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1. That is, the part of a lower-case letter that is taller than the font's x-height. Ascenders, together with descenders, increase the recognizability of words.


2. Ascenders Petzl Ascenders are designed for ascending fixed ropes, but they can also be used to address a wide range of situations: helping a second, hauling a victim out of a crevasse or up a wall

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3. Ascenders help the climber get into the tree by climbing the rope. Ascenders feature one way cams that clamp onto the rope making it easier to grab the rope than with your hands.They are usually used on a single rope with an SRT system but can also be used in a Ddrt system

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4. Hand Ascenders are used with a foot ascender to climb the rope.

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5. CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Quick Up Ascenders From Climbing Technology comes a lightweight alloy ascender with ergonomic rubber handle, ideal for CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Roll N Lock From Climbing Technology comes their RollNLock ultralight pulley/ascender designed for work at hei

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6. Climbing Ascenders can come in a number of different shapes and sizes to suit specific purposes

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7. One thing that all Ascenders have in common is a toothed clamp that attaches to the rope once the ascender has been weighted

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8. What Are Climbing Ascenders Used For?

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9. Ascenders and Descenders (17 results) Products (17) Articles Filter

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10. Ascenders make tree climbing easier and more efficient

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11. Shop this variety of hand, foot and body rope Ascenders today

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12. Here you will find climbing Ascenders from Black Diamond, CAMP, Petzl, Rock Exotica and more

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13. Mechanical Ascenders 50 item; Mechanical & Figure 8 Descenders 12 item; Micro Pulleys 21 item; Friction/Cambium Savers 16 item; Rope & Gear Bags 38 item; Throw Line Launchers & Weights 9 item; Throw Lines & Accessories 22 item; Climbing Kits 12 item; Chest & Fall Arrest Harnesses 11 item; Climbing Accessories 8 item

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14. The best Ascenders, reviewed and curated by the Trailspace community

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15. Category Ascenders (7) all Big Wall and Aid Gear (3) Petzl Ascension

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16. You will find a selection of foot Ascenders, hand Ascenders and the rope wrench used for …

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17. Ascenders are the vertical, upwards strokes that rise above the x-height

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18. Atlas Devices is the developer and manufacturer of the world’s highest performing powered Ascenders

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19. Atlas Powered Ascenders weigh the least, lift the most, and handle the entire range of climbing rope diameters without having to

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20. General Royal Ascenders Services provides cleaning, furniture assembling, lighting, flooring, or other repairing services for residential and commercial building owners

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21. Ascenders are crucial tools for many climbing applications and can be helpful for recreational climbing where you may need to self-rescue in the event of an accident

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22. Ascenders synonyms, Ascenders pronunciation, Ascenders translation, English dictionary definition of Ascenders


23. Our selection of Ascenders and rope locks feature hand Ascenders, foot Ascenders, chest Ascenders and foot loops from manufacturers like Petzl and ISC

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24. Definition of Ascenders in the dictionary


25. What does Ascenders mean? Information and translations of Ascenders in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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26. Foot Ascenders are about to take a big step with the advent of the Turbo ascender from Italian manufacturer CAMP

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27. These foot Ascenders are compact and lightweight as you would expect from top-quality climbing gear, but the real exciting development is in the rollers that sit opposite the tooth cam.

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28. Rope Ascenders and Rope Locks Ascenders, get their name from the fact that they help you ascend up a rope

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29. Rock Climbing Shoes Ascenders Belay & Rappel Bolts & Hangers Carabiners Rope Cords & Accessories Rope Bags Helmets Harnesses

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 · About Climbing Ascenders and Descenders: As we’re sure you’re dutifully aware, climbing is not exactly a stationary sport

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31. Ascenders are one of the types of equipment used in aid climbing

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32. Ascenders allow the climber to maintain his progress when taking a break

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33. Foot Ascenders feature a one way spring loaded cam that allows quick and rapid movement up a rope

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34. Non locking foot Ascenders can easily be taken off the rope


35. Ascenders are mechanical devices that attach onto a climbing rope and allow a climber to ascend the rope

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36. Ascenders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have different uses

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37. Some Ascenders are best for use on big walls , while others are used in caving , ascending frozen ropes on high mountains, or for rescue work.

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38. RescueTECH Ascenders and Rope Grabs for Technical Rope Rescue and rope access

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39. We offer open-sided, handled Ascenders as well as closed shell, cam-type Ascenders, Brands include RescueTECH, ISC, CMI, Anthron, Petzl, Gibbs, MIO, ISC.

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40. Ascenders Professional Training is a holistic approach of equipping the learners with the skills required to combat the complex situation that one encounters in a corporate world

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41. The Pen and the Muse: Ascenders by C.L

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42. X-heights, Ascenders, and Descenders

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43. Ascenders are the parts of a letterform that extend above the x-height.

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44. These are no lightweight rock climbing Ascenders! Easy to operate with a gloved hand, these Ascenders come with large thumb release on cam, large molded handgrip, and double clip-in points

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45. Since The Brown Ascenders was established in 2017, we have been working to create access to outdoor spaces and climbing

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46. The Ascenders are a multi-genre improvisational band from Chico CA, upholding the majesty of music through jamming, shredding and experimental projects

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ASCENDERS [əˈsendər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ascender mean?

Definition of ascender 1 : the part of a lowercase letter (such as b) that rises above the main body of the letter; also : a letter that has such a part 2 : a device used for climbing rope that slides freely in one direction and grips the rope when pulled in the opposite direction

What are ascenders in typography?

Ascenders are the vertical, upwards strokes that rise above the x-height. In typography, an ascender occurs on lowercase letters.

What are some examples of ascenders?

Letters with ascenders ("b", "d", "h", "l", etc.) are written with triangular or wedge-shaped tops. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. The lowercase has tall ascenders, which rise above the cap line. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license.

Are ascenders roped together?

Note that they are not roped together, but are climbing independently of one another. An ascender is a device (usually mechanical) used for directly ascending a rope, or for facilitating protection with a fixed rope when climbing on very steep mountain terrain.

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