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1. Aseismic definition is - not subject to earthquakes


2. How to use Aseismic in a sentence.


3. Aseismic definition, free from earthquakes


4. ‘Part of this complexity can be related to the presence of irregularities on the subducting plates, such as Aseismic ridges and arc terranes.’ More example sentences ‘Much recent work in the south and west Pacific has focused on the nature of uplift along the region's island arcs: either Aseismic (vertical creep) or …

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5. Aseismic (Adjective) applied to earth fault slip movement that does not produce any seismic shock. How to pronounce Aseismic?

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6. Aseismic - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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7. Aseismic ridge, a long, linear and mountainous structure that crosses the basin floor of some oceans. Earthquakes do not occur within Aseismic ridges, and it is this feature that distinguishes them from oceanic spreading centres.

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8. An Aseismic ridge is a mountain ridge or chain of seamounts under the ocean. They do not produce seafloor spreading or seismic activity, except in the area of a “hotspot” at one end of the ridge

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9. How are Aseismic Ridges Formed? Aseismic ridges are formed by a hotspot in the mantel under the Earth’s crust.

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10. As adjectives the difference between seismic and aseismic is that seismic is related to, or caused by an earthquake or other vibration of the earth while Aseismic is (geology) seismic inactivity. Other Comparisons: What's the difference?

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11. Although the hypothesis that the Java subduction zone is Aseismic is no longer tenable, there remains a danger that systematic research into past patterns will not begin until there is another horrendous disaster for which the population will have been poorly prepared.

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12. The idea of an Aseismic slip front outpacing a pore pressure diffusion front has been previously proposed (10, 21, 22), with recent laboratory (centimetric scale) …

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13. Aseismic This term describes a fault on which no earthquakes have been observed.


14. Aseismic slip distribution appears to be somewhat more spread out, which may be an effect of the larger uncertainty associated with GPS data after removing the contribution of foreshocks (as the co‐seismic prediction uncertainty propagates in the corrected GPS data)

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15. Understanding the partitioning of seismic and Aseismic fault slip is central to seismotectonics as it ultimately determines the seismic potential of faults

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16. Thanks to advances in tectonic geodesy, it is now possible to develop kinematic models of the spatiotemporal evolution of slip over the seismic cycle and to determine the budget of seismic and Aseismic slip

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17. Delineating seismic and Aseismic slip on faults allows the exploration of the complex relationship between these different modes of slip

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18. Aseismic (n.) "resistant to earthquake destruction," 1884, from a- (3) "not" + seismic


19. What does Aseismic mean? (geology) Seismic inactivity


20. Aseismic creep may occur episodically, punctuated by slow slip events and low frequency earthquakes (Socquet et al

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21. Oceanic transform faults slip through a unique combination of seismic and Aseismic behavior

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22. Bhattacharya and Viesca used observations from a controlled fluid injection to develop a model to understand the behavior of fluids and Aseismic slip

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23. They found that the Aseismic slip outpaced the fluid migration, allowing for earthquake triggering to

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24. Aseismic slip A B Sichuan Basin Horn River Basin Montney Duvernay Oklahoma Ohio U.K


25. Definition of Aseismic creep in the dictionary


26. What does Aseismic creep mean? Information and translations of Aseismic creep in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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27. Source for information on Aseismic: A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary.


28. If the Aseismic slip portion in these small asperities is negligible, we can estimate the cumulative amount of Aseismic slip in the area surrounding each asperity

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29. In other words, repeating earthquake data potentially can be used to estimate the spatiotemporal Aseismic slip …


30. Separate lines of research in seismology, deformation and rock mechanics indicate that classification of faults and fault segments as either Aseismic or seismic is too restrictive

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31. For example, episodic slow slip and tremor involve large scale Aseismic slip that can be accompanied by much smaller scale

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32. Carefully designed Aseismic prefabricated housing


33. Aseismic (comparative more Aseismic, superlative most Aseismic) ( seismology ) seismically inactive ( seismology ) applied to earth fault slip …

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34. In geology, Aseismic creep or fault creep is measurable surface displacement along a fault in the absence of notable earthquakes

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35. An Aseismic creep exists along the Calaveras fault in Hollister, California

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36. …is the Aseismic (virtually earthquake-free) Ninetyeast Ridge, which is the longest and straightest in the world ocean

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37. Aseismic transient slip on the Gofar transform fault, East Pacific Rise


38. Smart city to add Aseismic components in the building structures; Civic elections in Punjab: Amritsar rural police stage flag march; Here’s …

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39. The Aseismic slip rate, which increases sharply immediately after a giant earthquake and then rapidly decays, increases again gradually toward the next event, according to observations of

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40. 2018) showed that Aseismic displacements were preceding seismicity, and that events were triggered at and beyond the fluid pressure front

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41. Most Aseismic slip occurs within the fluid-pressurized zone and obeys a rate-strengthening friction law ![Formula][3] with v = 0.1 μm/s

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42. Fluid injection primarily triggers Aseismic slip in this experiment, with micro-earthquakes being an indirect effect mediated by Aseismic creep.

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43. (Aseismic slippage, or Aseismic creep, is movement along a fault that occurs without any accompanying seismic waves.) This was contrary to what had long been assumed about plate movement in the area

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44. Aseismic slip initiated in 2010 when injection rate rapidly increased and triggered the following earthquakes subsequently, including unusually shallow and relatively high frequency seismic excitations on the normal fault

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45. In this example, seismicity is induced indirectly by fluid injection, a result of mediation by Aseismic creep, rather than


46. Fault creep is Aseismic fault slip that occurs in the uppermost part of the earth's crust during the time interval between large stress-releasing earthquakes on a fault or as "afterslip" in the days to years following an earthquake

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47. This Au ore upgrading model, referred to as “Aseismic refinement,” provides a new insight for the genesis of ultrarich Au mineralization and, based on textures reported from many Au deposits, may be a globally significant component in the formation of orogenic Au deposits.

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48. Aseismic slip increases permeability, allowing fluid overpressure to advance upward and weaken the fault

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49. In addition Aseismic deformation may take place, leading to a difference between geological and seismic strain

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50. Fault slip comprises seismic and Aseismic components, which occur on patches with velocity weakening (VW) and velocity strengthening (VS) properties (Dieterich, 1978, Ruina, 1983), respectively.Traditionally, it is thought that VW properties characterize the depth range of 10 to 50 km on subduction zones, governed by material properties, fluid pressure and temperature (Pacheco

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51. Numerical simulations of sequences of earthquakes and Aseismic slip (SEAS) have made great progress over past decades to address important questions in earthquake physics

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52. However, significant challenges in SEAS modeling remain in resolving multiscale interactions between earthquake nucleation, dynamic rupture, and Aseismic slip, and understanding physical factors controlling observables such

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53. Abstract: Analysis of a small earthquake swarm near Virginia City, NV, reveals complex structural features, including an interplay of both fluid‐driven and Aseismic‐driven earthquake migration within a naturally occurring tectonic sequence

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54. (Aseismic slippage, or Aseismic creep, is movement along a fault that occurs without any accompanying seismic waves.) This was contrary to what had long been assumed about plate movement in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word aseismic?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word aseismic. seismic inactivity. applied to earth fault slip movement that does not produce any seismic shock. How to pronounce aseismic?

What is aseismic Foundation?

Richli, Aseismic foundation system for nuclear power stations, SMiRT-4, Paper K.9/2, San Francisco, Calif, USA, 1977. Some of these aseismic solutions are quite simple and rational (e.g., different variants of elastomeric bearings) and have found applications in the construction of bridges and important buildings.

Why are aseismic foundations important for nuclear power stations?

Understanding and evaluating soil behaviour, under seismic loading, is of extreme importance for a correct aseismic design of structures and earthworks. Richli, Aseismic foundation system for nuclear power stations, SMiRT-4, Paper K.9/2, San Francisco, Calif, USA, 1977.

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