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1. Assays are regularly used to determine the purity of precious metals. They can be performed by wet methods …

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2. Assays synonyms, Assays pronunciation, Assays translation, English dictionary definition of Assays


3. Assays are based on measurable parameters that …

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4. Assays are based on measurable parameters that allow differentiation between sample and control.

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5. Online data analysis tools for your Assays

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6. Unlicensed Assays available through Wadsworth Center, NY State Department of Health

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7. Cellular Assays Cell-based assays have historically been a powerful discovery tool in both biomedical research and drug-discovery screening. As opposed to traditional biochemical Assays, cellular Assays have the potential to generate more scientifically relevant data and have the advantage of being performed in more complex cellular model system.

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8. Applied Biosystems TaqMan real-time PCR Assays consist of target-specific primers and one or more probes optimized for specific applications, including gene expression, SNP genotyping, miRNA, mutation detection, and copy number variation analysis.

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9. Pierce Protein Assays provide a wide range of options for accurate protein concentration determination based on assay time, sensitivity, compatibility, standard curve linearity, and protein-to …

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10. Cell-based Assays provide a wealth of information and are valuable tools in drug discovery applications

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11. We have highlighted commonly used Assays and their use to determine which kit is suitable for your research needs

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12. Plaque-based Assays are the standard method used to determine virus concentration in terms of infectious dose

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13. Viral plaque Assays determine the number of plaque forming units (pfu) in a virus sample, which is one measure of virus quantity


14. ATP Assays are procedures that can measure cell viability based on detection of ATP. All living cells, including bacteria, can be detected with ATP Assays

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15. Apoptosis Assays are a widely used application in High Content Analysis because of their central role in cancer research and immunology.

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16. MiScript Primer Assays are miRNA-specific primers available for all human, mouse, rat, and dog miRNAs listed in the current version of miRBase

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17. MiScript Primer Assays are part of the miScript PCR System for miRNA detection and quantification

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18. NCATS will convert Assays to 1,536-well from 96- or 384-well format


19. Cell cytotoxicity and proliferation Assays are generally used for drug screening to detect whether the test molecules have effects on cell proliferation or display direct cytotoxic effects. Regardless of the type of cell-based assay being used, it is important to know how many viable cells are remaining at the end of the experiment.

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20. Performance of LOCI Assays for FSH, LH, and Prolactin on the Dimension Vista System

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21. Cell-Based Assays Limited target-based screening in a simple cell-based assay that had little physiological relevance, has evolved to multicellular cell-based functional and biochemical Assays in disease-relevant platforms for drug discovery.

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22. Flow-based Assays are ideal for suspension tumor target cells while the IncuCyte® platform is best suited to adherent tumor cell lines

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23. Flow cytometry-based Assays enable additional mechanistic information via inclusion of surface markers and intracellular cytokine staining, allowing us to assign function to specific Natural Killer Cells subsets, which is not possible using live imaging.

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24. Assays for compound screening to inhibit the proteasome and deubiquitinases are offered by Reaction Biology with fluorescent-based activity Assays

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25. Ion Channel Assays Reaction Biology offers cell-based testing for the discovery of drugs targeting ion channels.


26. Western Blot Assays As a membrane bound protein, CFTR's biogenesis carries it through the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi apparatus

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27. Pyrosequencing Assays are an integral part of our Pyrosequencing system, and are specifically optimized for Pyrosequencing analysis

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28. The Panther Fusion Respiratory Assays


29. The Panther Fusion Respiratory Assays for syndromic respiratory testing are the premier set of Assays on the Panther Fusion system

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30. DNA-based Assays are powerful tools to predict the blood group of an individual and are rapidly gaining in popularity

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31. Generally, Assays involve biological materials or phenomena which tend to be intrinsically more complex in composition or in behavior than what can be handled by traditional chemical analysis and titration

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32. Global coagulation Assays can be used to characterise some haemostatic disorders and to monitor the effects of treatment

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33. Methods include viscoelastic Assays, thrombin generation Assays and transmittance waveform analysis, a variation on one-stage clot Assays.

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34. Assays with a functional sensitivity of <0.02 mIU/L are classified as “third generation” Assays

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35. • Custom Assays – Custom Assays designed for you to target any sequence within a gene, either across exon boundaries or wi thin an exon

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36. These Assays can detect structural changes such as loss of membrane integrity upon cell death or physiological and biochemical activities indicative of living cells

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37. Kits and reagents for apoptosis detection, including multiplexing Assays to detect cell health biomarkers

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38. Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays

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39. Real-time and endpoint, add-mix-measure Assays make it simple to determine cell health

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40. The crude Assays and other information in this website (the “Data”) are the property of Total SE

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41. The global lateral flow Assays market is projected to reach USD 10,230.3 million by 2025 from USD 8,205.3 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period.

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42. The global lateral flow Assays market is projected to reach USD 10,230.3 million by 2025 from USD 8,205.3 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period.

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43. ToxCast uses automated chemical screening technologies, called high-throughput screening Assays, to expose living cells or biological macromolecules such as proteins to chemicals.The cells or isolated proteins are then screened for changes …

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44. Apoptosis Assays typically detect biochemical and cellular events that indicate activation of an apoptotic pathway

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45. The Cell Viability Assays Market will grow by USD 1.40 bn during 2020-2024


46. Assays used in preclinical testing seek to test if the compound could elicit the relevant response; first, high-throughput Assays are used to select a …

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47. Rationale and Strategies for In Vitro Screening Assays Early identification of potential genotoxic issues with candidate compounds is an essential part of a product development process

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48. BioReliance offers a variety of rapid, low-cost genetic toxicology Assays that can be …


49. Whether your path is a companion diagnostic (CDx) or a better understanding of contextual biology, we provide optimal Assays for all of your biomarker needs

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50. Flagship’s College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified lab develops and validates Assays for your target of interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name assay mean?

According to Etymology Online, the verb assay means "to try, endeavor, strive; test the quality of", from Anglo-French assaier, from assai (n.), from Old French essai "trial", and the noun assay thus means "trial, test of quality, test of character", mid-14th century, from Anglo-French assai and

What does assays mean?

Assay(noun) tested purity or value. Assay(noun) the act or process of ascertaining the proportion of a particular metal in an ore or alloy; especially, the determination of the proportion of gold or silver in bullion or coin.

What is the what is the difference between assay and purity?

Therefore, often all the substances exist as mixtures. What is the Difference Between Assay and Purity? The difference between assay and purity is that an assay is the determination of one of the main component in a sample whereas purity is the determination of impurities in a sample.

What does assay mean in geology?

Definition of Assay Assay in economic geology, means to analyze the proportions of metal in a rock or overburden sample; to test an ore or mineral for composition, purity, weight or other properties of commercial interest. Sample 1 Sample 2

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