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1. Asmodeus, Hebrew Ashmedai, in Jewish legend, the king of demons. According to the apocryphal book of Tobit, Asmodeus, smitten with love for Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, killed her seven successive husbands on their wedding nights

Asmodeus, Ashmedai, According, Apocryphal

2. Following instructions given to him by the angel Raphael, Tobias overcame Asmodeus and married Sarah.

Angel, Asmodeus, And

3. Asmodeus (Aeshma, Ashmedai, Ashmodai, Asmoday, Asmodius, Hasmoday, Sydonay) The Demon of lust, the third of the Seven Deadly Sins, and of jealousy, anger, and revenge, and the 32nd of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Asmodeus, Aeshma, Ashmedai, Ashmodai, Asmoday, Asmodius, And, Anger

4. Asmodeus is a powerful demon or fallen angel. His name means “Creature of Judgment”

Asmodeus, Angel

5. Asmodeus is more present in Persian and Arabic lore, than Jewish or Christian

Asmodeus, And, Arabic

6. Asmodeus grants the service of a devil to aid in a specific task (which can last no longer than 9 nights). The type of devil is generally one whose CR is equal to the character’s level (or in the case of an NPC, the character’s CR).

Asmodeus, Aid, An

7. Asmodeus is Chief Astrologer of Hell and Oversees the Gambling Houses in Hell

Asmodeus, Astrologer, And

8. He is a very busy Demon.* Asmodeus has a human Mother and his Father is a God

Asmodeus, And

9. Asmodeus is a villain from Dungeons & Dragons, he rules over the Nine Hells of Baator and is considered the grand ruler of Lawful Evil beings

Asmodeus, Amp, And

10. Asmodeus is a unique and powerful archdevil and ultimate ruler of the Nine Hells, realm of devils

Asmodeus, And, Archdevil

11. Asmodeus, also known as Asmodee, Chammadai, Sydonai, Sakhr, Ashmadia, Asmodai, Asmodaios, Asmoday, Asha, Ashmedai, Ashema Deva, Saturn, Marcolf, Morolf, is a king of demons and earthly spirits mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit.

Asmodeus, Also, As, Asmodee, Ashmadia, Asmodai, Asmodaios, Asmoday, Asha, Ashmedai, Ashema, And

12. Asmodeus is the strongest, most cunning, and most handsome of all devils

Asmodeus, And, All

13. Asmodeus, also known by his demon king modifier Devil of Lust and Wrath (and variants thereof), is the master of the 32 nd Demon Realm and is the 13 th ranked Demon King overall.

Asmodeus, Also, And

14. All of Asmodeus' major appearances have been while using the body of Han Myungoh's daughter as his incarnation form

All, Asmodeus, Appearances, As

15. The chief demon of love and wrath, Asmodeus, reveals the secrets of true love magick, in Compendium 8 of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, featuring E.A

And, Asmodeus

16. Asmodeus was repelled by the odor: “The demon, repelled by the odor of the fish, fled into Upper Egypt; Raphael pursued him there and bound him hand and foot.” – Book of Tobit 8:3

Asmodeus, And

17. In the Testament of Solomon (dated 1st – 3rd centuries CE) , Solomon invokes Asmodeus to aid …

Asmodeus, Aid

18. The kind whose love for his chosen son might outweigh his pride.Magnus Bane Asmodeus is a Greater Demon and is considered to be the most powerful Prince of Hell

Asmodeus, And

19. 1 History 1.1 Magnus 2 Abilities 3 Appearances 4 References At one point, Asmodeus slept with an Indonesian woman, with whom he had a warlock son, Magnus Bane

Abilities, Appearances, At, Asmodeus, An

20. Asmodeus is a demon and one-third of the Plague Kings

Asmodeus, And

21. Asmodeus (is a hebraised form of Avestan: Aeshma Daēuua, also arabicised as Shamdan which coincidentally identical to Arabic for candlestick, means the Daeva Aeshma in Arabic, Hebrew, and Avestan respectively) is a king of demons, mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist

Asmodeus, Avestan, Aeshma, Also, Arabicised, As, Arabic, And, Antagonist

22. An initiatory introduction to Asmodeus as the diabolic patron of letters, his patronization of historic authors, and his prominence as a “learned master of arts” and scholar at his astrological alma mater — p.117-8 A close analysis of the demonological Family Tree around Asmodeus, with respect to Samael, Lilith, King David, the demoness Igrat, or Naamah and her brother Tubal-Cain — p.118

An, Asmodeus, As, Authors, And, Arts, At, Astrological, Alma, Analysis, Around

23. Asmodeus(アスモデウス,Asmodeus) is the youngest of The Seven Stakes of Purgatory, representing the patron demon of Lust, Asmodeus


24. The Asmodeus Altar is a structure that can be made by the player to summon Asmodeus, using a Soulkey.

Asmodeus, Altar

25. Asmodeus is a male outfit presented by a young guy


26. Asmodeus Poisonteeth (also known as Giant Ice Eyes by the shrews) was said to be the last in a long line of giant adder snakes whose family resided in a sealed network of tunnels in the Quarry, however it was rumored that he had descendants

Asmodeus, Also, As, Adder

27. Asmodeus was incredibly dangerous, often going out on silent hunts in Mossflower Woods, and often surprised creatures who were hiding in the same hiding

Asmodeus, And

28. Asmodeus or Ashmedai is the alchemical emperor of the consuming fire gas that is a destroyer who causes men to commit sin and fall into murderous deeds

Asmodeus, Ashmedai, Alchemical, And

29. In some depictions, Asmodeus is a creation of God and was one of the fallen angels who followed Lucifer in rebelling against the Lord

Asmodeus, And, Angels, Against

30. In the Talmud, however, which collects rabbinical discussions of Jewish law, Asmodeus (or Ashmedai in Hebrew) is depicted as the son of Adam and Naamah

Asmodeus, Ashmedai, As, Adam, And

31. Asmodeus is a towering, cybernetic brain-demon, mounted on a giant hexapod mech chassis


32. Bigger than even the Cyclops, Asmodeus is the largest of the common Demons you will come to face, and poses a monumental challenge.

Asmodeus, And

33. Entries Dictionary The Last Hope: Asmodeus Story


34. Created on Planet Fargett as a part of the superhuman project, Asmodeus was a success, and the people of Fargett were glad that they finally had a human that could easily survive on their world

As, Asmodeus, And

35. However, Asmodeus was not too happy with the world he was on, and stole the Space-Time Laboratory, transporting it away from Fargett.

Asmodeus, And, Away

36. Asmodeus Asmodeus was one of the busiest demons


37. On top of that, Asmodeus was the demon of lust, personally responsible for stirring up matrimonial trouble


38. Asmodeus first appears in the Book of Tobit

Asmodeus, Appears

39. 14, the evil spirit Asmodeus—"king of the demons," in the Hebrew and Chaldaic versions, is a later addition—fell in love with Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, and for that reason prevented her from having a husband.

Asmodeus, And, Addition

40. Asmodeus is the Demon Lord of Lust and one of the Seven Deadly Sins

Asmodeus, And

41. 1 Appearance 2 Personality & Biography 3 Power & Equipment 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation Asmodeus has the appearance of a beautiful young woman with a buxom figure, white skin, pink hair that reaches her hips, and green eyes

Appearance, Amp, Asmodeus, And

42. Adored by the world The narcissistic fifth-born Asmodeus, the avatar of Lust

Adored, Asmodeus, Avatar

43. Asmodeus is anchored in ancient Persia identified as the demon Aeshma Daeva, one of seven archangels in Persian mythology.He is said to be a fiend of the wondering spear who is a demon of passion, jealousy, and rage

Asmodeus, Anchored, Ancient, As, Aeshma, Archangels, And

44. Asmodeus is one of the original Four Great Satans clans, who ruled over all Devils including the 72 Pillars

Asmodeus, All

45. 1 Summary 2 Powers 3 Members 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation The Asmodeus Clan originates from the original Asmodeus, who is its progenitor


46. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell

Asmodeus, Also, As

47. Asmodeus is the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting people's sexual desires.

Asmodeus, And

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Asmodeus mean?

ASMODEUS, or Ashmedai, an evil demon who appears in later Jewish tradition as "king of demons." It is generally agreed that the second part of the name Asmodeus is the same as the Zend daewa, dew, " demon." » more...

What does the Bible say about Asmodeus?

The Asmodeus of the Book of Tobit is hostile to Sarah, Raguel's daughter, (Tobit 6:13); and slays seven successive husbands on their wedding nights, impeding the sexual consummation of the marriages. He is described as 'the worst of demons'.

Is Asmodeus a day demon?

Asmodeus is a Day Demon, he is among the legions of AMAYON and rules 72 legions of spirits Asmodeus carries the title “King of the Demons” Asmoday Sigil The figure of Asmodeus in Rennes-le-Château.

What was the goal of the demon Asmodeus?

Asmodeus’ chief objectives are to prevent intercourse between husband and wife, wreck new marriages, and force husbands to commit adultery. He is also one of the chief Demons involved in cases of Possession. Throughout history, he has been regarded as one of the most evil of Satan’s infernal Demons.

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