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1. Includes up-to-date listings of recent publications on Ascidians worldwide, and ascidian abstracts from many recent meetings.

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2. Ascidians are an evolutionary link between invertebrates and vertebrates

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3. Most Ascidians are hermaphrodites (produce both eggs and sperm) and reproduce by external fertilisation (releasing eggs and sperm into the water).

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4. Ascidians are marine invertebrates that belong to the urochordate/tunicate subphylum (see Fig

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5. Ascidians (tunicates; sea squirts) are marine animals which provide a source of diverse, bioactive natural products, and a model for toxicity screenings. Compounds isolated from Ascidians comprise an approved anti-tumor drug and many others are potent drug leads.

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6. Adult Ascidians filter food particles from the water by pumping water in one siphon and out the other

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7. This filter feeding habit allows adult Ascidians to accumulate pollutants, so by observing ascidian populations, we can get a good indication of pollution levels of the environment

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8. Sydney has over 80 species of Ascidians.


9. Of colonial Ascidians for important studies


10. Ascidians are filter feeders. Inside their sac-like outer skin there is a seive-like 'branchial basket' which filters microscopic food particles out of the seawater

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11. The Ascidians have been given no official picture releases or description, but the name "Ascidian" provides us with a clue

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12. In reality, Ascidians are a type of sea creature, more commonly known as a "sea squirt"

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13. While these creatures would probably make for boring and unhelpful allies, the Ascidians could perhaps derive physical features from

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14. Orange Social Ascidians Metandrocarpa taylori Typical size: 0.25-0.75” diameter ID: Small bright orange round bodies with two valves.Tends to grow in dense colonies


15. Comments: I often find these Ascidians clinging to walls and the underside of ledges when diving the San Juan Islands or Cape Flattery area

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16. 1893 Ascidians - Solitary Salpa and Chain Salpa Original Antique Print - Marine Species - Ocean Life - Mounted and Matted - Available Framed NinskaPrints

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17. Ascidians are a class of sessile filter-feeding invertebrates, that provide unique and fertile niches harboring various microorganisms, such as bacteria, actinobacteria, cyanobacteria and fungi.

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18. Since then many Ascidians have been added to our knowledge up to the early part of the nineteenth century

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19. Lamarck (1816) gave the name of the group— Tunicata and placed the Ascidians between the Radiata and Vermes.

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20. Ascidians, commonly called sea-squirts, are sessile marine invertebrates of the phylum Chordata

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21. Ascidians are sessile invertebrate chordates possessing numerous biochemical as well as pharmacological activities

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22. What does Ascidians mean? Plural form of ascidian

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23. Ascidians (Phylum Chordata, Class Ascidiacea), or sea squirts, are the largest and most diverse class of the sub-phylum Tunicata (also known as Urochordata)

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24. Ascidians, invertebrates belonging to the subphylum Urochordata (Tunicata), are renowned for their great biochemical diversity, and over the last 30 years, they have …

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25. Ascidians are marine sessile invertebrate animals belonging to Urochordata, Phylum Chordata

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26. Ascidians belong to the subphylum Urochordata of the phylum


27. Definition of Ascidians in the dictionary


28. What does Ascidians mean? Information and translations of Ascidians in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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29.   Finally, Ascidians, specifically Ciona intestinalis and Ciona savignyi, also offer a host of technical advantages, making sophisticated genetics and molecular biology routine in the laboratory.

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30. Natural Products Diversity of Marine Ascidians (Tunicates; Ascidiacea) and Successful Drugs in Clinical Development

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31. Ascidians are quickly becoming one of the most suitable experimental systems in which to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms of embryonic cell specification and differentiation

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32. The simplicity and lack of redundancy in their regulatory genes have made Ascidians one of the most useful species in studying developmental genomics.

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33. Ascidians (Class Ascidiacea), also known as tunicates or sea squirts, are marine invertebrates that are sessile suspension feeders and usually attached to a substrate

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34. Three Antarctic Ascidians from Four Ladies Bank: Cnemidocarpa pfefferi (Michaelsen, 1898), Pyura discoveryi (Herdman, 1910) and Bathypera splendens Michaelsen, 1904

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35. Ascidians contain abundant, diverse secondary metabolites, which are thought to serve a defensive role and which have been applied to drug discovery

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36. Noriyuki Satoh has conducted research on Ascidians at the Kyoto University Department of Zoology for more than 35 years

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37. In April 2008, he launched the Marine Genomics Unit at OIST and extended his studies from Ascidians to other marine animals, such as the corals that abound in the marine environment around Okinawa.

April, At, And, Ascidians, Animals, As, Abound, Around

38. Tunicates, more often called Ascidians or sea squirts, are the only animals that perform cellulose biosynthesis

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39. Almost all Ascidians are hermaphrodites

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40. Broadly speaking, the Ascidians can be divided into species which exist as independent animals (the solitary Ascidians) and those which are interdependent (the

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41. Colonial Ascidians: Some Ascidians form as solitary animals, sometimes called simple Ascidians

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42. Other Ascidians may form colonies with many individual animals called zooids

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43. They are called colonial or compound Ascidians

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44. Adult Ascidians have vase-like bodies and are immotile, sessile organisms

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45. When you look at adult Ascidians, you would not be able to easily accept that Ascidians are our closest relatives

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46. However, the larvae of Ascidians have typical tadpole body, …


47. Ascidians : sessile tunicates : ascídia [Portuguese] ascidies [French] tuniqués sessiles [French] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met Global Species Completeness: partial : Latest Record Review: 2013

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48. The Ascidians described below were collected from the western slope of Four Ladies Bank (Quilty 1997), where sediment of gravelly sandy mud is thickly deposited (Harris et al

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49. Three Antarctic Ascidians from Four Ladies Bank: Cnemidocarpa pfefferi (Michaelsen, 1898), Pyura discoveryi (Herdman, 1910) and Bathypera splendens Michaelsen, 1904

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50. Ascidians exhibit a rich array of body plans and life history strategies

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51. Transgenic Ascidians expressing Aβ 1–42 in the larval nervous system display severe deficiencies with their ability to settle, a behavioral response that is important for metamorphosis

Ascidians, Ability

52. Ascidians, or sea squirts, are ubiquitous, sessile marine animals

Ascidians, Are, Animals

53. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Ascidians ((tunughnak) (alaska native))

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54. Cloney was the first to describe cellular events of Ascidians' metamorphosis in 1978 and only recently elements of the molecular regulation of this crucial developmental step have been revealed.

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55. Ascidians, invertebrates belonging to the subphylum Urochordata (Tunicata), are renowned for their great biochemical diversity, and over the last 30 years, they have been shown to produce an array

Ascidians, Are, And, An, Array

56. Experimental cultivations of post-metamorphosis juveniles were repeated in different seasons for Ciona intestinalis (L.) and Styela plicata (Lesueur) (simple Ascidians) as well as for Leptolinum mitsukurii (Oka) and Botrylloides violaceus Oka (compound Ascidians) at Aburatsubo-Moroiso Inlet near Misaki Biological Station (Japan)

And, Ascidians, As, At, Aburatsubo

57. Growth in body length of simple Ascidians was …


58. Ascidians (tunicates) are primitive chordates

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59. In spite of their elevated phylogenetic position in the animal kingdom, Ascidians have evolved a varied reproductive repertoire; some of them live as individuals (solitary Ascidians), while others form colonies (colonial Ascidians)

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ASCIDIANS [əˈsidēən]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does ascidians mean?

    Definition of ascidian. : any of a class (Ascidiacea) of solitary or colonial sessile tunicates having an incurrent and excurrent siphon. — called also sea squirt.

    What does ascidian tadpole mean?

    (Zoology) ascidian tadpole the free-swimming larva of an ascidian, having a tadpole-like tail containing the notochord and nerve cord n. 1. any tunicate of the class Ascidiacea, having in the larval stage a notochord, a characteristic of the embryonic vertebrate. 2. belonging or pertaining to the class Ascidiacea.

    What does the name Ascidia mean?

    New Latin Ascidia, group comprising tunicates, from Ascidium, genus name, from Greek askidion, diminutive of askos wineskin, bladder What made you want to look up ascidian? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Love words? Need even more definitions?

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