts.’

16. ‘The appellant Asserts that the building was uninhabitable when he moved in, and that to return it to that state would be a retrograde step.’ ‘The coal industry should be privately funding these studies, the consumer group Asserts.’

17. Object that whizzed by Earth probably came from alien world, Harvard professor Asserts

18. What does Asserts mean? Third-person singular simple present indicative form of assert

19. Assert definition: If someone Asserts a fact or belief , they state it firmly

20. Synonyms for Asserts include says, claims, alleges, affirms, maintains, conveys, proclaims, states, argues and attests

21. If you use Codeception installed using composer, install this module with the following command: composer require --dev codeception/module-Asserts

22. Synonyms for Asserts in Free Thesaurus

23. TestNG Asserts help us to verify the condition of the test in the middle of the test run

24. Must Read: Soft Assert And Its Advantages over Asserts

25. Let’s see a basic example using TestNG Asserts.

26. Asserts should be used only where it is “impossible” for the condition to be false

27. TestNG Assertions Types Of Asserts in TestNG: When we automate any web application using selenium webdriver, we have to add validation in our automation test script to verify that our test is pass or fail

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29. PNP Asserts slain Calbayog mayor not target of operation ( - March 11, 2021 - 6:11pm

30. If we use normal Asserts like Assert.assertTrue() or

31. Don’t Use Asserts for Data Validation; The second one is about a syntax quirk that makes it easy to write useless assertions

32. Asserts that expected and actual iterables are deeply equal.

33. UFC 259 results: Askar Askarov Asserts his place in flyweight division with domination of Joseph Benavidez The Russian brawler remains unbeaten so far in his UFC career with impressive

34. 'JL' Actor Ray Fisher Re-Asserts Racism Claims Amid Black Superman Rumors 'Justice League' Actor Ray Fisher Re-Asserts Racism Allegations Amid Black …

35. This is the first hint: Asserts are useful to check conditions that should be true in a given position of your code (usually, the beginning (preconditions) and the end of a function (postconditions))

36. Asserts are actually highly tied to programming by contract, which is a very useful engineering practice:

37. Hard Asserts are those Asserts that stop the test execution when an assert statement fails, and the subsequent assert statements are therefore not validated

38. Asserts for testing Roslyn analyzers.

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What does assert means?

Definition of assert. transitive verb. 1a : to state or declare positively and often forcefully or aggressively The suspect continued to assert his innocence.

What's the meaning of 'assert' and 'deassert'?

In English, the term 'assert' can have more than one meaning. Deassert has a specific meaning and is the opposite of assert for only one of the uses of that word. In formal English there is no such word as deassert - it is an invented word for technical purposes. In this case I expect it means to set a logic output high (assert) or low (deassert).

What is the adverb of assert?

state firmly that something is true. Adverbs frequently used with assert. strongly or openly: boldly, confidently, dogmatically, emphatically, firmly, publicly, repeatedly, strongly Trade, he has repeatedly asserted, should not be conducted as a form of economic war. without giving evidence: merely, simply The cultural and moral decline of late capitalist civilisation needs to be demonstrated, not merely asserted.

What is the noun for assert?

  • An earnest affirmation or declaration of support.
  • Synonyms:
  • avouchment, profession, insistence, protestation, declaration, affirmation, assertion, claim, avowal, pronouncement, allegation, contention, averment, statement
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